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Fun Leo Facts


After Hunni and I laughed our way through the fun facts about Maggie and James on Caitlin’s blog we had fun brainstorming our own fun facts about Peanut and Leo. Caitlin thought it was a great idea since ours are rescues just like her furry friends.

1.  Leo likes to play all tough but he’s a real softie. He’ll chase Hunni down the hall and bark at him with his little doggie bark. Then he pushes on his leg and Hunni acts like he falls over. Leo turns into a little gremlin while they wrestle.  Hunni turns him over when they are finished and pins him with a belly rub to show him who’s boss. Leo actually tried this with my momma but got confused when she didn’t fall over like she was “supposed to” 🙂

Leo FightingLeo belly

2.  Leo is just like Doug from the movie UP!.  We actually laughed hysterically at the parts with Doug in the movie because it reminded us of Leo.  He hides under things to show us he wants to be near us.  He doesn’t understand that we love him too and want to be near him.  He’ll eventually come out when he thinks we are asleep to snuggle.  Poor thing was abused really badly by the previous owners and forgets that we aren’t them sometimes.

leo under

This can't be comforatble.

3. Leo does this thing where he drags himself across the floor in what I can only call a modified cobra pose. He lets his legs hang behind him and just drags himself. The first time he did it we thought he was hurt. Turns out he does it frequently as a party trick 🙂

broken leg leo

Yoga puppy.

4.  Leo is a sensitive little guy. He is attached to Hunni’s hip and is his best friend. He follows him around the the proverbial puppy. They like to take naps together and enjoy their guy time. He also has a sensitive tummy. He makes himself so nervous sometimes that he pukes. In fact when he has routine vet proceedures, like shots or dental work, require him to get a fluid bolus under his skin and eat brown rice and boiled beef. He’s what we call our expensive puppy. We are looking into pet insurance that will cover him since his vet bill are not budget friendly.

blog pics 055

Resting after a hard day.

5.  Leo & Peanut are inseperable.  On the paperwork we got from the Humane Society it said Peanut was the only “toy” he’d play with.  Our congregation says they are brother and sister but we know better.  They are definitely an old married couple.  She tells him what to do and he just likes to snuggle.  He even gets heartsick when we take her to the vet or groomer without him.

good patient 010

True love 😉

He’s our little loverboy and we wouldn’t trade him for the world.  Couldn’t imagine life without him 🙂

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  1. Anjeanette permalink
    07/09/2010 1:55 PM

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