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Goals for the week


Normally I have some great wisdom at the top of my goals posts about something healthy related.  But this week I had some great experiences that deserve posts all of their own.  So here is my goals up date and I’ll post later about some fun healthy stuff.

Confession:  I had great plans for this week goals-wise and then the dreaded mucous set into my chest and I somehow swallowed a fire-breathing dragon.  So most of that got put to the way side.  But I did try.

Last Week’s Goals

  • Enjoy my birthday! Everything was set for me to enjoy my birthday.  A massage, a dinner at one of my favorite places and a vegan cupcake.  But the day conspired against me.  I had a hard day at the office, the massage was not something I enjoyed (it made my hips hurt like when I was injured) and I was tired.  But Hunni and I made the best of it and found an awesome new place for dinner and just hung out together.  Not a bad day in the end.
  • Read for 1 hour a day. I didn’t do it per day but I did spend a ton of time reading this week.  I had a hard time sleeping while staying at my friend’s house so I stayed up and read my book.  And when Kara sent me the Ali Vincent I devoured it since it was so interesting and now I’ve passed it on to another friend.  And Sunday night I locked my self in with an epsom salt bath and a book.  So I have re-found my love for books even if I don’t read everyday. 
  • Run 3x this week. I didn’t run once.  I had plans for training runs this week but I didn’t want to be the hacking smoker on the treadmill next to people at the gym.  So instead I just did little walking and weights instead.
  • Do yoga 2x. Blah blah blah….same as above.  I will get this eventually.
  • Do PT exercises 2x. Excuses excuses.  But I had intent and did a bit of them during my little bit of weights on Saturday.

Okay Hunni loves the color red but I hate it right at this moment.  Darn sickness.  And I hate being sick so it better leave soon or I’m going to be real upset.  You hear me cold!!!!  ***Think I scared it enough to leave?***


This Week’s Goals

  • Eat in moderation.  This week I have to go to a conference Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday where I have no control over the food.  Last year they had bowls of left over holiday M&M’s and caramel bells and any other holiday candy you could imagine on the tables.  And of course my hand just accidentally wandered into the bowl every session five minutes.  And I just laxed on all the normal ways I eat for my health and felt like a big piece of poop afterward.  This year I have some snacks planned to bring and my water bottles will be full.  I need to detox from sugar after the anxiety of the other day.
  • Workout on schedule.  I have workouts scheduled for this week that fit in with my crazy schedule marked on my Google Calendar.  And Hunni has agreed to a schedule with me so we can keep each other accountable.  He wants to get healthy again too.  I’m happy because he looks great in his jeans 🙂
  • Be social with friends at this conference.  My anxiety meds are really starting to help and I want to enjoy spending time with friends who are also going to be at this conference.  We are having dinner with one set of them on Wednesday (our only free dinner out) and talking during the breaks with others.  I want to enjoy the time even though the speaker at the conference is pretty boring.
  • Stay on top of my blog.  With all we have to do with this conference my blog posts may be shorter this week but I want to keep blogging because I love it.  Besides you’d miss me right ? 🙂
  • Date Night!  With all the craziness of this week Hunni and I really need a date night.  We have one planned and it is really important for us to get it in since craziness drives me nuts…if that means anything really.  We’re going to enjoy some us time after being so busy.

I’m hoping to see more green when I recap next Monday.  I hate failure so I’m going to bust my but to pull off a sweep this week.  So here goes nothing…

What are your goals for the week?

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  1. 19/01/2010 7:19 AM

    Good luck on achieving your goals! I just want to get through this week with enough sleep. O.o

  2. 19/01/2010 9:20 AM

    I just posted my goals for the week – I need an exercise video that doesn’t suck. Any ideas? haha


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