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Self Quiz


Well my internet is slower than molasses in January right now so the post I had ready to go for this morning is not working right now.  Arg!  But we move on.

So I decided to answer all the lovely questions that Self Magazine asked the lovely Jessica Alba.  I think it’s an interesting way to find out new things about people.

  • If I weren’t a pastor I’d love to be… A personal trainer.  The more I’ve found out about fitness I’d love to either train someone or teach a fitness class.  Hunni indulges my fantasy and allows me to train him when we run races together.  And this way there would be no excuses not to get in some sort of workout.
  • When I want to blow off steam I love… cooking.  It gives me an outlet to focus my energies and I get to taste something yummy.  I also love to exercise so that is another alternative.
  • The trait I love most in myself is… patience.  I may not like how some people act but I’m willing to be patient with them.  This really pays off with the crazy teens and kids I work with.  People thought I was nuts to teach middle school because they would have killed the kids.  I enjoyed it because I saw them grow as long as I was patient with them.
  • The cause I love most is… education.  Teaching people about anything from the basics to health and wellness education is important.  Knowledge is power and allows you to make decisions about your own life and where you want to go.
  • After I get great news I love calling… Momma.  She’s been my big support system for my entire life.  I called her first when I got engaged, got accepted to seminary and even now with things like hitting Weight Watchers Goal happen.
  • Even though some might consider them a flaw, I’ve learned to love… my scars.  I wear them like a badge of honor for all I’ve been through.  I’ll still wear my tankini at the beach that shows off my stomach scar and don’t try to hide the many others on my body.  They are memories of where I’ve been.  And I’ll probably add a few more to my collection over the next few years.
  • When it come to eating, I love saying, … I love food!  There I’ve said it.  I love food and there is no bones about the fact that I’ll try anything just about once.  Ostritch…Check!  Alligator…Check!  Snake…Check!  Many different organ meats…check!  I just prefer you don’t tell me what it is before I have a chance to figure out if I like it.  Otherwise I would never have eaten goat’s milk cheese…just sounded weird.
  • When I’m on the Internet, I love checking out… my Gmail.  I’m a social creature and love getting email so I check it multiple times a day even if I don’t get anything.  I just get giddy when I do get an email…even SPAM.
  • I love Ashton Kutcher’s… sense of humor.  The guy has made millions from just being himself and having fun with it.  And he’s made me laugh.  Who doesn’t love a guy that can make you laugh.
  • I’d love to tell the paparazzi… I’m not interested in if a celebrity is wiping the snot off their kids nose.  I want to see them on the screen where I’ll pay for it.  Let them have a life.  I wouldn’t want to be followed around in my life just because of my job (although clients sometimes do so I know it’s nuts).
  • I love the way I feel...  When I cuddle up with my family on the couch.  Our cough isn’t too big and we would fit better in our bed but we love to chill on the couch together and watch stupid tv.  Makes me feel love by them all.
  • I love my hair most when it’s… the way it is now.  Slight blonde…I can wear it curly or wavy.  And I don’t have to blowdry it if I don’t have the time.  The perfect wash and go style!
  • In 10 years I’d love to be… still in the ministry in a new location with two wonderful children and two wonderful dogs.  I’d be pretty happy doing just that.

How would you answer these questions?

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  1. trumanmeg permalink
    22/02/2010 5:10 PM

    I stole this post from you and tweeked it for my blog. ;-p. I love that you feel the way you do about your scars. I wish I could enjoy my body more.

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