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Funny Hunni


I think I married Hunni because he made me laugh.  Sure I loved him and all but his humor was key in me even talking to him at first.  He is just one of the most sarcastic goofballiest guys ever… and yes I just used the word goofballiest 😀  So I thought I’d share some of the really hilarious stuff he’s said of late because humor is one of the best things ever.  I think I’ve actually gotten a great ab workout from laughing so hard sometimes.

I asked him to go buy some fresh cilantro at the store early one morning for a recipe and told him to look in the fresh fruits and veggies section.  He asked me what it looked like and I tried to describe it by the leaf shape and smell.  He just gave me a quizzical look so I told him it looked like a weed.  When he returned from the store he told me they didn’t have any out so he asked the clerk, “Where’s the weed?”  I was mortified.  Turns out he didn’t actually say that but he thought it was hilarious. 

Hunni is notorious for forgetting to do things I’ve asked.  He just laughs it off each time.  Once I asked him “How many times have I asked you to do this same task?”  He quickly responded with, “I lost track at 5 million.”  That quickly turned me from being kind of annoyed to laughing hysterically.

Our dogs Leo and Peanut are a Chinese Crested and a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix.  Whenever I ask him what he wants for dinner he always responds with “Chinese” or “Mexican.”  He wouldn’t really eat the dogs but he thinks its funny.

He is not an accomplished chef by any means.  I was watching him cut an apple one night and was scared out of my cotton pickin’ mind that he was going to cut his finger.  I asked him to be careful and he quickly responded, “Guess I shouldn’t scream right now then?” 

Hunni offered to make me lunch one day when he was working in the apartment and I was in the office.  I wanted scrambled eggs since it was something easy he could make.  He asked how long he should cook them.  I told him I didn’t want them overdone so they should have a sheen too them.  Ever the quick wit he responded, “Charlie or Martin.”  Lunch was good anyway 🙂

I manage the finances and so when Hunni spends money he lets me know so I can record it in mvelopes.  I asked him what he bought from Amazon and he told me he couldn’t tell me.  I asked why and he said he promised he wouldn’t.  Even more curious I asked who.  He responded with “A nice older gentleman.”  Even more confused and curious I pestered him some more and he finally told me the old gentleman was…..SANTA!  He had bought my footie PJ’s and didn’t want to tell me 🙂

And finally I had a list of all these things for this post and I had one note that I didn’t remember what it referred to.  I asked him just a second ago and he said, “Your lucky I can remember my own name.”  He is pretty forgetful but I hope he doesn’t forget that key detail.

Hey they say laughter is the best medicine and for me it is the best attitude to have for a healthy life.  It would be so boring to go through life with no fun.  I’m glad I have my own stand up comedian in my house.  Thanks Hunni for making me laugh, gaffaw, chuckle, giggle, snort, etc.  😀

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  1. 14/12/2009 2:26 AM

    It’s always nice to be able to laugh with/at the person you love. I don’t think I can be with someone who doesn’t make me laugh. You are so lucky to have someone like your Hunni. Your stories about him also made me LOL.


    • 14/12/2009 2:48 AM

      I know that he loves making me laugh and finds stuff to do all the time.

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