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It Takes a LifeTime


Oh yeah baby I hit Weight Watchers LifeTime status on Saturday morning.  Big deal…HUGE!  I maintained my weight loss through the holidays and weighed in today at goal.  That meant from now on WW is FREEEEEEEEE!  Can you tell I’m excited?  Not one bit.  I just called Momma immediately, texted about 10 friends and called Hunni saying we should celebrate.  It is a huge deal to me to have mae this a real life change and not just yo-yoing up and down for years on end like I’ve done in the past.

And to celebrate Hunni decided to make me a little treat.

Hunni said it needed frosting to look right.

We bought that cupcake mold with some wedding money and haven’t really used it.  Hunni claimed they were to share with me in celebration but really he just had a sweet tooth and needed an excuse to make some treats.  Thanks Hunni but no thanks.

This is my idea of a treat.

Apple and Pear Microwave Crisp.

Yummy Sweet Coconut Spice!

I bought this new tea while out getting some groceries this morning after my meeting.  It was nice and sweet yet spicy.  My tea draw is starting to look sparse.  Okay not really but it seems like it when I’m used to having it stocked to the gills.  But Hunni still has me on a Tea Diet and I’m not allowed to buy any tea until I drink more.  So shhh don’t tell him.  And I really need to get chugging because I stopped by Teavana while at the mall tonight (more on that later) and tasted the most delicious Jasmine tea that I must have.  Some people buy clothes to celebrate…I buy tea 🙂

Now I’m not likely to reward myself with food but Hunni and I had a free afternoon since all our preparations are done for Sunday and I wanted to spend some time with some good friends from college.  So dinner was definitely in order.  We’ve been friends since Junior year at Houghton College and I’m so happy they live in the area.  Hunni and I don’t mind the hour drive to Albany since there is NOTHING around here.  Anything is an hour drive so why not enjoy the hour drive to Albany for shopping and friends.

Great dinner and conversation was had by all dinner.  The boys chatted about politics using lots of words I have no idea about but I was glad that Hunni had an outlet for his political mumbo jumbo that I never understand and zone out for.  And Beth and I just caught up on her adventures as a High School Band Teacher.  That woman has guts because I was the High School band kid who never practiced and thought she knew everything.  I love remembering the hilarity that is High School kids that I sometimes miss from teaching.  But not that much…I get enough of it with the teens in church and they drive me batty some days.

But going to the mall had a dual purpose.  It was a REAL mall.  You know what I mean by a real mall.  “Our” mall consists of Target, JC Penny, Sears and Macy’s.  There are a few stores in between but not a ton.  Enough to suffice for regular day-to-day things but if you are looking for something specific there isn’t much.  I miss the days of living near the Palisades Mall and I’ve been jealous Rosey Rebecca’s recaps of “my” mall this past week.  So anytime I really get out to the real mall I love to wander and shop.

I was on a mission.  Tina’s post about real winter boots reminded me of just how ugly mine are.  Just to refresh your memory they look like this.


Sure they are functional and warm but I bought them at the end of the season right before going to seminary knowing I’d stand freezing my hiney off for Kettles in front of places like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s.  They were never meant pretty…they are uniform appropriate and that’s about it.  But now I can wear boots for more fun occasions and I wanted to not look like I was ready for skiing but more like I was a snow bunny who hung out at the lodge drinking hot chocolate.  Although skiing does sound fun.

We searched through 3 shoe stores.  And by searched I mean I looked and hunted for the perfect pair and Hunni dragged along behind me sitting on the shoe benches begging me to pick a pair.  But most had this problem.

Major Gap-osis.

Yep I have huge calves.  They come from years of playing piccolo in high school marching band.  You might ask how that is…well as a piccolo you spend the majority of a 15 minute marching band show marching backwards on your toes.  Hence the huge hams on the back of my legs.  But they make me strong so I don’t mind them usually.  But they make shopping for boots and the skinny jeans to go with them difficult.  I might go on another hunt for the perfect jeans too.  Eventually I found these ones that actually zipped and made my feet so warm.

So sexy with my yoga pants.

And they are cute!  Score one for the big calved girls.

The rest of our fun Hunni Day was spent with Hunni making dumb jokes about shopping in Dick’s Sporting Goods…Boys are all 12 years old.  We also stopped in Borders and picked up a few books to go along for one of my new goals for next week and just enjoying being out-of-town for a few hours.  Now off to finish watching the Eagles lose their Play off game.

Snuggle football buddies.

Intently watching the Eagles lose.

Sorry Hunni 😦  At least the Jets won for Chelle’s sake and for Dan’s who missed the game to come out for dinner.  Thank God or Beth and I would have been in trouble.

How do you like to celebrate big accomplishments?

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  1. 10/01/2010 5:30 AM

    that is so awesome. congrats.

  2. 10/01/2010 10:00 PM

    For great accomplishments, I shriek with joy. Then go for a wonderful healthy meal and a walk around the park. Or swimming!!! Congrats!

  3. 10/01/2010 11:11 PM

    That’s HUGE! Congrats! Ur such an inspiration to me since I’m just STARTING my journey. haha, I have always had the same problem with shopping for boots.

  4. Sarah permalink
    11/01/2010 1:08 PM

    Ugh, boots are horrible to shop for! I found a website online ( – tacky, I know!) that sells wide calf CUTE boots and I have a pair on the way…I’ll let you know how they fit!

    – Sarah

    • 11/01/2010 11:35 PM

      That’s always the hardest part. I love my calves for heel but boots are my nemesis.


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