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Happy Boxing Day (to me)!


I’m not Canadian or British or any of those other wonderful cultures that celebrate Boxing Day but I love the idea.  I’m not really one for all the hub-bub of shopping on Black Friday or anytime after before Christmas arrives.  But the day after Christmas I’m all for it.  I went grocery shopping and got the food we had been sorely lacking during the month of December.  I intended on heading out to the sales but wanted to give it another day for the craziness to die down and rest a bit more after the crazy week.

So Sunday became my Boxing Day.  After church on Sunday Hunni wasn’t feeling well but insisted I go out on my own and enjoy myself since he couldn’t go with me.  I kind of debated with him at first since it was supposed to be an “us” day but then decided to go anyway.  I had to go returning first because Hunni originally purchased these for me…

Sock monkey footies

before he found these ones on line.

Perfect Bunny Fit!

Silly guy even bought them in a size XL because it was the only one they had left and he wanted to make me happy.  They were swimming on me and we had a good laugh but forgot the pics.  He even tried them on and they almost fit him.  We are definitely not the same size so we were giggling at the thought sitting on the couch in our respective footie PJ’s.

I also had to return some presents we bought for people who stopped coming to church before our party.  I used to get so anxious to return things thinking people were judging me at my old size so being able to do this was awesome to see how far I’d come.

I got some great deals on shoes, a camera case, some leftover Christmas stuff like cocoa and an ornament (we normally buy one a year to remind us of the year).  I even got some stuff for working out like a new shirt and some head bands.  Guess why I need new head bands….

Yep I got my haircut and it has BANGS.  I haven’t had real bangs in a long time.  Now I actually have to pull them back when I workout…hence the head bands.

And I can still pull it back.

Man it’s hard to choose a haircut.  For years I had short hair and even a pixie cut at times.  So my mind naturally gravitates to those styles in books and magazines.  They have some really strange styles out there that I could never pull off and ones I swear they got straight out of my 8th grade year book.  But I really wanted to keep it longer and so did Hunni since he likes to play with it.  I finally decided on one I thought would work and prayed I wouldn’t regret the decision.

The stylist loved the cut and thought it would look good.  She only had to cut off an inch of dead growth which made me happy.  She was actually the stylist who did my last cut 15 months ago!!! She remembered me telling her my story since getting a haircut was the first thing I did when I was allowed to get out of my apartment post surgery last year.  I loved the change and feeling like I had a ‘do instead of just an overgrown mop on my head.  Bonus she showed me an easy way to style it both curly and straight.  Who knew I had curly hair all those years I was cutting it off.

And since I had new hair I wanted some new clothes.  So I stopped into Old Navy and picked out a few outfits.  This one was my favorite.

I love the yellow.

For me it was a big deal to do this to take care of myself.  I tend to put others before me all the time.  I don’t buy a lot of nice things for me with the exception of some specialty foods and workout stuff.  I always give the excuses that I have to eat and workout in order to stay healthy and do my job.  But I really make excuses as to why I don’ t need nice clothes or a good haircut or anything just for me.

No more!  I got some great deals on clothes (6 items for $30 on super-duper clearance), a haircut and made my next appointment for a trim and to get some highlights in February and took the day just for me while Hunni rested.  And it was nice to realize I deserve it.  I work hard and do so much (and that’s not tooting my own horn) that I deserve to take care of myself.  I had to give myself the same pep talk about joining a gym and buying healthy food so that I could get healthy.  And now that I’m at a healthy weight I have to allow myself to continue to eat healthy and exercise to maintain but allow myself some pampering (within budget of course) to enjoy the new life I have.

How about you…do you take time to pamper yourself in any way?

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  1. 29/12/2009 1:48 AM

    You’re hair looks great. It really suits you. I love Old Navy. The best part of going home is getting clothes in the off season at Old Navy…ie. go in winter all summer clothes are SUPER cheap. Then I go back to oz and it’s summer. HA HA HA. I have two dresses that were 5.00/each. Perfect.

    • 29/12/2009 1:50 AM

      Thanks! I love getting late season buys and saving them now that I’m staying the same size.

  2. 29/12/2009 1:28 PM

    Ooooh Cynthia, I LOVE your haircut. It really, really suits you. And you are looking positively tiny my dear 🙂

  3. 29/12/2009 10:40 PM

    It’s good that you remembered to pamper yourself. Like you, getting a haircut does wonders for my disposition. I feel more free or something after a good haircut.


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