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The Trival Pursuit Princess


I’m shocked!  I’m actually composing a real blog post with real pictures and real words…of wisdom maybe but funny I hope.  Today was super productive and I only have a bit of work to do tomorrow evening just to double check that I’ll have everything ready for our Christmas distribution but I’m excited that I’ve almost made it.  I think my super organizational skills are a huge help because I’m like Santa and made a list (or 10) and checked them twice (or 10 times).  I’ll be sure to take some pics for you all of fruits of my labor.  I completely lost my camera yesterday and couldn’t take pics of all of the in progress stuff but the final product is pretty spectacular if I do say so myself.

Anyway on to the fun of today.  Hunni and I ordered out dinner and decided to make tonight date night.  Sure I had intended on cooking waffles or something but I was tired….realllllllly tired from our long day of lifting and hauling bags of toys and food.  That’s gotta count for some sort of exercise right.  You’ll believe me when I take the pictures of all the bags I moved.  Over 200 bags today full of toys.  We’re talking huge honking bags with large sets littlest petshop, transformers, legos and every baby doll you could ever imagine.

So we were lazy and ordered dinner from one of our favorite little local places.  I got an awesome very veggie panini.  I do have another confession:  I ordered a diet coke and had some sweet potato pie to go with it.  I’m sorry but right about now I’m just trying to stay awake.  And darn it was good.  Later I’ll regret it but in the moment it tasted delish.

To add to our date night we decided play this lovely gem we got on clearance at Walmart while randomly walking around to warm up after standing kettles outside.

Oh dorky joy.

Yeah we are super dorks and really competitive.  We both have a stupid wealth of random knowledge and like to impress each other with the dumb stuff we know.  I will fully admit to reading those random facts books they sell in Target to learn something new that I might be able to shock Hunni with.  We are silly and hilarious as we attempt to outwit, outsmart, outplay….oh wait that’s Survivor…but it works for Trivial Pursuit in our house.

One thing we love is that you can play a short game, long game, traditional or specialty ones like movies.  Hunni cheated and played the other day while he had a break from kettles and got an idea for the way it was.  So when we played last night real quick he kicked my butt.  But I had my revenge.  When we played tonight on the movie version I won hard-core.  Sure I’ve never seen half the Bollywood movies or any of the Chinese movies they mentioned but I have seen my fair share of random and awesome films.  And I’m a good faker.  I can reason out things based on the little clues they give you.  When I won I screamed and scared the crap out of Leo so he went to hide under the bed.

Hunni wasn’t satisfied with my win so he demanded a rematch on classic pursuit mode.  Happy for some more butt-kicking friendly competition I obliged and played again.  I got scared about half way through because he had all his wedges and I didn’t.  I just had no luck with the dice.  But then I did it and had a streak of three wedges to catch up.  It was a race to the center.  I made it there first and then it was a matter of the dreaded question in the category of Hunni’s choosing.  This game is tricky because it tells you percentages of correct answers in each category.  So Hunni knew I wasn’t as good in Science and Nature and very happily chose that saying “try this one on for size.”  I quickly replied…”With pleasure.”  Then it came up with a question that I knew without a doubt…Which animal pictured regularly eats its young? Piece of cake…. Oh that sounds good right now, focus focus….. It was some little lemury thing from Africa that I saw on Animal Planet when Hunni forced me to watch it.  Once again I screamed and forced him to admit his defeat.

Sad monkey lip face.

He even ran and got the princess crown to bow down to my Trival Pursuit princess-ness.

Trival Pursuit Princess.

And for my prize I got a bagel or 2.

Breakfast.... no snack of champions.

It was all yummy and toasty.  I may have actually burned my lip on my toasty goodness.  Not like I need them or anything right.

To drown is sorrows and get his man-pride back he played some Wii baseball.

Kicking butt and taking baseball names.

Now we are watching Russell Peters on Comedy Central and laughing our hineys off. 

Mine my a little happier hiney laughing due to my princessy win but we are laughing together none the less.  This may be the only fun/date night until Christmas.  Now off to relax and get ready for another crazy day (CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!). Gotta have some fun and not always busy, busy, busy.

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  1. 20/12/2009 3:33 AM

    how cute. good job…he needs to know that you’re the princess 🙂 hope you’re getting caught up on sleep.

    btw congrats on your WI this week. two pounds is nothing. don’t let it go like me 🙂


  2. 21/12/2009 10:22 AM

    I like exchanging trivia with people. =D



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