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When I Can’t Run…


I clean.  Yep you heard me right I clean.  I get this nervous energy when I can’t exercise because I am used to pushing hard at the gym most nights of the week.  That’s how I wind myself down after a long day in the office.  It is my stress relief.  But this week (and last and the week before) I’ve been sick.  We aren’t just talking the sniffles, were talking smoker’s cough, look like I’ve been sobbing, sore nose blowing sick.  And today was the day the Nurse Practitioner agreed that the homeopathic remedies weren’t working and called in a prescription.  But I’ll still keep up with the tea and honey 🙂

Anyway I didn’t think it was wise to go share my germs with the entire gym.  Hunni is kind enough to share his with me but I’m not so generous…I’m sure the gym members will understand.  I like to keep my mucous to myself.  But this left me with a big dilemma.  I’ve had a hard time falling asleep this past week despite the medication I take to help and being sick as a dog (sorry Peanut and Leo…no offense).  Today I needed to get rid of some of that energy so I don’t stay up til 1 or 2 am watching things like I Shouldn’t Be Alive and Mystery Diagnosis to allow my mind wander and think I’m going to die in some random attack or from some bizarre unknown disease.  That doesn’t make for good dreams.

Today my energy got put into cleaning.  My house is by no means dirty but it is a bit messy.  When you work 12 hour days at least 3 or 4 days a week that doesn’t leave a lot of time for steaming the carpets.  But today we got a lovely snowstorm with big squalls so we had to cancel Bible Study and a meeting.  This left plenty of time for releasing energy in effective means.  I unleashed myself on the kitchen.

I took apart the fridge and had the parts all over the counters…not the motor or anything but all the shelving and clips.  I hosed that baby down and put some elbow grease into getting out some of the stains from things like cherries from the summer and the disgusting fish smell from the mahi mahi we had a few weeks back.  I wanted that baby to sparkle.  What do you think?

No more tea stains, no more fish smell and I can actually see everything.  I even did the freezer and realized we still have a half-gallon of ice cream we used to trick Peanut with when feeding her the allergy pills and about 6 things of chicken sausages.  We must really love these things.  Good thing I have a ton of recipes to use them in.  I even pulled out a set for dinner this week along with a pork loin for the crock pot and some salmon steaks that I think are from the ice age November.  That’s the problem with buying meat on sale and throwing it in the freezer.  Some of it is from before I decided to eat more ethically so I want to use it up and keep on my ethical path.  So far so good.

Anyways back to my cleaning spree….kind of like a killing of the germs and clutter spree.  Maybe I’ve been watching too much Criminal Minds.  I attacked the counters that I had used to hold the shelves and then scrubbed out the trash cans.  Surprising how many crumbs can get in a toaster if you don’t clean it regularly.  In my defense we don’t use it regularly so we don’t notice the crumbs add up.  But I got ingenious in my cleaning and broke out a specialized device.

Got to get the last crumb.

If you can’t tell that is a fork with a Clorox wipe.  Those last little suckers were hard to get out but I prevailed and we have a clean toaster and counter.

Spic and Span

I even reorganized our pantry.  Took out my sword sharpie and labeled all the cans and jars and made a list of all we have.  I really don’t want a repeat of the chicken sausages so I made a list of everything.  My menu goal for the week will be worked on tomorrow so that I don’t really buy anything else.  We have so much food already I don’t want to be wasteful.  Look at it all.

Yeah I kind of went nuts on the pumpkin butter the last time I saw it at Trader Joes.  I didn’t want to be without it for long so I bought 6 jars.  I just finished up one tonight.  I’ll have to ration it out for the next several months 🙂

And the thing I am most proud of is our dining room table.  You see we eat in the living room on the couch unless my cousins are here.  Our table is a glorified junk zone for anything we bring into the apartment.  It is just so conveniently right inside the door with lots of space for bags of Target finds and paperwork from the office that doesn’t always get done and junk mail that should just get shredded for confetti parties.  But tonight I declared a moratorium on that.  I turned it sideways against the windows so now we have a big space for our dancing practice should we decide to do number 6.  And I cleared the junk so now there is a nice and organized set of piles and we could actually eat at the table should we choose….nah.

Cleanest it's been in a while.

I guess the cleaning wore out the rest of my family.  Hunni is sleeping in the chair and so are Peanut and Leo.  They are all snoring and it sounds like they are going to pull the paint off the walls.  Perhaps I’ll have a painting project to do soon.

How do you get rid of nervous energy?

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  1. 29/01/2010 9:21 AM

    everything looks great! i need to clean our fridge, too.

    i hope you’re feeling better!

  2. 29/01/2010 9:28 AM

    Ahhhh…I LOVE a good cleaning! That’s on my to do list for this weekend, for sure 🙂

    • 29/01/2010 12:21 PM

      I don’t always have a lot of time but love doing it. I’m attacking the bedroom today.

  3. 29/01/2010 11:32 AM

    I clean, too! It feels so good to have a clean house – I know, I’m a geek. We should get coffee soon!

  4. 29/01/2010 3:52 PM

    Your kitchen looks fantastic! You may not have been in the gym, but I bet you burned some serious calories. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I had that same icky bug a couple weeks ago and now my husband has it. It’s the opposite of fun.

    I’m a stress/nervous energy cleaner, too. Happiness is a clean house in my opinion.

    • 29/01/2010 5:18 PM

      Sorry your husband got it. Hunni so far is only tired from me flopping in bed and waking him up.

      But a agree a clean house just makes me happier. I just did my bedroom too.

  5. 29/01/2010 4:00 PM

    Can you come to my house when you can’t run?! Wish I was that motivated 🙂

    • 29/01/2010 5:17 PM

      I still have a few more rooms in my house but we could strike a deal 🙂

  6. 29/01/2010 6:02 PM

    Cleaning out the house is a good work out too!

  7. 29/01/2010 7:26 PM

    I wish I loved cleaning when I can’t run. I’m jealous lol. GREAT JOB!

  8. 01/02/2010 1:59 AM

    Great job on the cleaning! To get rid of nervous energy, I clean too. Or do the laundry. Anything that gets my body moving is fine with me. Or sometimes, I just cry. Hahaha. I’m weird.

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