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You Know You’re a Health Enthusiast When…


Allison at Eat Clean, Live Green had a great post that I’ve actually been thinking about doing so I’m in!  And it’s for a great contest too so why not do it today 🙂

You know you’re a health enthusiast when…

1.  You want to buy a few things at the grocery but your car is in the shop.  So you harness up the dogs and walk the 2.5 miles each way with Hunni to buy the ingredients for dinner and a little snack for the puppers.  Oh and  little snack for Hunni for making the trip.

Enjoying the trip.

2.  You buy 4 jars of Almond Butter and 5 containers of Greek Yogurt at Trader Joe’s and fear it won’t make it through the two weeks until you can go for a return trip.

Stash almost depleted.

Stash almost depleted.

3.  The idea of adding veggies to non veggie things like baked goods and smoothies excites you…enter Green Monsters.  And you enjoy getting others to eat them before you tell them what’s in it.

Green Smoothie Goodness.

4.  You have a special savings account for money now for races you may or may not run in the future.  Races are expensive and addicting.

Post Race Bliss.

5.  You spend your free time searching for healthy recipes to inflict test on your spouse.  And rehabing the old ones to make them Health Enthusiast Worthy.

My version of a cupcake with icing...Butternut Squash Cupcake with Almond Butter.

6.  You pray that you get some of the snow they’ve been having in the DC area not just for a snow day but you enjoy shoveling snow with Hunni for the calorie burn you get.  Bring on the snowpocalypse.

That thing is hard to runs away.

7.  You don’t find time to read regular books for fun but can sit for hours with Health, Shape, WW Magazine, Fitness, any Michael Pollan book or cookbook.

Just some that I subscribe too.

8.  You jumped for joy, and almost hit your head on the light, when your mom bought you a fitness toy/game instead of being insulted.  Bonus points if you proceeded to play it all vacation with Hunni just so you could kick his but at all the exercises.

Best Gift this year!

9.  You watch Food Network and dream of ways to healthify the top chefs like Bobby Flay and Paula Deen.  How can one woman use so much butter?!

All that butter is from the devil.

10.  You get jealous of all the lovely fresh fruit the contestants on Survivor get to eat.  And its all organic too.  How dare they complain about fresh mango and coconut?!

Look at all that yumminess.

Ten reasons I’m a health enthusiast…how about you?

You can join in Allison’s contest by doing the following…

How to enter?

Let Allison know one way your enthusiasm for health stands out (the quirkier, the better!)

1. Post about it on your blog and email Allison the link to your post:


2. Email your entry to Allison:

The prize?

Allison will randomly select a winner to win a $15 giftcard to Amazon.

Submit your entry by 10 pm MST, March 4 – The winner will be announced on Friday, March 5.  She’ll also compile and post all the entries :D

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    1. 27/02/2010 4:30 PM

      ha! I love that picture of paula deen!


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