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The Aliens Have Landed + Vegan 4 a day


In preparation for vegan for a day I thought about getting rid of all animal products for the day.  The first thing that jumped into my mind getting rid of that nasty fish smell in our van.  Hunni had a lunch meeting and got his fish and chips to-go which smelled awful.  So on my Target run last night I bought this…

Creepy while driving at night.

It reminded me of an alien spaceship and is really crazy to see in the van while I’m driving.  Hopefully little green men don’t jump out of it.


I said yesterday that I was doing the vegan for a day challenge and wanted to eat things I normally would eat so I didn’t feel deprived and my pockets didn’t feel deprived of the money I could have spent on special vegan products.  I want to share a few things with you since they were delicious and fun.


Breakfast was boring oats with blueberries and the agave I promised instead of the controversial honey.  I didn’t realize that agave was so thin and sweet.  I had a sugar rush for a good half hour.  No pic since they are boring and nothing out of the ordinary really.


Lunch was take-out today since I had a ton on my TO-DO list and was going to have to work through lunch.  The local coffee-house has this amazing salad…

Got in my veggies.

I just asked for no cheese and no bread they normally give you despite the fact that it is one of my favorite parts.  I normally don’t like tofu but this place makes the most amazing grilled tofu on their salads.  I might just have to ask how they prepare it so I can make it at home.  But it was delicious and filling.  Good thing to since my busy day made me not eat a snack and I was starving.


I did however make the mistake of ordering my favorite coffee the way I normally do just because I wasn’t thinking.

Almost Vegan Fail.

When Hunni brought it to me it smelled amazing but then I remembered I forgot to ask for it soy.  Good thing I didn’t though because I don’t really like soy and I’m sure they don’t have other alternatives.  So into the fridge it went to be enjoyed tomorrow morning with my oats.


Then I was super busy again and quickly made my microwave apple crisp and inhaled it.  I love this almost every day and have a bag of apples in my fruit bowl just for this.

My new favorite.

I might have another one of these tonight since I’m still hungry. This is what happens when I don’t eat on my normal schedule.


Dinner was one of my favorites.  Hunni doesn’t like it so I ended up making him pasta and turkey meatballs.  He wrinkled his nose when I told him about the challenge and what I was making for dinner.  He didn’t mind the chili on Monday but he just doesn’t like lime which is one of the key ingredients.  WIthout further ado I present Southwest Black Bean Quinoa Salad.

Look at the colors!

I love my rice cooker because it is useful for many things.  I use it for my quinoa and I made a good bit today.  While it cooked away in my steamy friend (the rice cooker) I steamed some three pepper mix from TJ’s and roasted corn.  Then I added a rinsed can of black beans, a splash of apple cider vinegar, dash of cumin and some salt and pepper to taste.  Gotta love my fancy measuring 🙂  Then for the vinaigrette I combined 1/3 cup of lime juice and olive oil.  After my quinoa finished I was classy and threw all the other ingredients into the ricer cooker pot and stirred.  It was divine.  I forgot how much I loved this dish.  And lucky me since Hunni doesn’t like it I have enough for the next few days 🙂


My thoughts on Vegan for a Day:

  • This was pretty easy.  I missed my yogurt in my oats and for my yogurt mess bowls.  But I didn’t miss the cheese on the salad and I might just skip it from now on.  I think sticking to foods I would normally eat helped.


  • I’m not up for going full vegan or even full vegetarian.  While making Hunni his turkey meatballs for dinner I thought about how nice they would be for Saturday dinner since I have to make it quick.  I do have many full vegetarian days without even trying but I still enjoy the occasional chicken breast or turkey.  However I am pretty confident that from now on our meat will be organic since we don’t eat a ton of it and I was effected by Food Inc.


  • While this vegan lifestyle isn’t for me I have a new appreciation for how difficult it can be to be vegan.  If it wasn’t for the great places around here that cater to that type of lifestyle I would have had a hard time ordering out.


  • It was nice to challenge myself and I enjoyed realizing that vegan food doesn’t mean hippy dippy trippy with all veggies.  I enjoyed the food in general and not because it was vegan…it was just good.
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  1. 20/11/2009 9:31 AM

    great thoughts, and very similar to mine! I think the hardest thing would be going anywhere to eat – there really aren’t many options, and I wish that places would do more to have at least 1-2 choices on their menus.

    • 20/11/2009 3:08 PM

      Thanks Brandi. It would be really hard and I think they should offer 1-2 options minimum. I today’s age there are many more vegetarians and vegan who could be customers.

  2. 20/11/2009 2:09 PM

    I feel the same way after #VeganWeek — I probably won’t stick with it strictly, but I like getting to know different lifestyles and think more about what I eat!

    • 21/11/2009 11:34 AM

      Thanks to you and Michelle for putting this together. It was awesome!

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