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Make the Best


It’s was Saturday so I headed out to my Weight Watchers meeting. This week was with a much different attitude than last week.  I didn’t completely overdo it but did indulge in a few things like sugar and eating out the day before a weigh in.  I also had a healthy dose of soy sauce on Thai Shrimp rice earlier this week….who am I kidding I doused that stuff.  Add all these together -in one week- and I was expecting a gain.  There it was.  Yet I was prepared and know the changes I am making as I move.


Today was also different because I had tones of errands to run and was sans van.  Ideas of taxi cabs danced in my head to get from my meeting to the stores with all the cold winds blowing.  Then I looked at it as an opportunity for a workout.  I packed my gym shoes, pants and sweat shirt in a bag to change into after the meeting – I have a weight watchers uniform dress each week for consistency.  I changed and trekked the three miles to Michael’s to purchase things for Sunday.  I forgot socks so I wore my argyle tights which added a nice layer of warmth.


Man was it windy…think Chicago.  I thought I was blowing over at one point.  Here’s the evidence of how windy it was.

This is how I really felt about the wind.

Not exactly a happy look.  But I was proud of the fact I was walking instead of cabbing it or waiting for Hunni to come back so I took another picture.

I also took advantage of stopping for a treat.

Taco HELL!

Nope not there…my stomach would have murdered me.  I went Here!

Such a beautiful sight to see on a cold windy day. This was the thought that kept me walking instead of reaching for my phone.  A skinny decaf cinnamon dolce latte was just what I needed to warm up after an hour-long walk.  Bonus…they were making samples of the peppermint mocha.  Sweet and candy-like but there’s no way I could drink an entire one.  Maybe I’ll have to try it with less flavor pumps like Brandi suggested.

The Verizon store next door was a nice bonus as well.  My phone’s speaker had died and was making an awfule beeping noise when I made calls that only I could hear.  I thought I was going nuts.  My over 2 years old phone had taken some pretty good beatings and I need a price to fix it so I could plan for my budget.  Instead of fixing the old junker they told me I could upgrade to a new phone and take $50 off plus a $50 rebate for extending my plan.  My new baby only cost $3.13!!!!

I was super excited!  I’ve been playing with it all day and personalizing it for me.

I made the best of my day and Hunni made the best of setting up the Christmas trees in our Church so our congregation can decorate them tomorrow.  Everyone looks forward to this after church party the Sunday following Thanksgiving.  Hunni hates the set up but love it this year because of what he found in one of the boxes…

Santa came early this year.

He came upstairs Ho, Ho, Ho-ing. Leo growled and Peanut stared.  Then they decided to do this…

They were defending their momma.  They were so confused when Santa sounded like daddy 🙂  He relished the idea as he wore it to pick up the Christmas Kettles for the night.  Two little girls were excited and gave him a hug and some guy told him he wanted a Ferrari.  Sorry to disappoint ya dude but he’s not really Santa.  So fun to watch him be giddy in his Santa suit.  He didn’t want to take it off.

Sometimes you make the best of what life throws at you.  It would have been easy to just not do anything today. Each positive twist we gave it made the day better than we could have imagined. I felt great about all I got accomplished and Hunni had a blast with his Santa suit.

Making the best is just one part of a healthy lifestyle.  You can beat yourself up with not being able to do everything perfectly, the way you want, or at all.  Or you can make the best of it and be pleasantly surprised at how things turn out.  I always say for me it’s about progress and not perfection.  Perfection is just too freakin’ hard.

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  1. 29/11/2009 9:52 AM

    “..progress and not perfection. Perfection is just too freakin’ hard.”

    LOVE it. 🙂

  2. 29/11/2009 3:35 PM

    “You can beat yourself up with not being able to do everything perfectly the way you want or you can make the best of it and be pleasantly surprised at how things turn out.”

    Cynthia, I LOVE this! It is a perfect mantra for life, and especially weight loss 🙂

    • 29/11/2009 3:36 PM

      Thanks Kara! I had to learn this the hard way. I’m such a perfectionist normally.

  3. 06/02/2011 6:59 PM

    Good for you for walking! If it was that cold, I probably would have just not gone. Way to stick it out 🙂


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