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Always Connected + Goals


Mish over at Eating Journey is completely disconnecting for the next few days while on a trip with some friends.  I had a panic attack just thinking about it.  For me I’m so attached to the internet and my computer for work and for fun.  It is my lifeline to the outside world when I feel trapped and secluded.  I’ve unplugged for a day or two before but panicked at first when I felt like I was missing out.  Eventually I got over it and enjoyed myself but I felt so disconnected while trying to catch up later.

For me most of my job is done on the internet and through email so I couldn’t disconnect for work if I wanted to.  I spend most of the time in my office on the internet (and listening to Pandora with a few twitter and blog breaks 🙂 ).  Also for Weight Watchers I count all my points with E-tools and keep connected to my WW friends on the message boards.  I love looking up new recipes on-line as well as in E-tools.  I also keep my calendar online for all my bills, appointments, workouts and even Hunni’s schedule.  And I like looking up new workouts or ways to adapt my old workouts on-line.  It’s rare that I’m not checking in on my computer to see what I might have missed.

But I can see value in disconnecting.  I actually kind of envy MizFit and her ability to disconnect most weekends.  I think I’ve become to dependent on the internet to keep me in the loop.  I’m hoping to disconnect completely for at least 1 hour a night this week that isn’t already occupied with work or working out.  I think it will help me to focus on other stuff besides just obsessively checking to see who updated Twitter or Facebook.  So here’s hoping that I can relax a bit this week even though I’m no longer on vacation. 


Do you ever unplugg for a day or a few hours?


Last Week’s Goals:

  • Only do necessary work tasks this week.  I did practically no work this week and it felt great.  I did answer some emails one day and make some bank deposits.  But other than that I was a vacation machine.


  • Plan out workouts for January.  Done!  I planned a workout time for everyday knowing full well that I will have to skip some.  But I think have a day planned even if I have to miss a few is better than planning on a day off and then needing to take a different day off.  And I’m getting back to running so I can start training for the Hartford Race…found out it’s a 1/4 marathon and not a true 10K (its longer).


  • Do strength training 2 days this week.  I did the Wii Active once this week and then Sunday afternoon got in some old PT exercises and real lifting after running.  I was sick most of the week so I didn’t get to the gym as often as I wanted but I made sure that I got in a workout on Sunday. 


  • Plan budget for January.  It’s pretty rough but I have the categories planned out that need to be paid and from what check.  And I have savings set aside for the month.  The rest is guesstimate but should work out good.  Getting the hang of this budgeting thing again.


  • Enjoy the night out with my Momma and Hunni.  I enjoyed the day thoroughly.  Read the post about it here.


This Week’s Goals:

  • Unplug each night for one hour.  I really want to use this time to play a game with Hunni or just relax in a bath or with a book.  I often say I don’t have time to read because I’m so connected.  This hour should reignite my passion for reading … I hope.


  • Eat all meals at home.  We have no reason to eat out this week.  I have meals planned out for us so that we can eat at home each night. I’m excited to get back to cooking with our new regular schedule. 


  • 30 minute cleaning session each night.  I miss my online-stopwatch timing.  And we have no excuse to not finish our organization/cleaning projects.  I’m tired of my house looking like a bomb went off.


  • Make appointments.   I have to make doctor’s, vet , car service and a few other appointments.  We’ve been putting them off during kettles and now we need to get them all scheduled and soon.


  • Gym 4 days this week.  I have a workout scheduled for almost everyday this week.  I just want to get in at least 4 of them.  I’m hoping to get in running and at least 2x of strength. 


  • Start on wedding quilts.  So my two good friends got married this summer and I’m nowhere near finishing the quilts I promised them.  I need to get cracking on this.  They are cut out but I need to start sewing like a maniac again.  Good thing I have Monday and Tuesday nights free for now.

So there are the goals for this week.  They seem doable and yet challenging.  We’ll see.

What are planning to do this week?

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  1. 04/01/2010 9:36 PM

    I do try and disconnect for most of the weekends. I tend to put up a “personal” post on Saturdays and then check in with other people once or twice over the weekends. I guess as I’m typing this that I’m really not completely disconnecting am I!?

    It would be hard for you to disconnect since most of your work is on the computer.

    My plans for this week are just to get back into the school routine with the kids. My oldest started back to college and the youngest have their school work as well – that will keep me busy!

  2. 04/01/2010 10:14 PM

    When it comes to working, I disconnect on the weekends. But with blogging, I can’t disconnect. Like you, it keeps me in the loop. Makes me feel like I’m part of something. Well, this is until I find some group in my city that I will actually like joining.

    • 05/01/2010 1:39 AM

      I would love to disconnect at night or on weekends but my work has to get done no matter when or what. I agree about the blogging. I might not need it so much if I had a local community of friends.

  3. 02/02/2010 3:14 PM

    Saw your blog bookmarked on Digg.I love your site and marketing strategy.


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