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Internet at home is down for the next day or so and I’m going through withdrawals.  Hence me sitting in Panera Bread sipping a latte and writing.  I didn’t realize how much I loved blogging until I couldn’t do it.  So here ya go a bit late for today.  Sorry 🙂

I’m just like a kid in many ways especially since I love getting new toys.  I’m not as bad as Hunni who wanders the aisles of Target looking for a new toy to play with and eagerly awaiting us to adopt so that he can “test out” our children’s toys.  For me I’m always wandering the fitness section looking for the next new gadget to take home and use in my fitness.  Getting the Wii EA Active for Christmas was probably the best gift Momma could have gotten me because I’ve used it more than any of my other toys.  As for new toys who doesn’t want a shake weight or some garbage bag suit to make me sweat even more…those are the pinnacle of fitness if you don’t have the space for a treadmill in your home.  And I’ve been doing pretty well with keeping up with my new fitness determination…besides the snow storm Tuesday that kept me away from the gym.

But with training more often for this 10K race it became painfully apparent that my old running shoes were not cutting the mustard.  More and more often I was sore after each run in my precious and sensitive hips and my knees were aching.  I started investing in Icy Hot (Icy to dull the pain, hot to relax it away).  Clear signs that the shoes were giving up the ghost.  But I hate spending money on running shoes since I need a specific type to avoid more injuries to my back and hips.  They are honestly the most expensive shoes I’ve ever owned… even my wedding heels were about half the price.  But I know I need them and bargain hunt in other areas to have quality shoes.  The clerk at my local running store put it perfectly…I’ve been through too much to get where I am running wise to mess it up with the wrong shoe.

So on Valentine’s Day Hunni and I made the trek to our local (re: Albany) running store.  This is the first store that fit me 3 years ago when I started running so I’m confident they know what works well with my feet.  And they don’t just give me the same shoes each time they test and measure to make sure they are getting it just right.  They are so efficient and I always leave satisfied that I won’t be back until my 500 miles is up.  If you run and have never had a proper fitting from a running store…DO IT!  Changed everything.  The little aches and pains I had from running for a few months before finding a running store melted away when I had the right shoe.  Besides it’s fun to be fawned over as an athlete for a bit as they treat you just like any other runner no matter the distance or time.

Katie my clerk measured my clodhoppers and watched me run around the awesome little track in the store.  I normally buy the same type of Asics and just upgrade the model. As it turns out due to the recession Asics didn’t produce enough of my size in the style that I normally buy so the clerk had to try some other brands.  She was very patient and wanted to get me the right shoe.  I felt a little like cinderella at some points…too big…too tight…too everything.  Each lap was one step closer to the perfect fit.  Each shoe was different and felt different on my foot.  Who knew there was so much to running shoes besides putting them on and going. Then she asked my shoe size and double checked it with the foot thingie (so technical I know).  Turns out in losing the rest of my weight my foot shrunk…half a size!  So that’s where those last 2 pounds were hiding 🙂

The clerk emerged from the stock room with these babies…

Look familiar?

Yep they were the exact same shoes I had just in a half sized smaller.  I took them for a spin around the little track in the store.  They felt A-MAZE-ING!  No more pain in my joints and felt like I was floating on air.  Guess we showed Asics and bought last year’s model since they didn’t have the new (read: more expensive one) in my size.

And to make Hunni happy we bought him some fun treats.  He is after all running the 10K with me soon enough and training for a half marathon.  Some people you reward with food and some people you reward with…

Running toe socks.

Okay Hunni likes to be rewarded with food too sometimes so we explored the gels and beans and came out with these bad boys…

Sport Beans and Gels.

Hunni got into an interesting debate with an old-school marathoner who told him those gels would only give him a sugar rush.  Little did he know that is EXACTLY what Hunni wants when he’s wearing out at the end of a race.  He wants sugar in mass quantities to push him to keep going.  Remember this scene at the end of our last race on Thanksgiving…

Caught in the act 🙂

Yep sugar is a big motivator for him to run…and me of course 🙂  Thank you Mr. Marathon man but Hunni wants to be hyped up on sugar speed while running a quarter marathon.  We even bought him some gummi bears to try for sugar speed…a whole pound of them.  Somehow I don’t think he’ll be running that far but he promised me moderation.

So with my new shoes and Hunni’s new socks now all I need to complete my running gear obsession is a Garmin Forerunner.  But that will take a little more saving.  Until then I’ll stick with my Nike+ Sport Kit and learn how to post them in my blog like Roni once I start running outside again.  Now off to look at fun running gear and for that shirt that Kath got for Christmas.

What is your biggest investment in your fitness?

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  1. 19/02/2010 5:58 PM

    Fancy, moisture-wicking workout gear is my biggest splurge. Once I noticed the difference between running in a cotton t-shirt vs. running in a technical top, I could never go back! I also love me some nice, shiny new sneakers from a specialty running store 🙂

    • 19/02/2010 11:25 PM

      I love technical gear too but I get mine from TJ Maxx. Same quality at a fraction of the cost.

  2. Jenny permalink
    19/02/2010 6:44 PM

    Mine would have to be my Polar HRM… which has a lot of dust on it right now.

    • 19/02/2010 11:24 PM

      I love my HRM…I wear it everytime I workout. Blow off the dust and use it 🙂

  3. trumanmeg permalink
    22/02/2010 5:23 PM

    My biggest investment is probably my shoes too. I’m going to go and get fitted this spring and I know I won’t be walking out the door cheaply but like you said, it will make a difference. I do have a lot of, not cheap, running clothes too but if it makes me feel motivated to run and makes me feel better about it, then it is worth it.

    • 22/02/2010 10:40 PM

      That’s how I feel about my shoes. If I spent the money I’m sure going to use them.

  4. fattiefatterton permalink
    22/02/2010 8:38 PM

    Right now it’s my Garmin Forerunner 305. I love it. Before that it was my shoes. 😀 I’m not a runner yet, but I hope to be one someday.

    • 22/02/2010 10:39 PM

      I’m saving up for a Garmin. I’m hoping to do more outdoor running so it will be invaluable.

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