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Christmas Recap


Kind of funny to be posting a Christmas Recap 2 days before Christmas.  But for me Christmas is pretty much over.  Except for standing at a Kettle on Christmas Eve singing Christmas Carols…I’M DONE!!!!  This Christmas elf is happy that it all went well and that I survived it.

Hunni made me wear the hat.

Let’s just say it looked like this when we started…

And ended up looking like this when we were done preparing.

Sure it looked like we were getting ready to go to the dump but there were toys in those bags and boxes….Lots of toy.  So many toys that I never want to see toys ever again.

We had over 20 bikes donated as well as more toys than I could imagine.  We even were able to donate some of those toys to another organization who were short toys this season.

Thank God we only had to put together 2 of them or some kids would have gotten those boxes with bikes.  And the parents would have had the fun experience that my dad did of putting together a bike the night before Christmas and getting caught by kids looking for Santa. 🙂

In addition to over 100 bags of toys to give out we had more than 150 bags of food to give out to the families and some families without kids.

Just some of them.

I am so thankful for 18 crazy little Girl Scouts who helped me put them all together.  They gave me some energy for the 45 minutes they were there and a headache for the hour after they left.  But they were so cute and helpful.  And I heard a little girl say they better be getting a badge for this.  😀

It took all day Monday to hand out the toys and food but by 3PM our building looked like this.

After lots of sweeping and box dismantling it looked more like this…

Just one bag left for a family who didn't show.

Throughout the day I needed energy but didn’t want to guzzle a pot of coffee.  So instead I had a little fudge and a few cookies that my Mother-in-law sent to Hunni and I for Christmas.  Okay so I had more like 5 pieces of fudge and a few too many cookies.  Hunni actually had to hide them from me so I wouldn’t eat any more.

Guess he didn't hide them too well. 🙂

Don’t worry I asked him to do so because my insides hurt but I couldn’t stop.

Let’s just say I’m glad it’s done and I still have my head.  And now I have 10 months to prepare myself to do it again.  I’ve learned a lot doing it this year to improve for next year and I’m excited to do better for each year to come.  This was the biggest thing I’ve ever put together and couldn’t have done it without my wonderful volunteers who refused to let me take a pic of them so I hope they are reading this and know how much I appreciate them.

Now to sit back and relax and just count kettles and help stand a bit.  And looking forward to that sleep.  For now I’m enjoying this.

While I count kettles

What is the biggest thing you have to do during the holidays?

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  1. 23/12/2009 2:27 AM

    It was something my family calls Christmas on the Streets. It’s basically giving out packed food for the homeless people in our city. We also give some food to the guards on duty on Christmas. I don’t think we’ll be doing it this year though. Which is kinda sad.


    • 23/12/2009 11:15 AM

      that sounds like a great tradition though. I know that the people appreciated it.


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