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This week in goals


Quick post for you all about my goals this week.  I had a great day today just relaxing and get lots of stuff done so I’m excited.  I’m so ready for tomorrow and then it will be almost over.  My major part of my job is over tomorrow and I’ll post tomorrow night all the pics I’ve taken of the process….okay there aren’t that many pics but there are enough to give you an idea.  And then it will be almost back to normal since I’ll be able to hit the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday after sleeping in both days!  I’m exited for Christmas Eve too.  I’m just excited that I have accomplished so much in these last two weeks and I’ve survived.

And on the accomplishment note let’s get to the goals I set last week and my new goals for the week.

Last Week’s Goals:

  • DATE NIGHT!!!! My post yesterday was all about our date night.  We enjoyed some dorky us fun with take away and trival pursuit.  Who cares if it sounds boring to some…we had a BLAST! 

  • Plan workouts for the rest of December.  Okay I did this…really I did.  It’s on my google calendar.  But I think I was a bit ambitious.  This past week my only workouts were toting, moving and lifting food and toys.  But it was a workout believe you me.  I was sore and sweaty so I think this was an accomplishment.  And I have a plan for the week after Christmas to get back on track. 

  • Mini grocery shopping for staples.  This week was crazier than I thought so we didn’t eat much at home.  But tonight I sent Hunni with a list and he bought more groceries for the week.  He spent $26.93 on some important thing for this week which brings the grocery challenge total to $58.27.  We’ll be doing a little shopping at Trader Joes the week after Christmas to get some more big staples for us to last the rest of the month. 

  • Do Physical Therapy Exercises 2x.  The aforementioned crazy week left no time for this.  I did however purchase the items necessary to do some of the exercises that Boot Camp Steve wants me to do.  He’d be so proud. 

  • Yoga 2x at lunch.  So lunch barely happened everyday let alone yoga at lunch.  I know that I want this to happen for relaxing but it won’t start until after Christmas.

  • Pre-journal lunches for this week.- I did think out what I was going to get and fit it into my points.  I did not pre journal it.  I think this a victory thought because I didn’t go over my weight watchers points for the week and ate out almost every lunch.  This included pizza, sushi, subs and coffee shop food.  I’d say this is a huge victory.

This week’s Goals:

  • Date night!!!!  This was a great thing for us to relieve the stress.  So Christmas Eve after Kettles Hunni and I have an appointment in Albany and will grab some dinner before heading home.  It will be nice to sit out at a restaurant instead of getting it to go.  I’m hoping for PF Changs!

  • Workout twice at the gym.  I know I can do this because my crazy days are Monday all-day and Tuesday Evening.  This means I can hit the gym either Tuesday or definitely Wednesday and then Saturday after Weight Watchers.  I’m actually realllllllllly looking forward to this.

  • Cook 3 dinners at home.  This doesn’t include Christmas.  I’m planning on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll make it too but I excited to eat real meals at home that don’t include quickly scrambled eggs.

  • SLEEP!  After my day monday I’m going to sleep in a bit on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday will be crazy again but Christmas I told Hunni not to wake me up on threat of death.  I’m thinking of sleeping until I have big deep wrinkles on my face from my pillow and drool on said pillow.

  • Yoga 2x.  I’m not going to put a time of day on this but I think 2 times this week is a good start.

  • PT exercises 2x.  It seems kind of ambitious to do this but I’m going to combine it with either the gym or the yoga.  I can do the exercises at the gym one of the days or before yoga for some good stretches afterward.  I really want to use my new “toys.”

Looking back at my personal challenges for the week I think I can do it.  Nothing too ambitious but I’m not slacking off because it is Christmas week.  Wish me luck!

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  1. 21/12/2009 9:16 AM

    I am glad to see sleep on your list. It’s on mine was well.

  2. 21/12/2009 9:54 AM

    what a great list of goals for this week 🙂

  3. 21/12/2009 10:23 AM

    Sleep is always number 1 on my list. Especially when I haven’t had any for days.


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