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A Day Without Internet :0(


So our internet was still being fruity all day today.  The only way to get online was to link directly into our modem…unfortunately this is in a closet at the top of our stair and my internet cable doesn’t reach all the way to my office.  Yes we are in the stone age and are still on a wired network instead of wireless.  But either way my plans for the day were completely changed.  You see 90% of my office work involves the internet…emails, grants, even googling information and addresses to send things out.  And our printer is wired into the network so I couldn’t write any letters either.  My hands were tied and I was annoyed.

But every trying to be the optimist I came up with a new plan of what to do with the hours I was confined to in my office today.  There are always little things I wish I had time to do that I was able to get done today without my normal work to tie me down.  I started with some mail…

I had written out a bunch of cards and bought some gifts for some friends who are getting married this summer and had time to sit down and write out lovely notes to them.  I don’t always make the time to do so but I love getting real mail so I hope my friends enjoy getting theirs this week.  Made me smile just thinking about it.

Then I took the time to count my mad money.  I have a slush fund I keep in my desk for random coffee fixes and the like so I wanted to see how much I had…

Not much there right now.

I think my trip to Panera with Sarah wiped me out this week.  And if you’re wondering what I keep it in…It’s my old middle school pencil-case.

Because I'm cool.

Yep I carry this thing in my purse and look so cool when I pull out my quarters instead of a Number 2.  I had just enough to enjoy a latte with my lunch with Hunni.

And then the real work began.  I had to get some eggs…

Yep lovely green egg package…well really they are a prop for Easter…

Each egg has an important piece of the Easter story and I have to memorize it to teach our kids on Resurrection morning.  Hunni so nicely reminded me not to give some of the rambunctious boys in our congregation the egg with the rock or spear in it or we might have a situation on our hands.

And one thing I’m not proud to admit is that we’ve had the same bulletin boards in our halls for the entire 18 months we’ve been here.  When I was  teacher I changed them at least once a quarter to represent what we were studying.  But the two in our church have remained untouched for eons and all the dates and info were way out of date.  My professors would be so disappointed since I got great marks for my creativity.

I decided to tackle the smaller of the two first since I needed to get those creative juices flowing.  The thing that made me most happy about this project was being able to use the mountain of  scrapbook crap paraphanelia that was left by the previous officers…unlike my beloved post it stash.

Blah, blah, bla, bla, blah.

None of this was even relevant any more and it annoyed me every time I walked past cursing my lack of time to redo it.  But I took about an hour and transformed it into this…

Oooo pretty.

I think my congregation will be dumbfounded when they walk in on Sunday and see the change.  I had so much fun.

I now have an even bigger palate to paint on…

This board required a trip to Staples for some necessities.  Of course while I was there I made a point to look around and indulge.  What more could a girl love than an office supplies store.

Organizational crack.

No I didn’t buy any post its today but I did drool over the wonderful selection and even the supersized post its.  And I also considered this…

But I realized that my greeting card addiction is far too big for what is no more than a few folders so I’ll stick to my accordion file.  But I did pick up this little cutie…

It’s perfect to jot down all my blog ideas.  I normally text myself ideas but this will be a good place to keep them all organized since I often forget the idea text among my other texts from real live people.  Besides the color and the cute little saying drew me in and made it a must have.  I can’t wait to put this to use for more fun bloggity stuff.

I still need to print and mount some pictures for the other but I picked up the background white paper and a pretty blue border.  I’ll have to remember to show it to you when I finish it later this week.  I’m excited about it.

I did some other random things like add some recipes to my Weight Watchers points calculator based on the sugar-free recipes I found the other day.

I’m keeping to my goal of only one baked good or treat a day but I’m day dreaming of which one to make next.  I’m thinking about some Peanut Butter and Carob Chip cookies although the Butternut Squash Orange Spiced Cake sounds so yummy.  Perhaps if I make it into cupcakes I can manage some self-control.

One other thing I spent the day dreaming of was the wedding we are going to in just 7 weeks.

Pretty reminder everyday.

This is the wedding for the shower I went to on Saturday.  I snapped this adorable picture of the bride, groom and their flower girl as she posed with the rehearsal bouquet.  Gotta love all the ribbons.

I was told I don’t have to wear my uniform to their wedding (normally Salvation Army officers have to at Salvationist weddings unless the couple decides otherwise).  So I was day dreaming of shopping for a cute dress and shoes to wear.  As well as day dreaming about the quilt I have to finish in that same amount of time.  The bride loves things black and white (notice the outfit) so Hunni and I hit up JoAnn’s tonight to pick out a range of fabrics.  If Hunni had his way they would get a quilt full of flames and skulls with roses.  I reigned him in and got the right stuff.

So although my day wasn’t productive in the sense that now all my normal Monday work is relegated to Tuesday (in addition to Tuesday’s work and finishing the bulletin board I started) I had fun.  Perhaps I should declare an internet free day more often….nah I was going through withdrawals.  But I’m glad I made the most of it and didn’t just sit and pout.

What would you do with an internet free day?


Zesty is having his Blog Makeover contest.  After talking with Sarah I realize I might be purchasing my own domain soon so this would be great.  Go check it out for yourself.

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  1. 23/02/2010 4:55 PM

    You really got a lot done without the internet! I probably would get more done if I went computerless for a day. I too love office supply stores and therefore try and stay out of them!!

    • 23/02/2010 6:59 PM

      I try to send Hunni to Staples when I need something so I don’t walk out with more than I need.

  2. 23/02/2010 5:44 PM

    Way to be super-productive! I spent most of my evening internet-free yesterday, and got a TON of studying done and bills paid. I also wound up finishing our taxes, but I did do that online 🙂

    Love the bulletin board border! Updating my floor’s board was one of my favorite things to do when I was an RA in college.

    • 23/02/2010 6:58 PM

      Thanks Kara! I was super productive again today even with the internet since I wanted to finish the Bulletin board.

  3. 23/02/2010 9:01 PM

    On a free internet day, I spend my time to ruminate about myself–things I need to do to improve myself. Also I spend a lot more time with my son and do a lot of experimental cooking–I love to cook. 🙂

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