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Best Thanksgiving Ever!!


**By the time you read this I will either be running or have run a Turkey Trot and enjoying my only day off with Hunni**

Thanksgiving is such a great day and for me it is even better because it is the only day off that Hunni and I have until Christmas.  So like I mentioned yesterday we are crazy and are getting up at 8.30am to run 5K in a Turkey Trot.  We ran a 5 mile Turkey Trot 2 years back and had to skip last year due to surgery recovery.  But We really enjoy being crazy together and gluttons for punishment and no sleep.  Actually it gives us more energy to wake up and run.  I’m excited to do this together.  Hopefully I’ll have some great pics for you tomorrow and maybe even a few funny stories.

Hunni and I have created our own traditions when it comes to holidays.  We only have from right now as I write this (10pm Wednesday) to 4am on Friday off.  So it would be even more insane to drive to either family (Ohio, PA or South Carolina) and back in that time period.  I said we are crazy but we are not insane.  Instead we’ve had our own traditions of a run then pancakes for breakfast.  Tomorrow will be yummy buckwheat pancakes with some yogurt blueberry sauce and some apple compote.  Not together.  But we don’t normally eat pancakes that often so this will be a nice treat.  Who doesn’t want to eat nice fluffy pancakes on their day off.



Then we are going to spy on the aliens.  Specifically we are going to watch Planet 51.  I keep calling it Area 51 but Hunni informs me that is the place that people think we have aliens…planet 51 is where they are going to hold us 🙂  The movies on the holidays is a nice little treat for us since we don’t normally go to the movies and there really aren’t that many people out since they are stuffing their faces full of yummy food and hanging out with family.



Finally when we come home we’ll be having a scaled down version of Thanksgiving dinner.  Hunni and I don’t really ever want to see another whole turkey after cooking 2 and dismantling them for our Thanksgiving dinner last weekend.  So we braved Trader Joe’s on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  That place is a mad house on a regular Sunday evening let alone all the people who showed up for their turkey day fixings.  We survived though and brought out this…

Yummy white meat turkey breast with Cranberry Apple Stuffing.  And lucky me gets all the stuffing to myself since Hunni doesn’t like it.  That boy doesn’t know what he’s missing.  I could eat an entire Thanksgiving dinner of good stuffing…no boxed mix for me.  Then we’ll have some veggies on the side and probably some crescent rolls from the fridge because we are classy like that.  Finally Hunni will enjoy some pumpkin pie and I might steal a bite or two.  I’m probably more likely to get more of this…

Best dessert ever!

I think it is the best possible dessert.  And besides Hunni was a sweetheart and bought me really good chocolate as a surprise thank you.  There is an awesome candy shoppe in town that lets us have a countertop mini-kettle and he went to buy some cookies and cream chocolate bark from them for us to share.  This was no Hershey cookies and cream bar it was good quality european white chocolate with chunks of real cream filled cookies.  I drooled when I saw the bag on the table but he didn’t share until after dinner.  He was silly like that.  I guess it means he liked dinner then right? 🙂



We were invited to go to dinner at some sweet little old lady’s house…the only problem is we have no idea who she is.  People feel like they know us in the community but Hunni had never seen her before.  She told him we were always welcome at her house for dinner.  Sorry lady but I’d rather hang out with my Hunni for the day and just have an us day instead.



Well I hope that you all are enjoying or have enjoyed your Thanksgiving.  Make traditions and decisions you love.  Enjoy the family and food and enjoy the day off.  Just enjoy and give thanks.  It is truly a day to be thankful for all you have.  I’ll leave you with the things I am most thankful for this year.

  • My Hunni. He is my support and we’ve been through a lot this year.  But our relationship is growing stronger daily and I’m just happy to have him.
  • My congregation. They truly are a family away from home.  They are nuts just like a family and love us and would do anything for us just like family.
  • My pups. They make me giggle and are so child like.  I can’t help but laugh when they do some goofy stuff on a daily basis.
  • My job. I have learned so much in this past year and have grown in my own faith as I teach and guide others in theirs.
  • My health. This time last year I was in the early stages of Physical Therapy and this year…I’m in Physical Therapy….just kidding. 😀  I’ve gotten stronger and healthier this year than I have ever been and I’m excited to keep it up.  🙂
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