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Quiz fun


I read far to many blogs as is and don’t want to add more to my reader that I would never be able to finish.  I have a thing that I need my Google Reader to be empty or I can’t sleep.  But I love when other bloggers mention new blogs and things going on there.  I might have to re-evaluate my list to add some new ones in. 

Kara over at Kara’s Marathon had a great post yesterday about Jen over at eat move love.  Jen had a quiz reminiscent of those forwards or Facebook quizzes that everyone has taken.  So I thought I would give it a shot today.  It was a long day and this is a great quick idea for you to learn more about me.

1 ) Walked out of a movie in the theatre?

I’ve walked out on several and there are several I wish I had.  I distinctly remember walking out on American Pie.  Just not my kind of movie.  I was shocked at how overtly sexual it was and I was a good little girl.  But in the same token I loved the Austin Powers movies.  I’m such an enigma.

2 ) Spontaneously bought/watched a movie that was out years ago…but brings up “sentimental” feelings?

Hunni and I bought Clue because we both had great memories of the hilarity involved.  I love the crazy alternate endings and Tim Curry is amazing in that movie.  That movie made me play the game everyday for weeks with my family.

3 ) Had a major celebrity/athlete/singing crush “back in the day”? (think of having a poster up, or maybe something similar to my SPEED/Keanu obsession !)

I loved Jonathan Brandis with all my heart.  I bought every issue of Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, etc with him on the cover.  I put pictures of him on the covers to my text books and watched Seaquest DSV religiously with Momma.  She loved the geeky science part and I loved Jonathan Brandis.  I was so sad when he was dating Tatyana Ali from Fresh Prince of Belair and was really sad to hear that he had killed himself.  He will be forever Lucas in my mind.

4 ) Called in “sick”/made an excuse to work or cancelled an appointment/meeting/get-together with friends, co-workers, etc. (but you weren’t actually?!)…

As a teacher I didn’t call in “sick” too often because it was more work than it was worth.  I’m pretty sure I did it a few times when I was working retail because I would get so tired of “the customer is always right” even when they were blatantly wrong.

In my current job I dream of snow days to break up the monotony of the boring office days.  I don’t mind busy days at work but I hate just sitting there in my uniform searching blogs since I feel stupid.  Thank God Hunni and I work together and on those days we give each other breaks from the office.

I’m not one to cancel get togethers because I crave others.  Hunni is such a homebody so I could stay home with him anytime.  I NEED to get out so I am more likely to go even if I am really sick than cancel for fake sickness.

5 ) Just come home from work – when you should be going to the gym/doing some activity/being productive…and instead plopped on your butt with FOOD and a book/TV, a bath, some music….and just completely VEG OUT and become a LAZY BUTT…but not give 2 damns’??

1000% yes.  Days when I’m tired or sore or depressed I go home and just veg.  The crazy part is I’ll put on my workout clothes and veg.  We’re not just talking sweats.  We’re talking about sports bra, HRM, running tights, back brace and shoes just to veg on the couch with re-runs of Criminal Minds.  I think in the back of my mind if I have the clothes on I’ll still make it out to the gym.  It works sometimes but when it doesn’t I don’t mind too much.

6 ) Had a HORRIBLE hair-cut that made you want to cry or hide out for, well, a year until it grew out?

My teens were just one bad haircut after another.  I was fat and read any magazine I could to tell me how to make my face look thinner with the “perfect” haircut.  This usually entailed chopping it all off and looking like a boy.  Thank God I don’t have a scanner for some of those pictures right now.  They are so depressing.  It took me until this past year to get over the short hair will make me look thinner even if it never did.

7 ) Had your heart-broken? How did you deal with it?

Oh yeah.  I was going to get engaged at 19 to a guy I met when I was 16 and he had pursued me.  The one thing he wanted was for me to transfer colleges to be near him instead of waiting the two years until I finished.  I really wanted to marry him but believed I needed to stay in my school which was perfect for the teaching I wanted to do.  So when I told him I wasn’t ready to move but I still loved him he told me he couldn’t wait.

I cried for days and drowned my sorrows in IBC root beer and snickers ice cream bars.  I remember drinking the root beer wishing it was real beer at the time.  I’m sure I ate a ton more for comfort but to this day I can’t look at a snickers ice cream bar without feeling sick.

8 ) Wanted to look like or BE another celebrity?

When Titanic came out I wanted to look like Kate Winslet.  I loved that she looked healthy and not boney like most of the celebrities.  I still love her figure and her confidence.  But I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to be her…too much hassle with the media and them criticizing her.

What about you??  Post your answers below or fill this out on your blog!

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  1. 26/02/2010 9:31 AM

    i love reading these 🙂

  2. 26/02/2010 1:56 PM

    Love your answers!! I just played Clue for the first time over Christmas break, but I’ve still never seen the movie! That has to go on my Netflix queue STAT.

    I remember Jonathan Brandis from all those Bop/Big Bopper/Tiger Beat covers — I was more of a JTT girl myself 😉

  3. 26/02/2010 6:56 PM

    I have always wanted to look like Angelina Jolie 🙂 She is stunning!

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