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Sick food + Goals


So I fought it as long as I could but I’m going to have to go back to the doctor tomorrow.  What started as a fire in the back of my throat morphed into a tickle and now I sounds like a barking dog.  Peanut and Leo are definitely confused by the sound.  And they are chilling on the couch keeping an eye on me…my little protectors.

Okay so Peanut is keeping an eye on me and Leo is catching some zzzzzz on Hunni’s coat.  He says it was on his pillow so it’s his property.  But he had to move because I needed something to soothe my throat.

As a kid my mom would give me a bowl of ice cream to cool the burn.  Unfortunately the cream in iced form would hurt my tummy.  Is it worth the trade-off?  I thought long and hard and then sent Hunni to the store.  All you lovely blog ladies reviewed coconut milk, hemp milk and other non-dairy ice creams so I decided to give one a try.  Sure they have sugar but I was desperate.  So Hunni found me this lovely delight in the health food section of our local grocery.

Peanut Butter ZigZags

It was no Ben and Jerry’s but then again I wasn’t in it for the sweet I was in it for the cool….and cool it was for the time it was sliding down my throat.  Too bad I was being smart and only wanted a bit so I wouldn’t have the bloated sugar stomach.  And so far so good.  But I did have help finishing it off…

Happy errand runner

Whatever I didn’t eat was his finder’s fee.  As is a muffin that he’s bringing me back from the store after he hits the gym.  He threatened convinced me that the gym might not be the best idea with what is most likely a chest infection.  At least I got in two runs of my training for this week.  I’ll be back at it as soon as the doctor gives me some good antibiotics to kick this bugs behind.  I’m hoping for something similar to the Mucinex commercial where the germs are kicked out instantly.

So since I’m confined to the couch for the evening I’m working on the blog.  But first let me finish up this post with the week’s goals reviews and next week’s goals.

Last Week’s Goals:

  • Eat in moderation. I did it!  As I said early this week I resisted the temptations of sugar, sugar, everywhere at the conference this week.  And I even avoided the Diet Coke and bad for my digestion foods.  Instead I snacked on dried mango, dry roasted almonds, Luna Bar minis and fresh fruit.  My stomach wasn’t 100% after the meal choices but I ate in moderation and did much better than last year.
  • Workout on schedule. I worked out on Monday but I took off Tuesday through Thursday to try to rest and chase away the buggies.  No such luck so I said to heck with it and started my 10K training on Friday.  Now I’m laid up back on the couch.  I will eventually be back on schedule I promise.
  • Be social with friends at this conference. Mission accomplished.  We actually went out with two friends on Wednesday for dinner.  We spent time with friends catching up at all the meals that were scheduled and we chit-chatted during breaks.  It felt so great to be around people who truly understand the hectic nature of the job and can give some ideas on how to get around some of the crap of day-to-day.  I only had a few mini episodes of panic so the meds really did help me enjoy this week.
  • Stay on top of my blog. I got SMART and pre-blogged for one of the days since I knew I’d be busy and planned the topics for the other two days so that blogging would be easier.  I would have missed you all if I hadn’t posted this week…and you would have missed me too right? 🙂
  • Date Night! Success!  After our busy week we enjoyed a night at the mall for dinner and the movies.  Ruby Tuesday’s Salad Bar, window shopping and The Lovely Bones.  What more can a girl ask for?  We had a blast.

This Week’s Goals:

  • 3 workouts. I’ve got way more planned on my workout calendar but I want to get in 3 of them as long as my chest congestion goes away.  I want to stay on top of my 10K training so I have no excuse to not train properly.  Darn chest cough.
  • Brainstorm new breakfast ideas. I want to give myself a challenge to change-up breakfast since I’ve been eating the same thing for a while now and I’m getting pretty bored.  But first I want to be prepared so I’m brainstorming idea…got any?
  • Catch up on work. Being out of the office all week means I have a mile high stack of messages to return and a million mile long list of things To-Do.  I’m pre-planning my schedule on Google Calendar and using online-stopwatch to stay on track.  I don’t want super late nights so I need to stay on task.
  • Set up strength training. Okay I admit it I suck at being my own strength coach.  I was in great shape post PT for back surgery and when I was seeing my trainer.  Then I stopped seeing her when she had triplets (her choice not mine) and lost some strength due to lack of motivation to do strength training.  Boot camp Steve kicked my butt back into gear and I was super strong.  But I just don’t have it in me to strength train when I can do cardio and burn mucho calories.  Sure I know the logic behind it but I still don’t do it.  So I’m calling Boot camp Steve to see if he can train me or recommend a trainer.  I need someone to scold me if I don’t do my workouts and Hunni, Peanut and Leo aren’t enough.
  • Plan meals and stock pantry. Okay my canned goods store is severely depleted.  I have some diced tomatoes, black beans and a random jar of green salsa.  I’m creative but not that creative to make meals out of that.  So I need to plan meals using what little stuff I do have and make a trip to BJ’s and TJ’s to stock up on some stuff.  Until then my meals may be pretty boring.  Good thing Hunni doesn’t mind and just likes to eat.

Okay Peanut is glaring at me for typing so long so I’m going to take a belly rub break before working on updating some of the other pages.  Who can resist this face?

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  1. 25/01/2010 9:07 AM

    I hope the doctor’s appointment goes well!!! Hopefully they’ll get you feeling better!

    • 25/01/2010 4:22 PM

      Got an inhaler and need a humidifier…but I should be okay and stop barking soon.

  2. 25/01/2010 9:48 PM

    I too hope that you feel better soon. Those doggies are so cute it makes me want to get another one! Mine is too big to sit on the couch with me and make me feel better!

    • 25/01/2010 9:54 PM

      Awww thanks. I’ve got a plan from the doctor and my little guards to keep me from doing too much until I get better.

      Little dogs are great but you’ve got a houseful already.

  3. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now permalink
    26/01/2010 6:04 PM

    Awww, love the doggies. SO cute!!

  4. 28/01/2010 7:08 AM

    Awww…. Peanut is so cute. Who can resist taking a break with that cute thing staring you in the face.


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