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List Checking Fool


I’m a bit obsessed with lists. I use them to help me keep me from going nuts with everything. From the time I roll out of bed to the time my head hits the pillow my mind is running in circles. My mind doesn’t shut off half the time so I’m constantly making lists. My list making habits sometimes get out of control but I can’t live without it. If I wasn’t organized everything would go to the pits; my work, health and fitness would all be in the pits.

I love looking in the Post-it notes aisle at any shop to see what the new stuff is to keep me organized. It’s like a candy store for us organization freaks. All the pretty colors and shapes and sizes all for my shopping amusement. I actually visit this aisle so much Hunni goes and reads greeting cards while I browse.

I have the traditional Post-its in many colors for small notes on my bulletin board or for Hunni and his tasks. Then there are the fancy monogrammed ones that we got as wedding gifts from a friend who knew my love. Hunni keeps those on his desk and I leave him little notes πŸ™‚

notes 009

Piles of note pads for my enjoyment.

My mini ones are for quick notes on papers and little marker ones to put in books or on paperwork. They are like little flags that say “Hey lady check here again.”

little notes

The pen was stolen by my loving pen thief of a Hunni πŸ™‚

I love my fun heart one for leaving Operation Beautiful notes. They make me smile just looking at the little owl. I leave more now because I have a fun notepad to use.

fun day 018

I even have lined ones to write lists on and attach to my agenda. I go bonkers if I can’t find my list pads on my desk when people are giving me more stuff to do. I’ve forbidden anyone from taking them off my desk. But Hunni is a note pad and pen their so I keep a few in my desk marked ICE (in case of emergency).

lined notes

The paper closet in my office and it has an entire section of Post-its that I’m quickly dwindling.

closet notes

No I didn’t buy them all but it’s like the previous officers/pastors here knew that I was going to need them. I can’t wait until I get to go buy my own in fun colors and shapes πŸ™‚ I actually peruse the WB Mason catalog in my few moments of downtime looking for new note pads I can order if I need them. Bad, bad habit.

In addition to my overabundance of note pads I have the most amazing agenda. I ADORE IT!


Pretty and smooth πŸ™‚

I bought a nice agenda for the first time in college and I’ll never go back. I’m not a day runner kind of girl because too much info in one place would overwhelm me and I’d lose it… but my Quo Vadis agenda is a must have (now I sound like a fashion journalist). It’s big and has a nice leather cover that makes it easy for me to find in the bottom of my shoulder bag and the red makes me smile. Besides I can tear the corners off to find my day quickly and I can have my schedule as well as my notes for the day.

Ha, look at my notes for blogging topics in the back that I took during a boring meeting.

agenda 2

Which shall I do next ?

I also keep my agenda on Google Calendar with tasks. Kath had a series of great tutorials that made it even easier and convinced me to get Gmail and do even more with tasks. I don’t know how I used to live without all these wonderful tools.

medical 005

It’s nice to have all of my schedules organized by color as well as Hunni’s. I even add our bills and the Patriots schedule to it. I rocks that I can get it all at a glance so that I know when things are going over. Hunni is even learning to use it so he doesn’t constantly have to ask “What do we have going on?” That makes both our lives easier so I don’t ring his neck.


There is a shop is called Where’d you get that? and is full of fun little toys and gadgets and gags near one of our favorite sandwich shops. And they also have a fun little Notepad section that makes me giddy. I bought a list pad there once that was kind of like the triage that Caitlin described for her To-Do list. It has the top three things I have to do in several areas. I bought it on a whim but it wasn’t cheap. The frugal part of me won in a fight against the impulsive part of me so I made my own when I ran out using a table in WORD. I love that I can just copy it man times over in a color so it is easier to find on my desk. This time is blue…next time green for Christmas…then maybe pink for Valentines πŸ™‚

top 3 list

Notice what I had to put along the bottom. There were some days that I’d get super busy and not get online all day. It’s just me and Hunni out here so contact with my good friends only happens through the internet. Kind of like the old AT&T comercial for reaching out and touching someone. If I don’t do that I have a horrible day.

Menus, grocery, schedules, top 10…everything has a list for me.

menu lists

Groceries, menus, and lists oh my!

I even leave Hunni little love notes. I bought these fun ones right before we got married to leave for Hunni…

spicy notes

Can't show you the spicy side πŸ˜‰

But I can show you a sweet :-)

Little fun to make the day better πŸ™‚

I feel like a juggler many days with so many things up in the air. My job is not the typical 9-5 so often I’m doing things early morning or late night. Without lists I would never be able to keep up. Often I leave myself little pick me ups like the scale note I left for myself yesterday or the list I made about why I continue on this Healthy Living Journey. If I add my blogging or exercise or dinner to my to-do lists they are more likely to get done. If I’m organized the important things for all areas of life will get done versus just what pops into my head in that moment. My life is too crazy to get scattered and when I allow it to is when my exercise and healthy eating and friends get pushed to the side just to get done.

I keep saying it over and over but I’m learning balance. I’m learning that if I organize what I need to do for the day by priority then what needs to get done. Sure I’d love to be able to do it all everyday but that just drives me batty. I’m not a magician and I don’t a genie (although who wouldn’t love to have Robin Williams as their personal servant…constant laughs) so I need to do what I can do. I have to be able to be happy with what I can accomplish instead of beating myself up for what I didn’t. Family, friends, work, fun, health all need to find some balance.

How do you keep your busy lives organized? Any tips for an organization junkie πŸ™‚ ?

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  1. Mish permalink
    09/11/2009 8:41 AM


  2. 10/11/2009 2:56 AM

    everything goes on my blackberry usually but i’ve started making lists again. your agenda is indeed quite pretty

    • 10/11/2009 10:04 AM

      I’d be dangerous with a blackberry or iPhone. I’ve seen the lovely organization apps and its mezmorizing.


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