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Fun Peanut Facts


I loved Caitlin’s posts about her dogs Maggie and James. They reminded me so much of the crazy funny stuff about our dogs Peanut and Leo. So I decided to do some of my own on the two furry loves of my life 🙂  Read about Leo here.


1. We think Peanut is part Feline. She actually meows at us when she wants something. She can be quite vocal if she wants you to know what’s on her mind. She also licks her paws to clean her face and almost purrs if she’s happy 🙂

Post Meow :-)

2. Every night Peanut has to make a nest before she can go to sleep. She has her own blanket at the end of our bed and she moves it around with her paws and head and mouth until it is just perfect. She can’t sleep unless it is just so.  But she’s camera-shy while making the nest so I only have the after picture.

sleep 002

This day my sweatshirt was a nice addition.

3. Peanut does this thing called a “reverse sneeze.” It sounds like she is hyperventilating and can’t catch her breath…scares the crap out of me. The vet says it’s allergies so we have to give her antihistamines. If she gets in an episode we are supposed to pinch the little thing between her nostrils. Only problem is her nose is so small it doesn’t work and I just end up with dog boogers on my fingers. Instead the vet told us to give her a bit of vanilla ice cream. She loves it and we think she does it on purpose to get the treat.

All 269
4. Peanut has body image issues.  She is 9 pounds of mostly fluff on her little Pomchi (Pomeranian chihuahua mix) frame.  But every time we pick her up to put her harness or coat on for walks she tries to jump to help us.  She won’t jump directly on our laps.  Instead she the indirect route of jumping on the chair arm then onto the arm of the chair we are sitting in.  She groans if we pick her up like she thinks we are going to throw out our back from lifting her heavy fluff.  Silly girl 🙂


Trying not to put her weight on a sick Hunni.

5. Peanut must have a salt deficiency. She is constantly trying to lick our faces. If Hunni lies on the floor she automatically sees it as time to lick him. And when we get home from the gym or a run she is all on us. We’re thinking about buying her one of those salt licks they give horses to get her to stop licking our faces. She’s a sweetie about it so we call them puppy kisses.

All 005

The floor makes him the perfect target for licking.

October was Adopt a Shelter Dog month but you can make any month a great month for a shelter dog.  We adopted Peanut and Leo together in August and made their day/month/year.  They are happy peppy pups still adjusting to being loved instead of abused.  But they are loving being pampered as our fur-kids 🙂

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  1. 19/11/2009 9:41 AM

    i loved learning more about your puppy!!!

  2. Brandi permalink
    19/11/2009 10:15 AM

    i love these 🙂 dogs are so fun!


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