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My Fitness Manta


I’ve meant to write this post for months.  I remember when Mizfit talked about this on her blog and I thought it was a great idea.  And then Mish over at Eating Journey was asking questions about how to set fitness goals for herself reminded me of this.  I wanted to share mine here since I’ve been working on it and figuring out what is good for me.

For me fitness isn’t about being something perfect but it is about constantly striving to move forward.  My life keeps changing so I have to be flexible when it comes to my fitness just as much as with my everyday life.  Heck fitness is part of my everyday life.  It became a part of me so much so that I miss it when I can’t workout out.  Even when I was preparing for back surgery I would still go for walks with Hunni to keep active instead of feeling like I was falling apart.  It was a stabilizing feature of my life then and still is now.

So for me fitness is:

  • Stress relief.  I will use fitness to relieve stress instead of eating.  I will allow the calming effects to come from sweat and not from swollen food babies.  I will find joy in the fit things I can do instead of pain in the stress life can cause me.

  • A daily thing.  I’m not talking full on running or hard-core strength everyday but for me fitness should be something that is a part of everyday.  That may mean a scheduled workout or a nice peaceful walk with Hunni and the pups.  Even on my “days off” I still like to get in some stretching. 

  • Moving forward.  Some days I feel like Abdul’s Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back…sure that’s about opposites attracting but some days it feels like I’m not going anywhere with my fitness.  But even though I’ve had setbacks in training due to injury and have to take time off when I get sick all the time occasionally I’m moving forward each day.  One step at a time but they are all forward, I hope.

  • Fun!  If it wasn’t fun it would suck…big time, huge, massive time.  You may thing I’m insane but I think running is a blast the more I sweat the happier I am.  I sweat like a hog…I don’t glow like a lady.  I love the feeling of exhilaration after I’ve completed a good workout.  I’m always looking for new games workouts for me to enjoy.  Call me strange but I like going to the gym on my free time and feeling drenched. 

  • A challenge.  Sometimes it is the next race I’ve signed up for or a new yoga video or new functional weights routine from Physical Therapy or my trainer.  I don’t think I can keep doing the same thing over and over.  That’s why I get bored if I don’t have a new plan in place after I achieve one goal.  Otherwise I’d stop.


To keep it up I schedule my workouts and make them a priority.  They are just like any other meeting.  I schedule them so I that I don’t skip them.  Hunni and I sit down with our schedule every two weeks and plan when we are doing the Wii Active together (Mondays and Tuesdays) as well as gym time (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday).  I schedule my other workouts around these and keep track of them all with my Heart Rate Monitor and my Weight Watchers Tracker.  This allows me to compare week to week.  I strive for 6 days a week of activity and at least 30 AP’s or 3000 calories burned. 

For me fitness is a part of life and has been.  But wherever you start and however you get it in…be like Nike and Just Do It!  Even one day a week or a few minutes a day.  And most importantly make it fun.  If you hate running, try riding a bike.  If you hate sweating try something like walking or yoga.  But find something you love and make it a part of your life.  Fitness is fun…trust me!

What is your fitness mantra?

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  1. 28/01/2010 7:19 AM

    Wonderful post! It looks like we have the same views about fitness. =D Anyway, I never thought about scheduling my workouts like they were meetings. Maybe that’s why I never get any serious workouts in my busy days because I don’t prioritize them. That’s going to change. Thanks for sharing your strategy.

    • 28/01/2010 12:51 PM

      Not a problem. If they aren’t meetings they can be rescheduled or dropped. On my busy days its the only way I get them in.

  2. 28/01/2010 8:21 AM

    Thanks for writing this. It just hit me ‘Leave behind everything’.

    I love that you plan out your two weeks w/ your man. I would love to find a partnership like that. I just planned out my two weeks and it feels good.

    Thanks for writing this.

    • 28/01/2010 12:51 PM

      Not a problem. Hunni doesn’t like to work out but he likes doing it with me so we made a deal to plan together. Prevents the “we’ll do it later” bit.

  3. 28/01/2010 9:05 AM

    Stress is my number one reason for fitness too. I would be in such a funk all the time if I didn’t get my (almost) daily workout.

    Have a great day!

    • 28/01/2010 12:50 PM

      Thanks! I feel like I’m in a funk now since this illness has me sidelined. I’ll be back at it soon.

  4. 28/01/2010 11:59 AM

    This is a wonderful post Cynthia!

    I definitely agree with you – for me fitness isn’t about being perfect. Lately, it’s about stress relief and an endorphin rush for me 🙂

    I think my fitness mantra would be: keep moving forward.

    • 28/01/2010 12:49 PM

      I love that idea of Keep moving forward. I don’t want to get stuck.

  5. 28/01/2010 4:18 PM

    Fitness is fun although if you had asked me about it years ago I would have thought you were crazy!

    And one thing I especially love is that our fitness level can keep improving and improving as long as we keep working on it!

    • 28/01/2010 4:36 PM

      I love that about fitness too. I went from barely being able to walk around my neighborhood to now training for a 10K. Such amazing things our bodies can do.

  6. 29/01/2010 12:20 AM

    Hi Cynthia! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂
    I NEED to make fitness a daily thing. I try to move a little every day, but I can’t say I actually workout everyday. And fun? Hmmm. I guess I’m working on that, too 😉

    • 29/01/2010 12:38 AM

      I love your blog but don’t comment often enough. The fun has been a learning curve but I love finding new stuff now.

  7. 30/01/2010 8:17 AM

    Great reminders!

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