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Taught Him Well


Chilling with his best friend.

When I first met Hunni he ate burgers everyday breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes a snack.  He was addicted to pizza and chips.  And he swallowed it all down with 2 litres of Pepsi a day.  I don’t think I saw the guy eat a vegetable for the four months we were friends unless you count the lettuce and tomato on his burgers.  He was a junk food junkie and spent the majority of his money on eating out.  I think that’s why we always went out to dinner.  At our favorite diner he wasn’t willing to try any of the millions of combinations they had but stuck to the same double patty burger with american cheese well done and a side of curly fries.

But somewhere along the way I think my healthy habits wore him down.  I told him when we got married (we were already talking about it) our house would not be a restaurant and if he didn’t eat what I cooked he was on his own.  He looked at me and laughed as he took another swigg of pepsi.  Then the magical day happened.  We were separated for the summer on different interships and he called me for our nightly chat.  Normal chit chat of how was your day and I miss you ensued until he just dropped the bomb on me…”I ate broccoli for dinner.”  He was so proud of himself that the lovely cruciferous green entered his lips.  Sure someone else had made it for him but he didn’t just chuck it in the garbage.  And from there on out it was more fruits and veggies and less junk.  He stopped drinking soda and the weight just melted off him.  And he’s maintained it pretty well over the last 3 years.

I’ve even overheard him giving Weight Loss advice to friends on the phone who are struggling with their own weight.  Things like moderation and healthier cuts of meat.  Stuff I taught him!  At first I was annoyed that he was using my lines…but then I beamed like a proud wife as he had actually learned what I had been tellling him all along instead of just reiterating it back to someone.  He’s a health nut now too 🙂

The other day we needed a quick dinner and decided to stop in the Quiznos nearby.  I used to eat their black and bleu salad and Hunni would get one of the many subs they have on the menu.  But it’s been awhile since we’d been and their menu has changed.  Hunni quickly scanned the menu and said kind of disappointed, “There’s nothing healthy here.”  If we could have walked out we would have but we were on a time crunch.  Instead Hunni and I made due with a small salad and a Sammie.  Not our normal fair but it hit the spot for a short bit.

And that’s not the only fast food he’s overhauled.  We eat Subway all the time (I’m talking free subs far too often from all the points we earn…it’s our go to in a hurry) and his sub used to be so predictable: Oven roasted chicken on wheat with lettuce and tomato, no dressing.  Yep lettuce and tomato were still his go to veggies on a sandwich.  But lately he’s shocked the heck out of me.  It started with ordering a veggie sub one day with mustard.  No meat and lots of other veggies like cucumber and spinach.  Now I actually have to ask him what he wants when I place our order instead of just ordering plain.  In his mind he’s balancing out his veggies to enjoy some treats like the two cookies instead of chips or to have dessert at home. 

And when we go out to dinner he thinks about what he’s eaten through out the day.  Pretty mild he’ll get pasta or the occasional burger.  A little heavier and he’ll order a salad.  Still has to be his crazy self and order plain mustard on the side to dip the chicken in.  That gets us lots of strange looks from the waitresses but he’s doing a great balancing act.

I’m so proud of his new choices.  He even bought organic skim milk on his own this week.  That’s my Hunni and I love that he’s making this a lifestyle and not just something I do.  Love that guy.  🙂

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  1. trumanmeg permalink
    22/02/2010 5:29 PM

    Good job hubby on making healthier choices. I really love it when my husband thinks about what he is making and tries to find ways to make it more healthy.

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