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Stop the Cycle


Eat something bad for me…hurts my tummy…feel bad about it….drink a bottle of pepto…feel better…forget…. repeat.

Sound familiar to anyone.  That’s always been my mantra.  I feel so kindred with Mish from Eating Journey because as much as I know that some foods are bad for my digestion I still eat the occasionally.  And I’m not talking just the traditional “bad for you.”  I’m talking shards of glass in my stomach, uncomfortable bloating and Dr. Oz kind of problems you really don’t want to know about.  But it tastes so good going down.

We’ll I’ve had it.  I’ve had it with causing myself pain.  Sure I have a high tolerance for pain just like lots of other things but it’s getting to the point that even a bit of it causes the same amount of pain that the larger amounts did.  That’s a good thing I guess because it means that I’m resisting more and indulging less so my body is healing.  My friend Jeff coined the term Gluten Nazi for his wife Becki who recently was diagnosed with celiac so she had to radically change her diet.  Even though she can eat gluten it is painful so she needs to not do so and it is hard because according to her all the “gluten-fee” substitutes tastes like “saw dust.”  I hear ya Becki because sometimes I just want something sweet or caffeinated or with carbonation because it just tastes better.

But no more.  I need to take a cue from Jeff (you hear that Jeff I’m actually going to mimic you) and just eliminate it all out and not eat it at all.  Ala Mish and her Yeastball I need to stop it totally so that I get rid of the taste for it.  I made some huge steps this week at my conference.  The Salvation Army is a chocolate pusher at these conferences.  They order so much of it for Christmas and then every year at our January conference they try to force feed it too us.  I mean they stop just short of putting it in your mouth.  It is on all the tables for the meetings, it is your “thanks for showing ” gift and they offer to let you take home a bunch more.  I swear there wasn’t a fruit available except for what I bought.  But….. I resisted.  It sat right in front of Hunni and the people on the other side of me and I thought A LOT about “just one piece…just one piece…just one piece.”  But yet I resisted.  I remained strong and it drained me and some of my ability to concentrate at first (sorry Commissioner) but I did it.  Then eventually the urge went way.

And yesterday morning I was tired.  I mean drag me out of bed almost miss breakfast tired but I still had to go sit in the meeting because skipping at these things is not an option.  Russell was dragging too …and no it’s not what you think… and so I bought us some sodas for the caffeine.  It sat in front of me and I took a sip and just couldn’t do it.  I handed it over to Russell for him to have an extra jolt of caffeine and he gladly obliged in drinking it.  But this was huge.  Normally I would have chugged it for the caffeine jolt and dealt with the consequences later.  But just picturing the pain and the amount of pepto I would have to drink or gas-x I would have to take was not worth it.  So I went to the bath room and took a break to wake up.  And it WORKED!  Score one for doing the right thing.

I have so many stomach issues and things I’m not necessarily allergic to but my stomach doesn’t do well with…sugar, excess dairy, caffeine, carbonation, grease.  Sure it makes it interesting to eat but I’m still learning and I’m going to get better.  I mean I ordered the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner last night instead of the Sonora Chicken Pasta like I used to (see cheesy pasta gooeyness).  It’s got to count for something.

Do you have dietary restrictions?  How do you handle them?

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  1. 22/01/2010 12:04 PM

    Good for you for making the hard decision to really buckle down on your food allergies! I don’t have any problem foods, but my husband has severe IBS, and I HATE watching the pain that certain foods can cause him to have. He’s learned how to manage it pretty well in the past few years, but it has definitely been a learning journey.

    Best of luck, girl! I hope your tummy finds some happiness and peace 🙂

    • 22/01/2010 12:27 PM

      Yeah my IBS is a pain. Dealing with it is so hard because I’m still learning my limits.

      • 22/01/2010 8:31 PM

        So sorry you have to give things up, but I’m glad you’re paying attention to what your body is telling you.

        I don’t have any food allergies or special considerations. I was never a big soda drinker (maybe 1 every other week), but I’ve cut it out completely because I’m nursing and it gives Peanut bellyaches. I hate to see her in pain so I’ll take one for the team in that area.

      • 23/01/2010 2:09 AM

        I’m glad you are caring for Peanut and even if you like it.

  2. 22/01/2010 3:16 PM

    Ohhh yea, been there! I had tummy aches everyday and it was all diet related! Pepto was my love 🙂

    You will fix it and it feels so much better 🙂 Have you had your food allergies tested?

    Have a great day!

    • 23/01/2010 2:10 AM

      Never had my food allergies tested but I’m going to call my GI on monday.

  3. 22/01/2010 8:36 PM

    It is so hard. I think that thing for me is that my stomach can handle a wee bit of anything. However, since I’ve gotten into this deprivation mindset I plug along and thing ‘just a little bit wont hurt’ and then I binge.

    So … I am going to stay clear of what I can’t eat. If I eat a little bit of fruit..then it’s ok. I am not going to kick myself for it. However, I am reminded of a post that even I wrote about food fueling my body. If I don’t eat properly then I feel like sh– and can’t go running, etc.

    I want to live my life to the fullest and eating the right food to fuel my body is what hit me as the most important thing.

    Thank you for writing this.

  4. 23/01/2010 12:03 AM

    That’s awesome. Congrats on doing what’s best for your body, even though our minds go crazy! I have to avoid fast food, Chex Mix and Doritos.. i can’t stop myself and then I have horrible stomach cramps the next day.

  5. 26/01/2010 4:54 AM

    This is tough. But if you need to stay away from a kind of food, you just have to. Slowly wean yourself from the food that cause you pain. If you don’t, you’ll just be hurting yourself.


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