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Harry Potter Fun and Goals


When Hunni and I were sick with the flu a few weeks back we had many days of movie marathons.  Lots of crazy TV movies, Netflix and all.  One day we ran out of movies we hadn’t seen and Hunni started digging in our movie drawer.  We don’t have many movies because we tend not to watch things more than once or twice so it was a limited selection.  The only thing Hunni hadn’t seen were my Harry Potter movies.  To my surprise he actually wanted to watch the first one.  Then in quick succession he watched the other two I owned and begged me to put the other two on the top of our Netflix que.  Now he’s chomping at the bit for the next one to be available and to see the final book put to screen.

What’s even more hilarious about this to me is that he’s been making Harry Potter jokes all the time now.  He asks me what it would be like if someone was actually a death eater, hoping that our volunteer appreciation award isn’t like the curse on the Defense Against the Dark Arts Teachers (our volunteer of the year last year is our worst one this year), and keeps mispronouncing the name of one of our clients and calling her LeStrange instead of LeSage…I’m sure Bellatrix would be happy.  I love that my Harry Potter hating Hunni has turned into a true Potter freak.  He’s even looking forward to reading the books after the craziness of the Christmas Season is over.

Trying new things really has its benefits.  It took the flu to get him to try the HP movies but now he loves them.  And he never thought healthy food would be any good until I cooked it for him and he didn’t even know it was healthy.  Now he doesn’t even care if it is healthy because it is just yummy.  For me trying new things really was key to getting the weight off and getting healthy.  Each new thing I tried was a step in the right direction and now I love trying new things even though they scare the crap out of me.  I actually like a challenge and get a kick out of conquering it. 

Take the opportunity and try something new today.  You may actually like it.


Speaking of new things I’ve been trying my grocery challenge.  This week we ended up eating out a bunch for work days that never ended or meals from stuff I already had at home.  So the only thing I bought for meals were the Clif Zbars and Luna Lemonzest bars for quick snacks or breakfasts since I officially ate the last of them.  I have done that in ages…I just kept buying more and avoiding the flavors I didn’t like.  Now I’ll actually just buy the ones I like.  So anyway I’ve only spent $9.98 on the bars.  This week will be a bit different since I have to buy some apples for my addiction to microwave apple crisp and some other stuff for dinners I have planned.

Last week’s Goals:

  • Build to 30 minutes running.  I kind if failed at this.  So I got up to 20 minutes but then got majorly side tracked with some fun and busyness this week and didn’t get past it.  But I have my workouts planned and this will be my goal again this week so I can start my 10K training.


  • Combine yoga and running twice.  I did it!  The two times I actually ran I did the yoga.  Now I need to make this a habit.  Perhaps I’ll add a dollar to my rewards savings for each time I do it. 


  • Hang some darn pictures.  I went off schedule but rocked this!  I got really excited when I started to sort out the pictures on Tuesday (a day late) so I just spent a good chunk of the evening hanging pics all around my living room.  I only have the two sets for the hall and bedroom left to hang but I need more hanging stuff first.  I’ll take pics of the whole set up for a post once I’ve finished and cleaned up the war zone that is our apartment right now. 


  •  Finish December’s Budget!  Hunni and I were super busy this week and chose to spend our few spare moments together snuggling instead of playing with numbers.  But I’m super proud to say that I didn’t go shopping at Target this week like I wanted and we didn’t buy unnecessary food.  So when I finally put it together we shouldn’t have a problem.


  • Stay on plan Saturday.  The Conference was awesome and I stuck to what I had planned to eat for breakfast and lunch.  And when I got home and added up all my points I was actually under my daily points for the day.  And a big bonus was that I was up and down the stadium steps a ton and dancing like I was one of the teens for some activity 🙂


This Week’s Goals:

  • Get that budget done.  Okay I’ve said this for two weeks in a row but I’m doing it Today!!!!
  • Run minimum of 3 days this week.
  • Eat 4 of 7 dinners at home.  Kettles are getting crazy and I have easy at home meals planned that we can eat at home.
  • Do Physical Therapy homework 2x.  I have my final PT session this week so that will be the third time.  Then the true work of doing it on my own begins.  I need another trainer to keep pushing me.
  • Clean my apartment!  I can’t stand the clutter and mess anymore.  Our schedule is crazy but I need to use my friend, online stopwatch, and do it in 30 minute spurts while watching TV at night.  I can get done in just a bit at a time just like I do with my work in the office.

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  1. 07/12/2009 10:12 AM

    My boyfriend and I tried something new today. We made Ma Po Tofu and some noodles with veggies. They were good! I wanna make more of those noodles, rather than rely on the instant stuff. Trying new things is definitely fun!

    You can combine Yoga and running?! I didn’t know that….

    • 07/12/2009 3:39 PM

      Sounds yummy!

      I don’t do the yoga at the same time but the yoga after makes helps with my injuries.

  2. 07/12/2009 11:14 PM

    Ha, my husband and I had a Netflix marathon this past weekend and we weren’t even sick ; )

    Great looking goals … good luck!!

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