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Change of Plans + Goals


My week was all over the place.  Snow and a bunch of other things got in my way and I didn’t necessarily even look at my plan for the week. Ooops.  I was just happy to get in some workouts at all.  And I’m okay with that.  I’m okay with having to change things midstream.  And I’m okay with the fact that what I thought was a simple walking workout kicked my hiney and ruined my workout plan for Thursday.  And most of all I’m okay with the fact that I may have to change-up training plans and go more in a Galloway method instead of out-and-out running to avoid injury.  I’m okay with it because I’m still moving forward instead of just sitting back and doing nothing.

So this week I may be changing up my running schedule and all that goes along with it.  I already started the Galloway method this weekend and was able to go further than I have in a long time and enjoyed it all instead of hating the last half mile.  And I was able to get in some weights afterwards because I wasn’t so tired from a run.  I’m keeping a list in my little journal of different weights workouts and interval challenges so I have options each day.  I love the mind games I’m playing with myself to keep going…just another half mile…5 more minutes…playing with all the fun toys at the gym like weighted balls and smith machines.  If I keep seeing each workout as a challenge I won’t get bored like I did back in the fall.  I’m less likely to skip my workouts this way and that works for all of us for the better.

Anyways on to the workouts I did complete this week.  Like I said it wasn’t as much as I was hoping but I did change it up and enjoy myself.

  • Monday- Wii Active, Couch to 10K run, Full body Pyramid
  • Tuesday- Elliptical Intervals (Hills), Wii Active, Yoga for Runners
  • Wednesday- Walking intervals, Upper Body circuit, Couch to 10K run, 30 minute circuit
  • Thursday- Couch to 10K Run, upper body super sets, lower body super sets, Wii Active, Yoga for runners, Walking/Running 1.5 miles
  • Friday- Calorie Scorcher, Wii Active, Couch to 10K run + 1 mile
  • Saturday- Wii Active, Hill Run, Yoga for runners, Galloway 35 minute run
  • Sunday- Walk, PT exercises, Galloway 4 mile run, Mixed body weights


Not as good as I’d hoped but it’ll do.  Hoping this week is less snow and stomach problems and more fun at the indoor playground.

  • Monday- Wii Active, Galloway 45 minute run, Upper body circuit
  • Tuesday- Walking intervals, Wii Active, Yoga for Runners
  • Wednesday- Galloway 45 minute run, Mixed body circuit
  • Thursday- Galloway 45 minute run, Wii Active, Yoga
  • Friday- Calorie Scorcher, Wii Active, Lower Body Circuit
  • Saturday- Hill Run, Yoga for runners
  • Sunday- 5 mile Galloway Run, Mixed Body Circuit w/ PT exercises


And you know that every I set goals for myself and this week I did okay…if I do say so myself.  I worked hard on Sunday pushing for the last few of them so that I wouldn’t have a bunch of red this week.

  • Craigslist. I didn’t even touch this with a 10 foot pole.  I had planned on doing it in the office on Thursday and on Friday.  But the internet had some other ideas for me.  Our modem was ancient and had to be replaced but that took forever and sent me to Panera to do what little bit I could.  This week is looking better but I’m not promising anything.
  • Register for our 10K.  I was so excited to register that when I realized I had some extra money before payday I signed us up.  I also realized that the race is a bit longer than I expected so I’m glad that I’ve switched training methods since my old plan was only for the regular 10K and not the 1/4 marathon we’re running.  Plus I arranged for us to stay with friends the night before so we don’t have to leave at the butt crack of dawn to get there for registration.  Double score.
  • Send some real cards.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I have great friends.  So I dug out my card file and sent some awesome cards including my favorite post card…Jesus loves you but I’m his favorite.  So funny.  I’m hoping my friends enjoy some real live love.
  • Finish my book. Okay I’ll admit it…I skimmed a good bit of the last part.  Jillian Michael’s just isn’t that interesting to read and repeated a lot of what I already had read in other places.  Though I did appreciate that she mentioned good ways to clean the home without harsh chemicals.  But I bought Food Rules by Michael Pollan while shopping with Sarah and devoured it on Sunday afternoon.  That was a good book! 
  • Take more pictures.  Okay so the dogs and Hunni weren’t such willing subjects.  The glare at me when I get out my camera.  I did get a few shots in but I’m going to need to be more sneaky about it or something.  Even the line of “don’t you want something to show our kids” didn’t work.  Must think of new guilt trip.


This week my motto is Go Big or Go Home.  I have a lot to do this week and I’m more likely to do it if I write it out.  So this list is going to seem a bit ambitious but this way they won’t get lost in the caverns of my mind.

  • Quilt for 1 hour a night.  Okay except Thursday because that is the longest day imaginable.  But my friends are getting married in 7 weeks and I have to get their quilt done.  I don’t want to be the slacker who is still working on two other quilts from last summer’s weddings.  Instead of just randomly saying I’ll do it I’m giving myself a SMART goal so that it more likely to happen.
  • Plan my vacations.  In a week I’ll be going to NYC for a work conference and part of that is spending some time with Kara and then with other friends at the conference.  Not exactly a vacation but it will do.  And we have a mini-vacation day planned with our seminary friend after our 10K race.  And we are hoping to see friends for two weeks full of weddings and the like this summer.  Now I just need more of a plan since I don’t do well with unknowns.  I need a basic outline to cope even if I’d like a blueprint of the entire time.
  • Only one sweet per day.  I’m super happy that I’ve found a few sweet treats I can have but I went a bit overboard this week.  Sure I was within my points but that’s not my point.  I need to show some more restraint with sweets so that I can enjoy them instead of just devouring them.  So one cookie or mini Luna or Lara bar a day should be plenty to satisfy my fix and not be overdone. 
  • Go to bed at midnight.  This involves taking my medication earlier so that I’m actually tired by midnight but I have my alarm set.  And I really have been missing my sleep so I need to make this a priority this week to “catch up” if that is even impossible.
  • Get in some dairy.  My IBS doesn’t allow for much dairy but I’m seriously lacking the calcium.  So I bought some dairy-yumminess that I can eat (yogurt, some cheese, non-dairy milk) and will make the effort to get in some each day.
  • Practice Yoga 2x.  Okay so I have been a big slacker in this area for quite some time.  I really want to go to a studio but it isn’t in the budget at this time.  But Heather’s yoga challenge has inspired me to try to get in a bit at home.  Besides I feel so much better when I do…remember this Cynthia.
  • Start saving for the half marathon.  Who knew this running addiction of mine would be so expensive?  I sure didn’t when I started but now I’m hooked.  Isn’t that the way it always works.  So my next challenge is the Philly half marathon but that baby is $80 per person.  Hunni is planning on running it with me so we have some saving to do.  Not to mention several local 5k’s this summer.  Eeek!

Ready, set, here goes nothing!  What are your goals for the week?

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  1. 22/02/2010 2:55 PM

    Can’t wait to see you next week!! 🙂

    Good for you for making exercise fun (I love the idea of gym as a “playground for adults”)! I struggle with this a TON; I know I should work out, but I don’t love exercise that much and motivating myself to go can be tough. One of my fave workouts is tennis, but taking classes can be really spendy!

    I’m going to post my goals for the week on my blog a little later – I really need to start figuring out a workout schedule every week like you do!

    Have an awesome day 🙂

    • 22/02/2010 4:59 PM

      So excited! The gym is the only place for me to get away from work so I love it. It is a total stress relief.


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