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It’s Contagious


While I am sick…what a lovely development on my birthday of all things and hence no trip to Whole Foods…but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about today.  I was reading in Runner’s World which is quickly becoming one of my favorite healthy magazines and there was an article by the Newbie Runner.  He was talking about how his son wanted to run because he saw his dad run and it was normal to do so.  What he had created as normal made his son want to do it.  I thought it was a great concept because I’ve seen it already in my own life.  I may be contagious now with strep (I think…thanks Patrick) but I want to be contagious in my healthy living.

I had two little mini me’s living with Hunni and I for the summer.  My two sweethearts of cousins wanted to do what I did all the time.  So when I got up to do yoga before work they were mimicking my every move.  Sure they fell over doing warrior three or laughed so hard they fell over when they first heard about downward dog but they loved it.  They loved it so much that they went to yoga once a week with me while they were here and were complete show offs.  Even the instructor was having fun teaching them things that only bendy flexy kids can do.  So jealous of their flexibilty.  But they did yoga and loved it because yoga was normal for me to do with them. 

Hunni is a guy and by that I mean he will eat anything you put in front of his face.  He just likes that he doesn’t have to cook it.  I could make peas 10 ways and he wouldn’t care.  But because he sees what I eat he likes to follow suit.  He asks for healthy snacks and is more likely to eat vegetables and good for you foods than he is to eat the junk he is used to.  Sure he still eats cupcakes and burgers and the like but he will also order a side salad instead of fries or have a double portion of broccoli instead of mashed potatoes.  He’s learning balance between the good, the bad and leaving out the ugly.  He even gets grossed out at the huge portions we see in books like Eat This Not That.  Not the same guy I started dating.  Oh and he likes to do physical activity just to be with me because he knows I enjoy it.  And turns out he enjoys things like that too.

Momma has been doing Weight Watchers for a bit and started it because she saw how well the program worked for me.  She is taking care of her own body and doing well at improving her health as she’s seen me do.  She loves to write and wrote her own experience that I said I’d love to use in this post with her permission…so in the words of Momma….

I never lost my baby weight after my second child.  That was OK.  Two children were a good excuse for a few extra pounds.  But, then I was hired in a food service department of a large company.  Unlimited access to food and limited physical activity meant, I gain 30 lb. in three months.  All sort of alarms went off in my head: I’ve got to stop, and I can’t afford to gain any more weight.  So, I stop all my extra food that at least ended my weight gain. Joining a gym and counting calories help with some small weight lost but then the yo-yo effect started.   I even tried a few products that promise to speed up my metabolism and or burn fat with little or no effect.  After ten years, I had only lost 10 lb.  So I was ready to give up losing weight, when my job begin a Weight Watcher at Work class.  I figured it couldn’t hurt to give to a try.  In fact, the whole kitchen staff joined Weight Watchers together.  With the health guidelines and keeping track of my points, I was able to have a consistent weight lost.  The kitchen staff started to offer egg whites, turkey bacon, and Weight Watcher veggie soup.  We figured out points for each other and anybody else in the building.  So in my first session, I lost 12.6 lb.  That means in a year, I will be at my goal weight and a lifetime member.


And I’ve had so many friends tell me that they are so inspired by seeing me make fitness and health a part of my life.  I guess my Facebook status is about how often I’m hitting the gym so my friends feel guilty and get in some activity themselves.  I’m just being me and everyone sees that it is part of life thus making it normal.  I’m not saying I’m the reason that they are doing it completely but I’m starting to think that I’ve had some influence because they tell me so.  If healthy living is normal we can all do it. 

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  1. 13/01/2010 8:01 AM

    I understand what you mean by this post. It was so normal for my cousin to eat vegetarian and all healthy so I was inspired to do the same. My boyfriend hears me talk about exercising all the time so now he wants to exercise everyday. Healthy living *can be* normal if we all do it.

  2. 13/01/2010 10:23 AM

    i agree – healthy can be “the norm”, but it will take a lot of work.

  3. 13/01/2010 10:29 AM

    that’s so awesome.

    • 14/01/2010 12:27 AM

      Sorry you’re sick! Bummer about Whole Foods- I know what you mean. I LOVE just spending forever in there, I even love the soap and cleaning supplies section! 🙂 I love my new smoothie sippy cup I bought there last week, I’ve used it every morning for breakfast since! My faves at the buffet are: sesame tofu and macro vegan hunan dumplings.

      • 14/01/2010 10:12 AM

        Don’t feel too bad I’m going early Friday Morning 🙂

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