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Mistaken Identity


So I had to go accept a check on behalf of The Salvation Army for our food pantry from the local United Steel Workers Union. Totally cool because they contacted me and wanted to help out this Christmas season. The only thing I didn’t like was having to get dressed up in my full uniform for a picture on my day off. This is the only day off I’ll get this week, or for the next 7 weeks for that matter, so I was looking forward to laying on the couch in my PJ’s doing work. But I was pleased to be able to represent The Army today.


But being in my uniform on Veteran’s Day posed some interesting issues. If you don’t remember what I look like in my full uniform here I am…

uniform 003

Right before I left.

Yeah I kind of look like I’m in the military…We are The Salvation Army after all.


Well being in uniform usually gets me mistaken for lots of things other than a Salvation Army officer. I had the guy at Panera rush over to open the door for me and tell me thank you for my service to our country…Don’t worry I corrected him after telling him thank you.


*Side note: I am extremely grateful for Veteran’s Day and for all those who serve to make my life free. My parents are both Army vets and so are some of my uncles. I’ve been a military kid in war-time and know the sacrifices that the vets and their families go through so that I can enjoy the freedoms to live my life as I choose. Thank you to any Veterans reading. Know that your service is a blessing to me. I hope all my readers remembered to thank a veteran yesterday.*

Now back to our regularly schedule program….

The other day Hunni went to get some more information from a family that we will be helping this Christmas and she thought he was a cop. She refused to open the door until he told her that he was from The Salvation Army there to help. Does this guy look like he is going to arrest you?


Awww Handsome Hunni wedding picture. He wouldn't hurt a fly.

Other things we’ve been mistaken for: Flight Attendant while buying coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts near the airport, a pilot in the airport while flying in uniform, and a bell hop at a fancy NYC hotel. Only once in a while do people actually recognize the uniform and know who we are without being told. I actually don’t mind people mistaking me for something else because it gives me a in to talk to them about what I do.

Have you ever been mistaken for something funny?

It’s kind of the same thing for me when I meet people in my Weight Watchers meetings or when they assume I have always been thinner. Just looking at me you’d never know I had once weighed in at 265+ (that’s when I first started weighing myself). You’d never know that it took me 2 years to lose about 90 pounds and then another 2 years to get to my ultimate goal weight. You’d never know that I basically maintained my weight even through back problems and surgery. And because you’d never know that looking at me I enjoy sharing my story and how I’m keeping the weight off.


When someone mentions that I look great I like telling them “Thank you I work hard at it.” Being proud of your accomplishments isn’t being stuck up. It’s letting others know how you got there lets them know they can do it too. I much better appreciate someone who works hard than someone who just doesn’t work at all. Even maintaining successfully to me is work so I’m excited to soon be able to start sharing with others how I maintain once I hit goal. I’ve been mistaken for lots of things in my day but I enjoy gently correcting them and enjoy the conversation that follows. It’s important to know who I am for myself and for other to know it too.

Do you feel comfortable sharing your story with others? Tell me a little about your own story.

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  1. Brandi permalink
    12/11/2009 10:15 AM

    I don’t think I’ve ever been mistaken for something else, but I don’t have to wear any type of uniform for work, so I guess that’s why.

    You both look great!

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