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Today was totally WICKED…in more ways than one.  I went to my Weight Watchers meeting this morning as I promised on Twitter and actually was down 0.2 pounds despite my thoughts to the contrary.  Goes to show me that my idea on weighing in no matter what really are good.  And the meeting was great about setting goals.  Perfect for the start of the year and reminded me of my goals is set for 2010.  I also set goals for more long-term for the Day Zero Project that you can see here or at the tab at the top of the page.  I had fun picking them out and got one done today but more about that later.

Today was a kind of birthday day in the It All Changes household.  Momma’s birthday is the day after Christmas and mine is 12 January so we decided to celebrate them together today.  She went with me to my WW meeting and then we planned for our big present to each other… to see WICKED!

I love the playbill art!

Momma and I love theater and got all dressed up.  She went shopping in my closest for something to wear since she forgot a second outfit (she has one for church for Sunday).

We match in green 🙂

Hunni came along for the trip to enjoy the adventure.  He and Momma are like two peas in a pod.  It’s like they have the same personality….I married my mother 🙂

Honestly we didn't all wear green to match...just looks like it.

The show was being held at Proctor’s Theatre in Schenectady, New York.  My internship was just up the street from the theater but I had never been inside.  Such a pity but I was able to rectify that today with a beautiful trip for an awesome show.  I took some great pics of the interior that was still decorated for the holidays.

I looked like an idiot touching the fabric walls and taking pictures of the chandeliers and moldings but I was mesmerized by the beauty.  I wish I had taken more but Hunni and I plan on going back for another show in the spring and I’ll get their earlier to take more.

Our tickets were for the very last row center balcony but we had a great view.

I got a really fuzzy pic of the stage set up before the show began.  But you know the rules of no photography or video during live performances.

The map was all twinkly and the dragon breathed smoke.

Sad for you all because the show was AMAZING!  I had been listening to the sound track on Pandora for all of Christmas on my show tunes channel and it was nice to put the words and music to the scenes.  I was laughing so hard.  It was really funny to Hunni and I especially because Glinda in all her peppy-ness is so much like our friend Laura from Seminary.  So much so its scary and I think she is a transplant from Oz.  I told Hunni I need to buy the sound track now and download it to my iPod for running.  Yeah I’m a geek and run to show tunes more than anything.  They make me happy and run more while I sing them.

After dinner we tried to go over to PF Changs at Colonie Center for dinner.  Momma wanted to try it and we love their food so I had no problem.  We almost got blown away by the wind that we think was the leftover twister from Oz.  I thought for sure we were going to blow away into Munchkinland.  But we made it to PF Changs only to figure out we should have made a reservation because there was a 75 minute wait and it was C-R-O-W-D-E-D.  I was going to pass out if we waited that long from claustrophobia and hunger.  We checked at Cheesecake Factory and were met with the same fate.  Instead of trying the other restaurants on Wolf Road we decided to head towards home and eat at Carrabbas Italian Grill.  It was a special occasion after all and their food is great.

The wait was going to be 45 minutes there but by that time we didn’t care and just wanted to eat.  They opened up 3 seats at the pasta bar where we could watch the cooks and we quickly snapped them up.  It was actually so much fun to see them in action as they made our food.  I decided that since we were celebrating and it was Momma’s last night here for this trip (she leaves Sunday after lunch) we were throw points to the wind and accomplish task 84 from my 101 things in 1001 days list…nothing like getting jump on it.  I normally am very cautious when eating out and generally avoid pasta, appetizers, dessert and stick ot a nice salad and some soup or grilled fish at Italian Restaurants.  But not tonight.  Oh no….I indulged in all of the above and didn’t count the points until I got home.  I enjoyed every little bite.  No pictures since I was enjoying myself too much to dig out my camera to take pictures of the deliciousness.  But picture if you will the antipasti sampler with fried calamari, fried mozzarella, and brushetta (I ate most of the calamari), a sausage and lentil soup with a hint of spice I hope to recreate soon in a healthier fashion, some bread with dipping olive oil, and ricotta mezzalunas in a tomato cream sauce.  And to top it all off I had a bite of Hunni’s Dessert Rosa which is sponge cake with dessert creme and fresh strawberries and bananas.  It’s healthy because there is fruit right?  Who cares… it was delicious and I only had a bite because I was full from the rest of the meal already.  My tummy is still full and it is almost midnight.  I added the points up when I got home and was surprised when I got home that I didn’t go over by as much as I thought I would by indulging that much.  And it was fun.  One task down only 100 to go.

And to make the evening even better our waiter was absolutely fabulous.  He made us feel like we were his only customers even though the place was packed to the gills.  I never had to ask for a refill on our drinks because he was one step ahead.  He checked in on us several times and was always polite when reaching across to set down plates or clear them.  And the best move he made that earned him the extra bit of his tip was that he brought 3 spoons “just in case [Hunni] wants to share” the dessert we ordered for him.  Don’t mind if I do 🙂  He earned every penny of the most expensive meal I’ve eaten in years.  But it was worth it for a celebration.

Tomorrow I’ll be calling the manager to let him know what an awesome job our waiter Eric did and how pleasant the kitchen staff was as we watched them cook from the counter.  I’ve seen TOP CHEF so I was expecting them to be kind of crude being as they are working in a blazing hot kitchen at lightning speed but they worked efficiently as a team and were so much fun to watch as they cranked out all the food.  I think it’s important to praise people for a good job just as much as criticisms for a bad job.

So what did I learn today…

  • Weighing in is a surprise even if I think I “know” how I did.  A nice starting point for this week to move forward.
  • I missed theater and I’m hoping to make it more of a regular occurence since we have a good one so close and tickets are pretty decently priced (South Pacific looks good for April and Bill Cosby in March).
  • Even when I eat out and “go wild” I still don’t do so bad.  I guess I’ve made some great new habits that carry out even when I throw caution to the wind.
  • Great service makes things even better and people should be praised for that.  I know I like to be praised for it.

I’m going to miss Momma when she leaves but I had a blast having her hear these past few days.  She really is one of my best friends and I’m glad we got to celebrate together as a family because she and Hunni are hilarious together.  Yeah for good Mother-in-law relationships…and I love Hunni’s mom too.  She’s coming in April for Hunni’s Birthday 🙂

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  1. 03/01/2010 10:40 AM

    I love WICKED!!! Defying Gravity is on my mp3 player 3 times!!! Comes in handy on a run when I don’t think I can go anymore!

    Congrats on your loss this week! It all adds up!

    • 03/01/2010 11:17 AM

      Thanks! I think Defying Gravity will be my new power song for my Nike +.

  2. 03/01/2010 8:54 PM

    That sounds like such a wonderful, wonderful evening. I would love to see Wicked! We had a Carraba’s in Florida where we used to live, but none here. I loved the Chicken Marsala!

    I’m glad you stopped by and commented on my blog – it’s great to be able to read your blog!

    Have a happy birthday week!

    • 04/01/2010 3:27 PM

      Thanks for stopping by Diane. I love your blog. Chicken Marsala is usually my favorite italian dish but I wanted a change.

  3. 03/01/2010 10:14 PM

    I love Wicked! I wish I could have seen their show. Did I say I love Wicked? Teehee. I do. I do.

  4. 03/01/2010 10:42 PM

    Glad you had such a great time today, and happy early birthday! 🙂 Congrats on the WI too!

    E-mail me your address and I’ll mail you Ali’s book this week!


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