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Vegan for a day!!


On Thursday 19 November I’m going to be a vegan…but just for the day.  I’m excited for a challenge and have been planning all day for my eats to make sure I get in enough protein and calcium.   When Mish and Katy posted the idea on twitter I thought they were crazy.  They’ve done it for the entire week and I admire that.  I’m pumped that they invited people to participate for the day.  So for one day I’m going to see how the vegan world lives and eats.


I didn’t buy any things special that I don’t normally eat so no fancy vegan cheese or soy yogurt.  I normally use Almond Milk so that will be part of my day…everything else are things I normally keep in my kitchen.  It thought that was important for me participating in this challenge.  I wanted to make this food as true to me as can be instead of a fanciful feat of new food.  Besides I didn’t have the money to go buying different stuff.  I’m a pastor so I’m BROKE!!!


On the menu is oats of some sort…either bluberry or pumpkin.  I’ll use agave instead of my normal Hunni honey to sweeten it.  Lunch will be an awesome salad I like from the local coffee shop minus the cheese.  They have the best grilled tofu as a sub for chicken or salmon.  I’ll probably have the last serving of my black bean soup from the freezer.  And for dinner I’m having an awesome quinoa dish with corn, red pepper, scallions and lime and cilantro vinaigrette.  For snacks I will have more of that microwave apple crisp from my Kinda Vegan Day and hummus and veggies.  I think I might even dig out some salted Edamame from my freezer and maybe a sweet potato smashed with some cinnamon and agave.


Honestly re-reading the menu I have planned it sounds DELICIOUS!!!! I’m super stoked about the challenge.  I know that I can’t be vegan for life because I do enjoy my dairy and some occasional meat.  But I’m interested in seeing what its like to not have my normal yogurt mess or an easy egg wrap.  I get into food ruts and just make something I know is easy.  This challenge is forcing me to think about the food I’m going to put into my body tomorrow.  I’ll say it again…I’m Excited.


I’ll post a recap of my food for the day on Friday.  I’m not turning into a food blogger despite all the pics of food lately.  But I know food is an important part of a healthy lifestyle so I’m excited to share the fun part of food with you.


Are you doing Vegan for a Day?

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