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Jai Ho and Goals


I forgot how much I loved Bollywood movies.  Friends of mine would all get together to watch them and the beautiful colors and music in college.  They were awesome and about a world we would never see probably (although one of my friends sees that stuff all the time for her job).  Tonight after a long stressful day Hunni and I FINALLY watched Slumdog Millionaire.  I have wanted to see if forever and we got it from Netflix and started to watch it to veg after coming back from dinner and errands.  A-MAZE-ING!!!! Thank God I have good eyesight because the little words were hard to read and I had to read them for me and Hunni but it was so cool with the photography and story.  We were screaming at the TV at one point.  And the dance at the end was so cool.  Those used to be my most favorite parts of the movies so I was a giddy school girl during the closing credits.  Must…add…Bollywood films…to NetFlix cue!  SO relaxing and wonderful for our evening off.  Maybe I should try some Bollywood dancing for a new cardio soon.


Anyway let’s look back at my goals for this past week and make some new ones.


Last Week’s Goals:

  • Gym 3 times. Done!  Good thing I got them in early this week because I haven’t hit the gym since Wednesday.  Gotta get back there because I miss it.
  • Run 3 times this week. I did it!  Boot Camp Steve will be so proud.  I did two treadmill workouts and I rocked my 5K on Thursday.  Now to just improve my time and endurance.
  • Yoga 2 times this week. Okay so I did the yoga but not after running.  So technically I got it accomplished but I need to actually do the two in conjunction because I feel so much better.
  • Hang at least one set of pictures. Big fat ZERO!!!  The pretty framed pics are still sitting in a huge bag in the corner of my living room.  It took forever frame them so now I need to hang them. 
  • Buy last Christmas Presents. Check!!!! I got my family presents done and Hunni wore his out to dinner tonight 🙂  Told you we couldn’t wait to share presents.  We get too excited about them and bug the heck out of each other.  Mine is coming on Tuesday and then I’ll definitely take pics for y’all. 
  • Organize personal finances. So apparently if you don’t log into mvelopes for over a month and have over a hundred unassigned transactions they ask you to reset your accounts.  I guess they think it would have been too stressful.  I was prepared for a long session to update it all but took the easy way out and got a fresh start.  Now I just need to finish my December budget since December starts on Tuesday!


This Week’s Goals:

  •  Build to 30 minutes running.  I can do 20 minutes now and I want to get back to 30 before I start building for my 10K.  After my 5K on Thanksgiving I know that I can do a full 5K but I want be able to run the whole thing.  Bit by bit this week I think I can add some time and get to the 30 minute mark.  I only actually walked for 8 minutes of my 35 minute race so I think I’ll be okay.  Either that or I’ll fall off the treadmill trying 😉


  • Combine yoga and running twice.  Not at the same time obviously but I know that stretching is key to my running health.  So I need to actually do my runner’s yoga I downloaded.  I feel so much better doing it but I often just forget get lazy when I get back from the gym.  I think I’m going to put my print outs in my magazine and do them at the gym so no excuses.  Eeek now that I typed that I have to do it…eeek!


  • Hang some darn pictures.  It took me 4 months of thinking about it to actually frame the pics and 2 weeks of having them to actually frame them.  At this pace I won’t hang them until sometime in the spring.  So here’s the new plan.  Monday…sort pics into groups.  Tuesday…pick locations to hang pics.  Wednesday…plan the order for one set of pics on wall location of choice.  Friday…hang some darn pics!  I have all day to do it.  Now that I’m a woman with a plan perhaps it will happen. 


  •  Finish December’s Budget!  This has to happen today since December starts tomorrow.  I need a plan so I can stick to it.  It’s not going to be easy after several months off budget.  But the only way to start is to jump in and do it.  I like order so this should help my spending and saving habits.


  • Stay on plan Saturday.  All day Saturday I’m taking our teen girl from church to a Girl’s Conference called REVOLVE.  It’s a girls day for us and we’ll be gone all day.  So that means no working out and eating out all day.  I just need to stick to what I’ve planned for the day and I’ll do fine.  But either way I’ll enjoy the day because I get to be a teen again…concerts, awesome talks and hanging out are awesome!  Yep this is my job 🙂


So there you have the plan for the week.  I’ll let you know next Monday how I did. 

What are your goals for the week?

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  1. 30/11/2009 9:32 PM

    I love the idea of written goals for the week! Gosh, if I could do that…I’d be so much more focused on what I want to accomplish. The Saturday plan…those are the days that are tough for me, too. Being out…it can be so hard to not overdue it…or make poor choices. Again…that it’s written down is so good!

  2. 30/11/2009 11:26 PM

    I love that you’re being accountable. Remember you’ll stay on plan if you listen to your body…so tap your tummy and ask ‘am i hungry?’ (i just did works). 🙂

  3. 01/12/2009 10:03 AM

    great job on the goals!!! and Slumdog was great! We loved it.

  4. Cindy permalink
    01/12/2009 10:58 AM

    Read your blog every day…’re very real, much like the rest of us! Love it! Thanks so much! Cindy from Seattle

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