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Eeeek…things keep changing


You’d think with a blog titled It All Changes I would be cool with change and all that comes along with it.  Oh HECK NO!  I hate change.  Change strikes fear into me in the deepest part of my innards.  I like knowing what is going to happen and having a pattern and history.  Yet stupid me keeps putting myself in situations where changes are inevitable.  My job changes daily and the location of it changes every few years.  My health changes minute to minute depending on what I put in my mouth or how stressed I am.  That’s why I titled my blog It All Changes…because despite my best efforts to keep everything happy and even they all keep changing.

Well today I embraced the changes.  I figured if I couldn’t beat it I might as well go with it.  It caused a heck of a lot of anxiety today but I held strong and enjoyed the day.

Keeping in theme with my Yes Day I went to the gym right after Weight Watchers instead of putting it off.  I normally put it off all day Saturday and say I’ll get back to the gym on Sunday.  But after missing the gym most days this week with this cold thing I really wanted to break that habit.  So I did a 45 minute interval workout from Tina and then some lifting from Caitlin.  I was sweaty as usual after a great workout and had to take a shower at the gym since I was meeting a blog reader Sarah for lunch right after.  But since I don’t normally shower at the I forgot one very important thing… a bra!  Yep I had my nice change of clothes for lunch but forgot something to make sure my boobs weren’t hitting my knees.  I quickly threw on my extra sports bra and sped home to get a real one.

Notice the neon stripes.

Yeah the striped florescent yellow bra doesn’t really go.  It doesn’t go with anything I own in fact but was cheap and gets the job done.  Presto chango and I’m ready.

Looking normal again.

We were going to try out a new coffee shop since my favorite one has recently closed.  This was a huge shock since it was always packed and I always ate there for lunch in a hurry.  I made my way over to the new place only to see a sign on the door saying it didn’t open until 8PM.  I definitely was not waiting until 8 to eat lunch.  And I wasn’t smart enough exchange cell numbers before meeting up…this has been remedied now.  So I had Hunni hack my email and make a new meeting point in town with Sarah.  Our town is not that big at all so this was a piece of cake.

Now normally I’m anxious about meeting new people because I don’t make friends easily.  But Sarah was awesome and so was the food.

Yeah for new friends.

I wanted to take a pic of the awesome vegan wrap from the section on the menu that said “vegans are taking over everything.”  Mama Pea would be proud.  But I was enjoying myself far too much to snap any pictures.  Just take my word for it that the avocado wrap with a bit of vegan mayo, sprouts and onion was delicious.  And I even indulged in the Oatmeal Raisin cookie the size of my head because I love their cookies.  So chewy yet crunchy.  Worth every penny and bit of tummy ache later…I think.  Conversation was awesome and soon it was 2 hours later.  Sarah and I already have plans to hit the outlets that I’ve meant to go to for the entire time I’ve lived here.

The last anxiety inducing change of the day was going to a party with Hunni.  This was a party for people who help out at the local cable access station.  Hunni films our Sunday Services and then edits them to play a week behind.  So they invited us to their annual post-Christmas party.  I hate new social situations where I don’t know anyone.  I almost avoided the first fancy dinner at college for the exact same reason.  But Hunni convinced me to go and enjoy the night with him.  The only problem is when I’m anxious I eat and drink diet soda.  In any other situation I can get out of the anxiety by getting some physical activity but these party things I’m stuck.  So I started in on the appetizers.  And there was no healthy option AT ALL.  I tried to limit it to little bit of what they serving and prayed that dinner would be better.  I also ordered a diet coke since it was offered.  Bad idea!  My stomach started revolting immediately and yet I still had another since I was so anxious.

Hunni was good conversation but we were the youngest people there.  Finally dinner was served and I loaded up on veggies and just a small piece of chicken.

Needed the veggies after the grease.

The conversation became a bit easier at this time but my stomach was already hurting from the Diet Coke and greasy food.  We made a polite exit to hit up Wal-Mart for some last-minute church items and some Listerine Strip type Gas X.  My stomach is feeling a bit better now thanks to these magic little strips.

But even though my anxiety was a bit higher today with the changes I had a great day and survived.  Changes are scary but they can be pretty cool.  Getting exercise in that I needed, trying a new restaurant, meeting new friends and supporting Hunni were all worth it.

How do you handle change?

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  1. 17/01/2010 6:51 AM

    Change is hard for me…but it’s getting easier I guess.

    I used to cope with food…now I sit my my anxiety and just remember that it will all work out in the end.

    Having God in my life has helped heaps.

  2. 17/01/2010 9:57 AM

    lol– I’ve forgotten my bra at a gym trip before…good times, right?

    Looks like a great day! 🙂

  3. 17/01/2010 9:13 PM

    Change never fails to scare the hell outta me. I cry and become scared when I notice change coming.

  4. trumanmeg permalink
    30/01/2010 12:27 PM

    I try and plan for change as much as I can so I can be ready for it (ie kids, job and work type stuff) but other areas that are out of my control, I try and roll with it. I do admit though I don’t always handle change well and can get annoyed when in the midst of it but I try and take a deep breath, realize it isn’t the end of the world and accept whatever it is that is changing.


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