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From 2009 to 2010


I’m loving reading all the things the lovely bloggers have learned in 2009 and what they are looking to do in 2010.  I’ve been planning this post since I started blogging.  It is actually at the top of my Google Task List for my blog.  I have learned so much this year and I’m really happy to share it.  And I’m looking to grow even more in the next year.  So onto the lists.

Top 9 things I learned in 2009:

  1. I am a lot stronger than I thought.  I went through some big challenges this year.  Many of them I thought would break me.  But I persevered and got through it by God’s grace.  I’ve always heard and preached the idea that God will never give us more than we can handle and I know after this year that this is true.  So many times I wished that God didn’t trust me so much but all the things I’ve gone through have made me stronger and strengthened my faith.

  2. My happy weight is MY happy weight.  For so long I lived and thought that I had to hit a magic number set for me by the BMI index or Weight Watchers or someone outside of me.  Then I realized after talking to some friends and my doctor that my body was happy at a different point and so was I.  So I set a higher goal weight for myself, hit it and am so much happier.  I feel confident I can maintain this instead of pushing myself so hard to hit some magic number I may never see on the scale.  It’s my body darn it and I’m going to live in it so I need to be happy with it…And I am!

  3. Blogging is FUN!  I started this blog back in April as a challenge from some friends.  I tried to model it after the blogs I was reading and quickly realized food blogging just wasn’t for me.  I eat the same things and I don’t have the patience to take several shots to get the right picture for the blog and then have my food be cold.  Besides I kept forgetting when I was trying to take pics of it all.  Bad food blogger.  But I loved the medium of blogging and once I started just blogging about healthy living in July I loved it.  I enjoy sharing with the few of you who read and I honestly would do it even if you didn’t read (but please don’t stop 😀 ).  I enjoy thinking of new topics to blog about and sharing these things with you.

  4. Making new healthy creations keeps me eating healthy.  I enjoy looking up new recipes and trying them out to keep me entertained with food.  I used to get so bored with the same combinations and would go off track and eat a bunch of crap.  But now that I make healthy treats I’m less likely to go off the deep end.  Not saying I’m perfect and don’t binge on chocolate or treats but I do it a lot less frequently.

  5. No matter how much people say “Everything in moderation.” there is no moderation for some things with me.  I love sugar and caffeine but it doesn’t love me.  I have a big addiction to sugar, diet coke, and caffeine.  But when I indulge in these things my body lets me know that it is not happy.  My insides hurt and I get sick.  As much as I would love to be able to enjoy a piece of chocolate a day or a nice diet coke I know that it won’t feel good later in the day.  So I have to say “Just because things are permissable doesn’t mean they are good for me.”  Hard to admit after years of “dieting” the old way but I feel so much better when I avoid my nemeses of the food kinds.

  6. Exercise is good but don’t over do it.  Remember when I injured my hip.  Yep I did it while running.  I was being healthy and training for a race that I was “allowed” to train for.  But I got stupid and went too far too fast and got hurt.  Instead now that I’m following orders of doctors and my Physical Therapist to help heal my body and move forward with my health.  To be fit I don’t have to beat up my body.

  7. I need contact with family and friends to be happy.  For the longest time I thought I was okay with being a loner since I had done it for so long.  But this past year I realized I need to reach out family and friends more often.  I love Hunni but just me and him (and the puppers) some days drives me insane.  So this year I reached out and met some friends who live “close” by and have spent some more time with them.  It gets me out of the house and area where I’m just “Lt. Cynthia” instead of Cynthia.  I like being me and thank you to all you wonderful friends who allow me to be me without the “LT” attached to my persona.

  8. I love my job…ups and downs.  Some days I just want to pull out my hair and some days I want to hug everyone.  And there are some days in between that I don’t feel either extreme.  But I love my job and would do it even if they didn’t pay me.  But shhhh don’t tell my boss.  I’m blessed that GOD has called me into His service and that He trusts me with the lives of our congregation.  I’m so happy to be in this ministry and see others grow.  I wouldn’t change my career for the world.

  9. I’m not the same person I was a year ago.  A year ago I was still recovering from surgery, unhappy with my weight, struggling to do my job some days (due to pain and frustration), and annoyed that I could no longer run like I had loved.  I just wasn’t always a happy person.  But as this year comes to a close I am fully recovered from surgery to the point that most people don’t realize I’ve had major surgery a little over a year ago.  I’ve hit my happy weight and maintained it even through the craziness of Christmas in The Salvation Army.  I love my job and all the joy it brings to my life.  And I can run races and plan to run many more.  I’m happy even with some little ups and downs.  I love my life and who I am.  I’m constantly growing and changing and I am almost unrecognizable compared to the Cynthia of 2008. 


10 Things I Hope to Accomplish in 2010:

  1. Run a 10K and a Half-Marathon.  I talk about this a ton but I’m super excited about both races.  They are goals in themselves and stepping-stones to my ultimate fitness goal of a full Marathon I hope to one day achieve.  I will get them done but train properly so I don’t end up with more injuries.

  2. Practice Yoga more regularly.  I’m not going to put a certain number of times a day goal for this because I know some weeks are busier than others and I’ll feel like I let myself down if I don’t get it in.  Instead I’m just looking to be more flexy-bendy by getting yoga in each week.  Some weeks that will mean once and some that will mean 7.  Just do it Cynthia!

  3. Date nights!  As I said in my post yesterday Hunni and I are looking for more date nights.  We see each other all the time so you think we would be sick of each other.  But in fact we love actual date nights and getting away from the computer out of the house together.  We are looking at free/cheap things to do as well as some big date nights too.  But we want to get in at least 3 a month so that we can just enjoy our marriage and each other.

  4. Make some good sugar-free desserts!  I think why I give in to bingeing on sugar and the lovely stomach aches that follow are because I miss dessert at times.  I miss that I used to eat them on a regular basis and share them with friends and family.  I don’t want to turn into the splenda baker because that stuff does a number on my insides too.  But I want to find some kinder gentler dessert options that don’t make me feel like I’m missing out.

  5. Allow myself some Pamper Me time.  I enjoy haircuts…and pedicures… and manicures (even though I can’t wear color)… and shopping… and time with my girlfriends.  But I often feel guilty spending money on just me.  Instead of feeling guilty Hunni and I have budgeted Crazy Money for both of us to do what we want each month.  It may only be a few bucks here or there but they will add up to less guilt on my part.

  6. Make some good couple friends.  For so long I hung out with my friends and Hunni…well he hangs out at home as a hobbit.  But this year we are committing to each other to hang out with some couples.  My two best girlfriends from college and their significant others live only an hour away so we are going to start hanging out with them more.  And we hope to make some other closer friends to spend time with and get out of the house more.  We’re being grown ups!  🙂

  7. Take more pictures.  I have a camera and know how to use it but I often just forget to take pictures.  Then I feel guilty that I don’t have pictures for memories later.  This year I really want to take more pictures to have memories especially since we won’t always be in North Adams, childless, young…etc.  I want to remember the things we are doing now so that we can one day share them with our children and grand children.  I just need to remember how happy I am when I look back at some college fun pics and how sad I am I don’t have pics of other stuff to push me in this.

  8. Eat more local and eco-friendly.  I admit that I am not always the most eco-friendly when it comes to when and where I purchase my food.  I’ve always just bought what I liked and not thought about the environment.  But this year and being introduced to the idea of locavores, ethical eating, and the movie Food Inc. have really had a change in my mind.  I’m not financially able to shop only at a Whole Foods Paycheck, farmer’s markets, or only organic but I can make more effort to buy at these places and these types of foods when I’m able.  And Hunni and I have already gone to less meat in our diets and only organic when we do.  Voting with our purchases is a big deal to me and I’m going to make the effort to do so when at all possible.

  9. Live within our budget.  We subscribe to Mvelopes and don’t always use it.  Duh Cynthia…all your friends who use it right love it.  I need to make sure that I practice using it and set a budget that we can live in.  I know things come up and I know there is a learning curve but I feel more financially secure when I live within a budget than when I spend willy nilly and pray really hard.  I’m going to work on this week’s goal to set up our budget for January and then spend January thinking about the things we need to budget for the rest of the year.  I’m not going to be all budget-nazi and not allow for wiggle room and fun money.  But I am going to make sure the bills are set aside first before those things happen.  I want to end 2010 with more in savings than we have now.

  10. Eat out less.  After this past month of eating out so often I’m sick of it.  Not so sick of it that I’ll never do it again but I don’t want to do it as often this year.  So often we have to eat out for work stuff that I really only want to eat out for personal fun no more than 2 times a month.  This will be more budget friendly too since we used to see date night=eat out.  Now that we are finding free or cheap other things to do we can eat in more and our pockets will be fuller.

So that is the year in review for me and the year ahead.  I’m actually pretty excited and confident I can do this.  I want 2010 to be better than 2009 was so here goes nothing.  Have a great and safe New Year’s Eve and a wonderful new year.


What is the highlight of your 2009?  What are your goals for 2010?

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  1. 31/12/2009 9:15 AM

    Lots of thought went into this post. I really agree with #5 in the 2010 list. That is important and eating right. Stay awake from sodas but especially diet ones!

    Nice blog and even though you aren’t cut out for the food blogging, I like this one and will be back often to hear and read more.

    I’m a first time visitor. I was searching WordPress for ‘new years eve” posts and that’s how I got here. Happy New Year!

    • 31/12/2009 11:19 PM

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you stop by more. I love writing it!

  2. karathon permalink
    31/12/2009 2:04 PM

    The highlight (really, the only highlight) of my 2009 was getting a new job — the rest of the year was pretty “meh” for me. Kudos to you for having SUCH a productive year and learning so much! 🙂

    I just made a pretty exhaustive resolution list on my blog — we’ll see how well I do! Here’s hoping that 2010 is an awesome year for both of us!

    • 31/12/2009 11:18 PM

      I saw your list. It looks great Kara. Most of my happy things are at the end of the year but they were great!

  3. 31/12/2009 5:02 PM

    wow thats so cool that you realized your happy weight yourself and not according to a BMI indicator! go you 🙂

    good luck with your resolutions this year! can’t wait to hear about a 10 k!

  4. 31/12/2009 11:37 PM

    I agree with you I like eating out- but I have done so much of it i am sick of it too!
    Have an amazing 2010!

    • 01/01/2010 12:16 AM

      Yep I’m looking forward to some good home cooked meals! Have a good 2010!

  5. 01/01/2010 1:02 AM

    We have a similar list of things to accomplish for 2010. I basically want to embrace my life and stop denying myself the pleasures of healthy living.

    Good luck this new year!

  6. licoriceroot permalink
    17/01/2010 12:58 AM

    I just stopped to look around and ended up reading alot! I love your blog! What I started with was the one about the bipolar patient, then I read more. You give me inspiration – my daughter is diagnosed as early oonset bp. I worry about her future, but you seem to be fine, living life to the fullest. It’s really inspirational! Keep up the awesome blog!

    • 17/01/2010 2:45 PM

      I’m glad that my post helped. It really is doable to live life and be bipolar.


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