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Pushing Towards the Goals


Back on New Year’s Eve I set up the 10 goals I had for myself for 2010.  Now that we are 2 months into this year I thought it would be a good idea to review these goals and see how I’m doing on them.  After all what good is a goal if I don’t review them from time to time.

  • Run a 10K and a Half-Marathon.  My 10k is in a little over a month and I’m still injury free.  Score one for proper training this time.  I switched to the Galloway method but to me finishing is more important since I know I’m super slow already.  And Hunni and I have our vacation planned for the week of our Half Marathon.  I’m super excited because it will be the biggest race I’ve ever run.  Thousands of runners and an expo.  I’ve hit the big time.  Not too shabby on this goal if I do say so myself.


  • Practice Yoga more regularly.  Okay in my original goal I said “Just do it Cynthia!” but Cynthia has just done nothing.  😦  I need to find a schedule to stick with it.  I thought I would be okay to be free and do it whenever but I guess not…I didn’t do anything.  I’m not so good with no structure.  I’m going to have to rethink when I’m going to do the yoga I crave yet tend to avoid.  Perhaps I should say I’ll do it when I watch my late night Criminal Minds episodes since I watch pretty much every night and I’m just being a bump on a log at that point.  Whatever it is I need to get on this asap.  I feel so much better when I do.


  • Date nights!  We have a winner.  Hunni and I have successfully had at least one date night a week.  Sometimes its as simple as grabbing a quick bite at Panera or something more elaborate like our Valentine’s date.  But this has really helped us to connect more.  We just need to get more creative with what we do since we seem to do the same things over and over. Any suggestions for date night?


  • Make some good sugar-free desserts!  When I first set this challenge I thought it was probably going to be the hardest on of the bunch.  I’m limited in what I can eat so I was not looking forward to only eating fruit.  Don’t get me wrong I love fruit but sometimes a girl wants a cupcake or cookie.  But now I’m loving this challenge now that I actually found a website I can use.  Straight simple and to the point with recipes that don’t send me writhing in pain.  Now my only dilemma is I might need a second job to pay for my agave nectar habits.  Anyone want to donate to the cause 🙂


  • Allow myself some Pamper Me time.  I got a great cut and color recently and I’m enjoying it fully.  And this week I’m getting a manicure at my favorite place (haven’t found a great re: non pushy one near my new home).  Oh the joys of beautiful nails and a good shoulder rub.  I’ll definitely be keeping this one up.


  • Make some good couple friends.  Hunni is still a hermit but has gone out to dinner a few times with some of our my friends.  I don’t drag him out too often but when I do he has fun.  They may not be the traditional “couple friends” since I tend to spend time with the women but it’s progress.


  • Take more pictures.  I have a few more pictures but I need to remind myself to take even more.  Putting together a bulletin board for church members and not having a lot of pictures really brought this point home.  I have the camera attached to my wrist now and look like a crazy paparazzi some days.  This week is a perfect time to practice since I’m hanging out with friends all week at this conference.  Say Cheese!


  • Eat more local and eco-friendly.  Hunni and I have started eating meat at only 2 or 3 meals a week as we dwindle down our freezer stash.  We’ve even gotten adventurous and tried tofu in a few different forms.  And I’m eagerly awaiting the opening of the farmer’s market in April to spend my Saturday mornings wandering around picking up great local produce.  Besides there is this great local bakery there with chocolate ciabattas that I die for.  Until then we’ve switched to organic for most veggies we eat since the pesticides bother the environment and my stomach.  Yeah for help all around.


  • Live within our budget.  Okay I’m sucking at this one.  Really bad.  Not that we are living beyond our means but we haven’t entered a thing in mvelopes in weeks.  We’ve stopped spending randomly but we need to be more conscious of the budget.  But we have paid down some bills that were hanging over our heads which is a big plus.  I’m not feeling like Wiley Coyote with the little umbrella under an anvil any more.


  • Eat out less.  Don’t take this week as an example because we are eating out everyday all day.  But for the most part we are back to eating out only 2-3 meals a week MAX.  We tend to cook at home and eat leftovers which makes my pocketbook very very happy.  Besides it makes my tummy happier since I know what I’m putting into it and in turn putting in my mouth.


Seems like I’m not doing so bad on the goals front.  I could definitely do better in some areas but unlike the traditional New Year’s Resolutions these ones weren’t chucked out the door mid-January.  Of course I have 10 months left to foul it all up but for now I’m optimistic.

How are you doing on your goals for 2010?

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  1. 28/02/2010 8:32 PM

    Well I started my resolutions this month… and they are going well! Your blog caught my eye because mine is also about goals, so I’m just getting started on writing it. I’ll stop back in here for inspiration!

    • 01/03/2010 1:00 AM

      Thanks for stopping by. I also post weekly goals every monday so you can check those out as well.

  2. 28/02/2010 11:20 PM

    That’s quite a big list of goals! But even to have made a dent in them by this time of the year is something admirable. I also have a money saving goal and I am challenging myself to bring lunches to school each day this week. It doesn’t sound like much, but I fall to temptation easily because my school cafeteria has awesome food.
    I found that it helps me to alternate dinner foods. One night will be canned baked beans, toast, and a hot dog chopped up and cooked in it. Other nights will be a great stirfry. Both are healthy choices, but one costs way less than the other.

    • 01/03/2010 12:59 AM

      Sounds like you have great goals. My list may look long but they are in different areas of my life so I think I can handle them. We’ll see after a few more months. 🙂


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