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The Numbers Problem


Six… eight… ten… twelve… twenty-two… twenty-four… twenty-eight…  They’re all the same right?  Oh am I wrong?  My brain sure seems to think so.

You see I have I shopping problem.  Sure I do it too much even though I don’t always buy anything.  The sale racks just call my name to look at all the great deals on the past seasons clothes.  But that’s not the real problem.  I always pick the wrong size.  We aren’t talking the problem with the fact that every clothing manufacturer has a different sizing scale and I could be a Six at Old Navy and a Ten and Banana Republic.  Wouldn’t it all be easier if we had sizing like men…ineam and waist.  My waist is a 30 and my inseam is 30…how much simpler would that be to find pants.

But I digress.  Whenever I go into the stores and especially the sale racks I always look at the wrong size.  I look at clothes to fit this body…

College Graduation...around my heaviest.

And I’m not that size any more.  I should be looking at clothes to fit this body…

Clothes that fit!

But my mind still wanders to the sections with clothes in the XL or the pants that are 18’s and 20’s.  My mind doesn’t understand what my body looks like.  My mind still thinks that there is more of me.  And honestly until I just posted these two pics in one post I hadn’t really noticed how much of a difference there really was. 

Now listen to me brain….my size may differ slightly by brand but I’m not that big any more.  I’ve worked hard and can enjoy purchasing clothes in any store now.  And because I’m a smaller size now most of my size is sold out before it even gets to the Sale Rack.  Enjoy the new size and allow Cynthia to enjoy her now wider selection of clothing options.


I guess I still have a bit of a hurdle to cross even if I’ve lost the weight.  My mind needs to lose the weight too.

Do you have a distorted image when you look in the mirror?

And my breakfast I took to my WW meeting on Saturday was a delicious simulation of Angela’s PB&J Oatmeal but I had to put it in my to-go container to well…go. Therfore the picture was not so good and you’ll just have to take my word for it…It was delicious. Thanks Angela for the idea.

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  1. 07/02/2010 10:52 AM

    I HATE how disparate the sizes are from store to store. It makes me so mad…and is very frustrating when shopping!

  2. 07/02/2010 2:28 PM

    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen your before picture. Your transformation is amazing! Seriously.

    I have the same distorted body image. I don’t see the current me at all when I look in the mirror. I’m usually okay with buying the right size, though. It’s the styles I struggle with. I don’t feel like the trendy, “in” styles will look on me so I end up dressing pretty frumpy.

    • 07/02/2010 8:26 PM

      Thanks Katie!

      I agree that I don’t usually buy the trendy stuff and have to force myself to try them on.

  3. 07/02/2010 6:16 PM

    I have the reverse problem you do — I still see myself about 15 lbs. lighter than I actually am, so I always pick stuff that’s too small for me and have to go back for the bigger size 😦

    Oh, and I totally agree that women should use men’s sizing guidelines. It would make shopping so much easier!

  4. 08/02/2010 12:25 AM

    It took me almost three years to finally accept that I have to buy clothes that fit my current size. Not something too small or too big.

  5. trumanmeg permalink
    08/02/2010 11:07 AM

    I like to think that I see myself pretty much as I am but unlike you, soemtimes I seem myself as thinner by 10-15 pounds than I am. I just need to keep pushing myself so I really am the weight I think I am ;-p

    • 08/02/2010 12:00 PM

      I used to always see myself as thinner and now looking at pictures I realize I wasn’t.

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