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Motivate Me


I hate to say it but while I am easily motivated in some ways I am definitely not easily motivated in others.  I just have it in my head that certain things are more important that others.  Say that late night episode of Criminal Minds that I’ve already seen.  Sure Conan was too late to stay up for but I can watch Criminal Minds at 11 or 12 and it isn’t too late at all.  Or getting up early.  If I have a meeting to be at or a reason to get out of bed I shoot out the second I hear my alarm go off…but just a regular old work day and I roll out of bed 15-30 minutes before I have to stumble down the stairs leaving me with little time to eat breakfast (usually at my desk), do make up (only the eyes), and get dressed (same uniform everyday).

Same thing kind of goes for exercise.  I can motivate myself to go and run and run and run.  I could run for days if my hip wouldn’t give out and make it impossible to walk for days.  But any sort of exercise seems to escape me.  Sure I can do things like going for long walks with the Pupps and Hunni or biking in the nice weather or snowshoeing when it’s not blustery cold.  But I’m a creature of habit and it is hard to motivate myself to do new workouts or even pull out the old ones.

You should see my DVD case full of workouts I bought thinking I’d try them when I thought I’d never run again.  But the second they said I could run I was out like The Flash or is it Flash Gordon…I always get those two confused much to Hunni’s cartoon superhero dismay.  So there sits my step, yoga brick, mat and strap, pilates mat, hand weights, wrist weights and large selection of DVD’s in a corner.  Not to mention the bikes and snowshoes that sit in our guest storage room waiting to be used again.  And I fully intend to do them at some time or another I just need motivation.

I’ve even bought several shirts with slogans to motivate me.  I despise shirts with slogans and don’t own them for my regular wardrobe.  I even try to avoid my uniform sweater with The Salvation Army blazoned across my chest unless my cinder block walls keep it like a meat locker in here.  But yet I thought they would help me when I look in the mirror they were on sale so I bought them to mix in with my not so pushy shirts.  Must clarify that one was an especially thoughtful gift and gets worn most of all… you guess which one 🙂

Oh to be a super hero…I’d prefer Captain Planet…”by your powers combined.”  Wouldn’t it be nice to take some strength and motivation from others and combine it together to get my own motivation.  Darn it must get to the lab like Dexter and discover something that allows me to do that.  Or may if I think only Pink…you know ribbons, bunnies, elephants… I could have more motivation to change it up.  The do say that weight training is helpful but alas I avoid that like the plague.  Or maybe if I just think I can motivate others I would be more motivated.  Or if I thought I could at least dominate them in any sport and blow through the finishing line tape first I would be more motivated…but that’s just not me.

I’m simple Cynthia who knows what she needs to do yet doesn’t do it.  And since money is a little tight these days around the It All Changes household hiring outside motivation is not an option.  I have a few friends that I’ve given permission to kick my butt if I don’t get in the workouts I promise myself.  But then I realized that when I promise you lovely blog readers I’m going to do something I actually do it.  Novel as that is I thought I need to start posting once a week what my intended workouts are so that not only are the in my schedule they are out there in the world-wide blogosphere to see if I can truly do them each day that week.  Little blurbs at the bottom to update you and permission to give me a swift kick in the pants if I don’t do them.  I need motivation and you lovlies are great motivation to keep writing and being healthy (although I do it for me too).

So here we go-  This week in exercise:

  • Monday- Couch to 10K Run, Wii Active challenge, PT Exercises [I only did a few after Wii Active]
  • Tuesday- Calorie scorcher (15 minutes walking hills, 15 minutes Elliptical Intervals, 15 minutes Biking intervals), PT Exercises, Wii Active challenge
  • Wednesday- Couch to 10K Run, Upper Body Pyramid Circuit
  • Thursday- Yoga, Wii Active Challenge
  • Friday- Couch to 10K Run, Full Body Pyramid w/ PT Exercises, Wii Active
  • Saturday- Yoga, 30 minute circuit Workout
  • Sunday- Wii Active, Calorie scorcher.

So there you have it.  It may seem a lot but the cardio already happens.  It’s the yoga and Strength I need to work on.  I love getting a gold medal for the Wii Active so that will have its own benefits.  Plus reporting to you I didn’t do a workout will scare the bejeezus out of me.  I’m ready for the challenge and have it all scheduled in.

And just a reminder of my Breakfast Challenge.  I did it yesterday and had an oatmeal pancake.

I added some carob chips (my new crack) which I burned a bit on accident and some agave syrup.  Twas very filling and easy to make.  Might be doing this again…soon.

Please don’t go just yet…I have one more thing to say.  I accomplished number 89.  I actually know how to go back and see how many calories I burned each session at the gym instead of panicking when it quickly leave the screen.  No more screaming and guessing…I can look it up 🙂

How do you motivate yourself?

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  1. trumanmeg permalink
    02/02/2010 1:34 PM

    I like to keep tallys and push myself weekly for a certain number of workouts and then I like to see myself get closer to the goal. I also use others to motivate me as well (such as you ;-p). Running is a great motivator for me because I can sign up for a race and then I know I need to be able to complete it.

    Your breakfast today looks yummy!

    • 02/02/2010 3:10 PM

      Thanks! Races motivate me to run but I’m not sure what to do about lifting. I think if someone told me I could run better with lifting and show me the proof I would do it more.

  2. 02/02/2010 2:17 PM

    “If I have a meeting to be at or a reason to get out of bed I shoot out the second I hear my alarm go off…but just a regular old work day and I roll out of bed 15-30 minutes before I have to stumble down the stairs leaving me with little time to eat breakfast (usually at my desk), do make up (only the eyes), and get dressed (same uniform everyday).”

    This is me, TOTALLY! To motivate myself I just have to put one foot in front of the other (both literally and figuratively), ignore all the noise in my head telling me to be lazy, and just do it. It is really hard — which is probably why I’ve been struggling lately — but it’s the only way that works for me.

    I wish blogging made me feel accountable, but I’m totally okay with the blogiverse knowing I’m a slacker, I guess! 😉

    • 02/02/2010 3:09 PM

      I need to start setting meetings for myself first thing in the morning so I get out of bed. I was in the office at 8 today for a meeting and felt great all day.

  3. 02/02/2010 5:16 PM

    Your plan looks great! That’s actually how I motivate myself. Having a concrete plan for the week and treating my workout sessions like appointments seems to work well for me. Some days it’s not easy.

  4. 02/02/2010 8:55 PM

    I just think about how much more I want to do in life. I can sit on my ass and think about it..or just go out and do it.

  5. 04/02/2010 4:09 AM

    I always just try to keep the goal in mind. I think and breathe it everyday that it keeps me psyched for working out. For my workouts, I usually stick to a lot of cardio (running/walking) and then Yoga and Pilates. I’m also a creature of habit. I can’t see myself doing other workouts. But it’s not that bad. I know that if I try to force something on myself, it will be a waste of time. Especially if I’m not too fond of the workout.


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