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Yes Day!


How many times a day do I tell myself no.  Far to many I think.  I tell myself no for foods that I would like to eat but will make me sick even if they taste good going down.  I tell myself no I can’t just lounge on the couch and play with Peanut’s ears while watching Criminal Minds when I really should hit the gym.  I tell myself no I can’t eat after a certain hour just because the “rules” say not eat 2 hours before bed and it makes my stomach hurt when I sleep.  I sound like I’m scolding myself half the time.  Good thing I don’t talk out loud to myself…well only occasionally… or I’d sound like a complete babbling idiot.  Heck I sound like babbling idiot half the time anyway so I shouldn’t mind.

But I was randomly looking around the children’s book section in TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and came across this…

Such a cute book.

A cute story.  The little boys’ parents normally tell him no but one day they tell him is YES DAY.  Any question he asks is answered with “YES!”  How cool for that little boy.  He asks for ice cream and his parent’s respond with an emphatic yes and a big triple scoop cone.  He asks to stay at the playground longer and they say yes and chase him back up the slide.  A day full of yes’ and a day full of fun.  Right before bed he asks if they can do this type of day again and his parent’s respond with a sweet kiss good night and a happy “Yes!”

How happy this kid must have been to have his every wish fulfilled during his Yes Day.  But even though he got all he wanted he still had some restraint.  He only asked for ice cream and not ice cream and popcorn and candy and soda and donuts and cheeseburgers until he got sick and had to spend the rest of his day on the couch.  He enjoyed his Yes Day and had a blast.  And because he was restrained his parents were confident enough to do it again.

For me as I lost the weight and got to Goal and eventually Lifetime Status I sometimes felt like I was always saying no.  But lately I’ve realized I’ve learned how to control my bad habits and learn to say yes more often.  I did that when we went out with Momma to see Wicked. And when Hunni and I enjoyed my birthday dinner.  And training for races post surgery.  And I even allowed myself to rest when I was injured even though my brain wanted to keep going for my race.

And to prove to myself that I say Yes more than No now I’m having a Yes Day all of my own today.  This was a lifestyle change for me not a deprivation diet that I would go off of eventually.  This is how I live now and it comes with some yes’ and some no’s.  Today will be about a lot of yes’.  I’m saying yes to going to the gym right after Weight Watchers even though I normally think I have to go home and be responsible to do work.  Work can get done after the gym is closed.  And I’m saying yes to a lunch meeting with a blog reader at a new place when I normally don’t eat out on my Weigh in Days.  But it doesn’t matter because I know how to make healthy choices and I’m super excited to meet a reader who lives nearby.  And I know that I’m going to say yes to enjoying reading a book and not worrying about stuff for work this week.  I have time to get what needs to get done and I don’t have to do everything.  I just finished reading Ali Vincent’s Believe it, Be It that Kara sent me and I loved it.  I forgot how much I love to read.

It’s my Yes Day and just like the little boy in the story I’ll be restrained so I can enjoy it and have another day full of yes’ and fun.

Let's Do it again!

What kinds of things do you do on your Yes Day?

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  1. 16/01/2010 4:05 AM

    I am saying yes to making cookies which I can eat and are healthy.
    I am saying yes to moderation
    I am saying YES to a hotty sweaty yoga session
    I am saying YES to moving w/ a friend
    I am saying YES to an early bed time.

    I am saying YES you are worth it.

    Love LOVE this post.

  2. 16/01/2010 9:42 PM

    You should rent Yes Man (a movie w/Jim Carrey). Fantastic. Right up your alley, I think.

  3. 17/01/2010 9:16 PM

    Life is too short to deny yourself the things are make you happy and are good for you.

    I say YES to therapy.
    I say YES to happiness.
    I say YES to loving myself.
    I say YES to health.


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