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Swamp Butt


Look at me posting twice in one day.  Such a rare occurence we should stop and admire the fact that there is a second post today……(pause).

Okay now what you really want to read about is how I peed my pants.  Well sorry to disappoint I didn’t really pee my pants it just looked like it.  In fact it looks like it every time I go to the gym.  Before I really got into wearing running tights (not just for running either… I wear them around the house) I would wear regular workout pants or yoga pants to the gym.  And I sweat like a hog so it always looked like I had just done the Pink performance from the Grammy’s ….did you see that.  Man I wish I had that body.  But I didn’t look quite so hot coming out of the gym with a really wet a$$ and a sweat spot that looked like I needed to wear a bib while running from all the drops of sweat off my chin.  Yeah I’m not a glower, I’m a sweater.  And Hunni is strange because he says I look hot working out.

It doesn’t help that I have to wear this lovely thing while running and lifting.

Does a lot to make me look like an 18th century courtesan with a tiny waist.  And it helps support my back while I run my miles and lift my weights.  Sometimes I feel like those big guys at the gym who have those Arnold style belts to support their backs.  But the only problem is the thing is made of neoprene…think wet suit stuff and leaves me looking like this afterward.

I have to wear a tank under my shirt so I don’t irritate my skin and the sweat goes all the way up to my boobs.  Not so attractive or comfortable when the wind is whipping around after I finish.  That’s why I started packing my bag.

Someone told me that sweat is not an indication of exertion and calories burned but the more it looks like I peed myself the hard I think I worked so I’ll keep it up.  I mean I must have a separate laundry basket for all my stinky sweaty clothes.

Notice it’s by our porch door so in the summer when I sweat even more we have on occasion put it out on the porch and hoped little woodland creatures didn’t make nests in it.  I think it stinks too much even after a week that they wouldn’t even want it for their nests.  I took my cousins on a field trip to Wal-mart when they visited to pick it out especially.  I told them it had to have vents so it would bowl over their cousin when he opened it for laundry time, a handle to pull it behind him to the washer making sure to keep the stink far away and a lid to trap in what we could of the stench without overwhelming ourselves.  They did a perfect job and it works pretty well.  We end up having to do a special load of just workout clothes at least twice a week to keep the fabrics in tact and more importantly our noses so they don’t look like we’ve been sniffing paint thinner.

All this to say that I didn’t complete my plan entirely for working out yesterday.  I did a bit more at the gym than I thought.  I got in a great set of intervals using the calorie scorcher workout on Iowa Girl Eats.  I pushed hard for the 15 minutes on each machine….high incline on the treadmill without holding onto the hand rails…high resistance on the Elliptical and pushing through the tough spots… high resistance and hills on the bike.  I was drenched after that and had to wipe off my back with my towel that accompanies me to keep the sweat in check.  And then I did PT exercises and some upper body exercises afterword.  I was tired and had burned 400 calories. Pretty good for about 45 minutes, if I do say so myself.

Then I came home all set to do my Wii Active and even started the thing after I set the pork loin on George to grill.  I got in a few exercises like side lunges and jump squats with my trainer I’ve decided to name Bob because he is sweet but kicks my butt like Bob Harper on Biggest Loser.  But when I started the “run” Hunni reminded me that our group for troubled teens was going on downstairs and would think a herd of wild elephants gazelles were running around upstairs.  So I shut it off and watched Tough Love (so happy for those girls).  Darn it!

And then I went out for a girls night.  I’ve turned into a big LOST fanatic after Brandi‘s Suggestion but have never watched it live.  So I completely forgot the premiere episode was on last night and scheduled a girls night with my new friend Sarah to go to Target and walk around browsing and drinking Starbucks.  Had a blast enjoying shopping without Hunni asking if we could leave.  But completely forgot that my new obsession was on.  And my darn computer is a work computer so I can’t download the right driver to watch it anywhere.  I’m going to have to settle for reading the recap and maybe begging Sarah to let me watch it at her place…Hear me Sarah…another date night? 🙂

At least my breakfast held me over for most of the morning.  I wasn’t hungry again until about 11am after eating at 8am.

I usually overlook cold cereal because we ate it so much as kids.  And cow’s milk and my stomach have an argument every time so I just got crossed off the breakfast list back in college.  But yesterday I made it with Almond Milk (unsweetened) and a heaping teaspoon of Crunchy Raw Almond Butter that got all stringy and fun to play with in the milk.  I think all the almond proteins helped hold me over for a long time.  I might have to repeat this in a pinch in the future if I can snag the box out of Hunni’s hands.  He kept saying “Hey that’s my cereal.”

Well I don’t know how those three times a day bloggers do it.  I’m tired after searching for LOST online working in the office all day and now a second blog post.  Must finish a few more tasks and make some quick phone calls before preparing dinner.  I have Women’s Group tonight and we are making pretzels with my Auntie Anne’s secrets from my High School years.  Shhh don’t tell them I’m telling the secrets to a group of ladies tonight 🙂

What foods to you often over look due to bad experiences with them?

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  1. 03/02/2010 8:45 PM

    Watching Lost on TV really sucks because you have to wait for each episode! I gave in last season because I couldn’t wait and I wish I didn’t! This time I’m gonna wait until summer for it to be over so I can watch it all at once. It’s going to be painful!

    • 04/02/2010 12:08 AM

      I don’t think I could wait that long because there will be so many spoilers all season. I just have to make habit to watch it at home or the gym.

  2. 04/02/2010 4:17 AM

    I sweat that much too! Luckily, I mostly wear white cotton shirts so it doesn’t show too much. I don’t really mind. That is, until I catch a cold from wearing those wet clothes.

    • 04/02/2010 9:57 AM

      Cotton gets so heavy for me when I sweat so I have to wear shirts made of technical fabric.


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