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Keeping Up


I’m loving my new haircut and decided that I actually needed to keep regular appointments to keep it looking good.  When I got it cut I pre-scheduled an appointment for a trim and to my surprise to get highlights.  I’ve never been one to really get professional color.  I still have a box of red home hair dye in my bathroom from my days of doing it on my own.  I’d get bored of my dishwater reddish blonde hair and just dye it red.  I never went fire engine red but I did get the whole spectrum of red.  Anything from strawberry blonde to auburn on a whim when my college girl friends thought I needed a darker look for winter.  But I never thought to pay someone to color my hair.

My normal red dyed hair.

Then for our wedding I wanted to look gorgeous so Hunni and I budgeted for me to get my short hair done at a real salon.  I was happy floaty in love and when I went in for my trial the stylist convinced me to brighten up my color with a few highlights around my crown.  I would have agreed to anything because I wanted to look as beautiful as possible for my soon-to-be-husband.  It turned out great.

Highlights brightened my face.

I looked great and as my hair grew out over the next year people kept complimenting me on the highlights.  The stylist had done such a good job that they blended into my hair as it grew…for uh 18 months.  Worth every penny of that wedding money if I do say so myself.

So in keeping with my goals for 2010 I’m pampering myself.  I got a regular hair cut to keep up the style I’ve grown to love and following the guidance of my new and wonderful stylist and got some high and lowlights.  I’m hoping these will grow out just as nice.

Blown straight for a change.

But I love the idea of taking care of myself not just physically with fitness and kicking my own A$$ at the gym but I’m making the most of it by taking care of the way I look on the outside.  Hanging out with Sarah gives me more reasons to wear the cute clothes I have

I love this coat.

and makes me enjoy getting dressed up in more than just uniform

Chilling with the pups.

running tights and technical gear

This was at the beginning.

Typical outfit after work.

or PJ’s.  Although they are comfortable.

I lounge in these after the gym.

I want to start looking more like the after of What Not to Wear and not as much like the secret footage.  I sometime worry that someone is going to do “market research” to ask me what I think my style is when I run out to the store in my workout gear.  Must remember to wear real clothes.

Darnit I worked hard to look good so I might as well dress like I do.  I have great clothes from before I isolated myself so hopeful with my new hairdo I’ll start putting more effort into dressing decent on a regular basis.

Oh and I loved the opening ceremonies of the Olympics…so pretty.  I love that I have a great thing watch at the gym these next few weeks while I’m kicking my own but as my own personal trainer.  Saying a prayer for the Georgian luger’s family.

EDIT: I watched the first part with all the dancing and it was beautiful and diverse but was still missing the pomp of the chinese drummers. I changed over to Criminal Minds at 11. What can I say I am addicted to that show and more interested in the sports like curling 🙂

Did you watch the opening ceremonies?  Do you like the Olympics?

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  1. 13/02/2010 11:18 AM

    I watched most of it and thought it was kind of boring. And I can’t believe they had technical difficulties at the end. I feel so awful for the team who’s teammate died 😦

    • 13/02/2010 11:55 AM

      I like the early parts I watched. I did get annoyed with it so I switched to Criminal Minds. I really liked the dance portions.

  2. trumanmeg permalink
    13/02/2010 12:56 PM

    I love the Olympics and I watched until about 10 (11 your time) when I fell asleep.

    I can’t wait to watch the sporting events! My DVR is going to be so full!

    • 13/02/2010 11:23 PM

      I love watching all the crazy sports like luge and curling. And skeleton freaks me out but I love it.

  3. 14/02/2010 11:47 PM

    I love the Olympics! I used to watch it all with my Grandmother. I tried to continue the tradition with my kids, but they rolled their eyes at me. Aargh!

    • 15/02/2010 8:49 AM

      I remember watching the Olympics (especially figure skating and gymnastics) with my mom. I hope your kids will see the fun in it soon enough.

  4. 15/02/2010 4:45 PM

    You deserve to pamper yourself! I love the haircut – it really suits you 🙂

    I watched the opening ceremonies – I’m hugely patriotic during the Olympics! GO USA!!

  5. 17/02/2010 3:18 AM

    “Darnit I worked hard to look good so I might as well dress like I do.”

    Nicely said. I used to not wear nice clothes when I lost a ton of weight before. But that was because I still had body image issues and wasn’t comfortable with my body. Now, even though I’ve gained back a lot of weight, my body image issues are slowly being dispelled. I now can no longer wait to put on cute clothes.


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