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Closet Re-done


So we didn’t get the ton of snow they were planning for us this weekend but we did get enough to keep me homebound from my workout on Friday night.  So instead of pouting and sitting on the couch in my workout gear…okay I did this for a few minutes… I decided to take control of my overflowing drawers.  It would be embarrassing to show you how overstuffed my drawers were, especially my workout clothes.  I blame the size of the dresser but that’s not a good excuse because it’s pretty tall.  Maybe the design or the fact that winter clothes take up more room.  Yeah that’s the reason because I didn’t have this problem when it was summer.  Although I have gone shopping since then 😀

So I started sorting through the clothes, some I’ve had since college.  Starting with the scarf collection.

And that's not all of them.

I used to collect them.  I couldn’t buy all the cute clothes I wanted so I thought I’d be fashionable and wear a scarf with every outfit.  I bought them everywhere and had several I bought in Europe while studying abroad.  I was so known for my scarves that my supervising teacher bought me two when she went on a trip to Canada.

But honestly I haven’t worn most since I’ve lost the weight.  So I sorted them out and with a tear in my eye kept two sets…

One for winter that I actually put in the coat closet so I’ll use them…duh if I can’t see them I don’t use them so why I kept them in my drawer I don’t know.  And one of some of the longer thin ones to wear in the hair in the summer.  I love the way it looks with the longer hair.

I thinned out my pants drawer.  I’m a skirt girl in warmer weather and actually wear my uniform skirt most days to the office and then just workout pants most evenings.  So I really didn’t need all the pants I owned.  Some I was just holding onto since they had a size on the tag that I was happy to see.

The first time I fit into a size 10 at Banana Republic I knew I had to buy the pants not matter how much they cost…and they cost a pretty penny for a new teacher.  Then I had two GAP jeans that I just liked seeing the size on the tag even if they didn’t fit properly.  Who wouldn’t love to see a size 6 on their jeans even if it is vanity sizing.

I’m super proud of all the races I’ve run and love collecting the t-shirts from each race.

Just a sampling.

But they are not good for actual racing.  In fact they chafe like heck if I wear them so I normally wear them to bed.  But I have night-clothes so I packed them up into my quilt chest to make a blanket out of at some time.  I want to remember the races and think something like this…

So cool.

Would be perfect!

I also don’t run well in shorts.  I have three pair and have tried to wear them to run but I spend most of the run pulling at the legs to make them longer.

I’ll stick to capris and tights thank you very much.  I don’t like chafing and especially not on my lady bits.  So I hope someone else will make good use of them.

I had a few things I didn’t want to just donate so in addition to the good Banana Republic pants and GAP jeans I’m going to take these few things to a consignment shop and hopefully make some cash that I can put into our race fees fund I wrote about.

Dresses and a shirt.

I ended up with a bag full of stuff I don’t wear to donate to well…The Salvation Army where else.

Stuffed full.

Peanut kept an eye on my choices while Leo just chilled with Hunni in the living room.  It was the girls against the boys.

Now my drawer will actually close and I can find stuff so much easier.  I’m sure Hunni will appreciated it too since he does the laundry 🙂


I’m not going to even look back at the list of what I was supposed to do for workouts because I was so disappointed in myself and my workouts this week.  Sure I could give you all sorts of excuses like snow storms and IBS and the like.  But sometimes I just didn’t want to do anything.  I’d sit in my workout clothes and think about the gym or stare at the DVDs and Wii I could have done but didn’t.

I did get to the gym on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  And I did some step stuff on Wednesday just to get some fitness in despite the snow.  But Monday and Tuesday I was a bump on a log trying out my new recipe that I’ll post later this week.

So this week I have some challenges with workouts since I’ll be out-of-town for a conference all week starting today.  I used to aim for the moon and then fall flat after the first day and just give up.  This week I’m going to be more realistic so that I have no reason to fail.  Here is my conservative estimate.  I’m lucky that the hotel we are staying at for part of this week has a gym.

  • Monday- 45 minute Galloway Run, Walk around outlets for 1 hour looking for shoes and lunch (okay so maybe this isn’t exercise but I walk quickly from store to store in search of the perfect pair of uniform shoes).
  • Tuesday- 45 minute Galloway Run, 30 minute circuit
  • Wednesday- Day off (I’m going to meet Kara in NYC after my day full of meetings)
  • Thursday- Mall Walking (we’ll be near a huge mall but no gym)
  • Friday- Walking around Boston all day.
  • Saturday- 45 minute Galloway Run, Upper Body Circuit
  • Sunday- 5.5 mile Galloway Run, Lower Body Circuit, PT exercises

We’ll be gone from Monday through Friday so I’m going to take advantage of a gym while we have it.

And how about those other goals for the week.  I bombed out on the exercise goals but I did better with regular goals.

  • Quilt for 1 hour a night. My total was well more than 7 hours this week and I only got through the cutting out the pieces.  But I am making a king sized quilt which means 1008 of this square and pretty much the same of other rectangles and the like.  But now that they are cut out the easier part of sewing begins.  I’ll admit to working 2 hour on some days to make up for the hour on Monday and Thursday I missed but overall I got the job done.
  • Plan my vacations. Dinner with Kara is planned for Wednesday, time with a friend at a Diner after our 10K race to meet his fiance finally and even more work done on summer vacations.  Not bad for one week’s work.
  • Only one sweet per day. Define sweet?  Because I didn’t have a Luna bar or Lara bar all week and the days I did eat sweets I only had a bit of soy ice cream or a cookie.  But I did make muffins (recipe to come later) that were for breakfast or snack some days.  They were supposed to be sweet but really aren’t so I’ll count them as a veggie okay…hey they have butternut squash in them 🙂
  • Go to bed at midnight. So this was a bad goal for a week of Olympics.  They only happen every 4 years (well 2 really) but who can miss out on Figure skating and short track just for some sleep.  I’ll get to bed better this week at our conference without the Olympics to distract me.
  • Get in some dairy. Oh Rice milk how I love thee!  I’ve added rice milk or almond milk to a little bowl of cereal for a few nights and had a smidge of yogurt or cheese and the best part NO PAIN!  Sure I caused myself pain with other stuff but it wasn’t dairy.
  • Practice Yoga 2x. I did some silly yoga thing on FitTV on Thursday morning and then yoga after my long run on Saturday.  Not bad.  I’m hoping to get some yoga in again this week after my runs but I’m not going to pressure myself.  But I did enjoy the stretchy-ness of my muscles afterward.
  • Start saving for the half marathon. Well my entry fee is paid since I sold a ton of books on this month.  Now onward and upward to save for Hunni’s fee.  I figure the sooner we save it and pay for it the less time he has to back out of the race.  He’s a bit scared of the distance.

Like I already said this week is a crazy busy week so I need to be conservative about my goals for the week.

  • Only one treat meal.  We have to eat out all week but I don’t want to turn that into treating myself at every meal.  So I’m picking my fun dinner with Kara and I’m going to enjoy it.  Sure I’ll go out to eat with friends other days during this week but I want to really enjoy the company and not the food.
  • Snack healthy. I made a trip to Whole Foods for some healthy snacks I could take with me for this trip.  And I’m going to stick with them.  Just like in January at my conference it is so easy to just pick at the chocolate and crap they had for us.  But I will not let a Danish touch my hand let alone my lips.  I’ll stick to my dried fruit and grapes and the like.  Good stuff.
  • Spend responsibly. Monday Hunni and I are going to my favorite outlets and I have a few things I need to buy.  But it is so easy to slip and spend more since we don’t get there like ever.  So I’m giving myself a budget.  Same goes for purchasing stuff for work at the store at Headquarters.  It would be so easy to buy a ton of stuff since we don’t get down there but once or twice a year but I’ll show restraint and only buy the stuff I know we need and make a list of other stuff we can order when we do need it.  And to ensure this happens my debit card will stay in Hunni’s wallet until I make decisions.
  • Take lots of pictures. The last time I saw some of my friends was June of last year so I want some updated pictures of them as well as some great pictures with Kara.  My camera will not leave my hand.  Okay so maybe it will leave my hand for a few minutes to take notes in my sessions but I want to have some great memories to post and to maybe even frame.

And away we go.  Hunni and I are already off to drop off the dogs by the time you read this.  They are hanging at the dog spa for the week while we work.  Lucky them.  We’ll have fun but it will be a long week.  I have the blogging schedule all taken care of though so don’t worry about missing me…you can’t get rid of me that easily.

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  1. 01/03/2010 11:26 AM

    I LOVE scarves..they are the BEST!

  2. 01/03/2010 5:47 PM

    I asked the husband for one of those race quilt things for my birthday – I think they are so awesome! Plus, I rarely wear my race shirts for workouts, unless they are the technical ones…

    Can’t wait to see you on Wednesday!! 😀 I’m fighting off the beginnings of a cold, but I’m determined that I won’t get sick until after you leave!

    Glad you’re keeping the polka-dot scarf, btw – I think it is so cute!

    • 01/03/2010 6:29 PM

      I’m looking forward to seeing you too. Maybe I can make your race quilt for you so I have a reason to visit you again 🙂

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