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Starting Small


I’m an overachiever by nature.  I push myself in everything I do enjoy conquering any challenges I set for myself.  I did so when I started running and ran 3 races in the span of 6 months.  Huge for a non-runner.  When I injured my back and had to do Physical Therapy I threw myself into every exercise they gave me including buying hand weights and a step to do the “homework” they gave me.

So when I gave myself the challenge to get back into weight training I was a little ambitious.  I spent a lot of time looking at the workout pages on blogs like Tina‘s and Kristin‘s and googled tons of routines so I wouldn’t get bored.  I wrote them all in a little journal that I bought to mark down my workouts and make it easier to take to the gym.  I don’t want to get bored and that is what I would have expected a trainer to do for me.  I’m my own grandpa…uh I mean trainer.

Tonight on the schedule was my second run for my 10K training and an upper body pyramid workout.  The run went great but I totally wanted to run more.  Then I remembered my hip injury and the over training so I stopped and walked until the end of the new Criminal Minds (told you I was addicted).  Stopping was hard but starting small on my runs again will allow me to build up to the longer distances.  I have to let my back and hips adjust to running again.  Lots of stretching and ice on the hips.

And the pyramid series was set up for light, medium, and heavy weights with decreasing reps.  Most suggest with starting with 14 reps on the lightest weight, going to 12 with medium and then 10 with the heaviest.  But my gym only goes up in 5 pound increments thinking I’m Arnold or something.  So while I could do the 14 with 5 pounds I could only 5 or so with the heaviest even on the first exercise.  Time for plan B.  I lowered the reps for each set and for some I even stayed on the medium weights for the second and third sets.  I might not be able to lift my arms tomorrow but that’s better than tearing something in them.

I hated being injured each time because it prevented me from what I love.  Even though I’m not happy about starting small when I “could” do more I know I’ll appreciate it in the long run when I can cross the finish line or meet number 7.  I need to pace myself to fight the big battles later.

Besides Peanut and Leo thing big things come in small packages.  They are little Rottweilers in their own minds.

And who knew that all this working out on my schedule would make me so hungry.  Or should I say Hangry.  I’ve eaten way more this week than I have in the past month when I was ill…even with all the ice cream and muffins I was eating.  I’ve almost finished off a tub of hummus and bag of baby carrots for a snack.  That’s one big snack.  And tonight I taught my Women’s Ministries group the secret of my Auntie Anne’s Pretzel making skills from my teen age years and polished off one for myself.  But man they turned out good.  I guess burning over 2000 calories in 4 days will do that to a girl.

Speaking of food here’s what I had for breakfast Wednesday morning.

I finally tried the eggs in the microwave trick and loved it.  It took me two tries to get the timing right but once I did it was fluffy egg heaven.  Half a tortilla, schmear of Garlic and Herb Laughing Cow and a big handful of spinach.  Just enough protein and fiber to hold me for a good bit.  And now I have a second half a tortilla to dip in hummus or make another sandwich after my challenge is over.    Now off to put together my overnight oats for tomorrow’s try.

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  1. 04/02/2010 1:16 AM

    That breakfast looks good… breakfast is my favorite meal but the one I always have trouble with because I never eat enough.

    • 04/02/2010 9:56 AM

      Thanks! For me its about the combinations. I need some fat and fiber so that I don’t starve all morning.

  2. 04/02/2010 4:19 AM

    After my first injury, during the height of my running, I have learned to take things slow. Or I decided to take things slow. Sometimes, over-enthusiasm can be harmful. And it can take out a lot of motivation from you that you quit before you’ve reached your goal.

  3. trumanmeg permalink
    08/02/2010 10:58 AM

    I’m glad you’re taking the running slow. It is hard for me to pull back and work the program too but I know it is for the best, there will be a day I’ll be wishing it was a bit easier I’m sure ;-p.

    I get massively hungry when I workout a lot too but good for you for eating healthy snacks!

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