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Not to be crude or anything but I’m a pretty gaseous person.  Comes with the IBS territory or so they tell me.  Lots of fiber, tons of beans and many other issues related to my IBS equals lots of gas and makes Hunni very happy he can’t smell due to a deviated septum from fighting as a kid in school.  You know I’m in trouble when the Gastrointerologist asks in a very official voice, “Do you pass a lot of gas?”  I had to giggle at the question and answer with a whole-hearted yes.

Today was my long-awaited appointment with the GI specialist.  I wanted answers for the random pains and the food sensitivities my IBS has inflicted upon me.  I’m tired of living my life like this.

Yep you saw that right I keep bottles of Pepto all over my house…medicine cabinet…kitchen…night stand…office desk… and even in my purse when I go out since I never know when the bouts will attack.  I also have these awesome little strips I keep a stash of in my purse.

They taste like minty Listerine and work in a pinch when my stomach makes me look 9 months pregnant from well…uh…gas.

But the doctor had some interesting prescriptions for me this time.  I’ve had all the tests and there is nothing physically wrong with my digestive tract.  I thank God for that everyday even when I’m cursing my symptoms.  I have a friend with Crohns and it sucks really bad.  But even though it works it works poorly.  And all the traditional methods don’t really work with me.  I’m super sensitive to medications for my IBS…funny since I have a really high tolerance for narcotics.  My body is all messed up.

So with all that in mind my doctor recommend the following.

  • Avoid the foods that I know cause major symptoms.  For me this means sugar alcohols, regular sugar, caffeine, fat and lots of meat.  This means more experiments with tofu and IBS friendly baked goods.  Michael Pollan would be proud since one of his rules is to eat as much junk food as you want as long as you make it yourself.  I might not eat as much as I want but it does deter me with the fact that it is hard to bake sugar-free.
  • Okay so I just said I should avoid caffeine because it is a stimulant but my doctor said I might want to try just a demi-tasse sized cup of coffee each morning to stimulate my bowels to function since they don’t.  No Grande Latte or my big black mug of coffee.  But I bought a little bit of flavored caffeinated coffees to make a pot of coffee that will accompany my breakfast.  Just a bit of each.Perhaps I’ll use one of these cups…

    Pretty little cups.

    Fancy chinese cup.

    instead of this one…

    My favorite drug... uh mug 🙂

  • Okay I admit I’m a skeptic of commercials trying to sell me foods.  I prefer my food in whole form.  But the doctor recommended I take the Activia challenge.  Could it be that simple.  Just eat a yummy little yogurt once a day and help regulate my digestive health.  Heck I’m willing to try anything so I bought the farm.

    Enough for about 2 weeks.

  • Avoid laxatives.  They do not work for me the way they work for normal people.  Apparently I’m not normal but we already knew that.  I need to stick with natural stuff like mucho fiber and the little cup of caffeine.

Hopefully with a little help from my friends Activia, fiber and semi-enemy caffeine I can get back on the regular path and the less smelly path.

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  1. 24/02/2010 10:11 AM

    I hope trying these new things will help! I know it can be frustrating when your body is working the way it should.

    i love the cups – and that huge mug 🙂

  2. 24/02/2010 1:06 PM

    You’re right about Chrohn’s my Dad had it (he had a few feet of intestine removed in an emergency surgery situation four years ago and he just got a clean bill of health last week!) and it’s not pretty. I hope the Activia does the trick for you!

    • 24/02/2010 4:45 PM

      Thank you very much! I’m glad to hear your Dad is better. It is a nasty disease.


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