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Good Patient??

**Let me just say I had this post all nice and formatted while laying on the couch and then it went wonky.  So here you have my best efforts without throwing the laptop out the window.**
A good patient would stay in bed and rest…instead I was up at 8.30 and finally got out of bed at 9AM since I couldnt’ take it any more.
A good patient would drink plenty of ginger ale, water and tea while eating the traditional BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast)…I got it half right since I had some bananas and toast.  ..I guess those 4 pumpkin muffins left over from the teen bake sale don’t count as toast though.  At least they are fruit or is it veggie?
A good patient would rest on the couch all day and relax.  Instead I couldn’t sit still.  I wrapped all the Christmas Presents we have have thus far

tech deck

We watched Coraline


Food Inc.  (I am even more strong in my regard for needing to purchase organics when I can and eating meat as a special occasion and not an everyday thing.  Probably not the greatest thing to watch with a weak stomach.)

food inc
Finally saw the movie that everyone is buzzing about.

The Never-ending story for some 80’s cheese and memories

Love the 80’s special effects.

And finally indoctrinating Hunni into the wonderful world of Harry Potter. 

He’s never read the books or seen the movies but is actually quite interested in them now.  I think we might watch the rest this week or on our date nights Sundays during kettles (thank Caitlin for the idea).  That way when the new one comes out next year he will be ready for a movie date with me to see it. 

I can’t shut my mind off even when I’m ill.  Sure my brain is trying to escape my skull from the pounding and my chest feels tighter than LL Cool J’s abs but I just can’t sit still.  Think I would get better if I could just rest?  Peanut and Leo think so…

pillow P

pillow l
Chair all to himself 🙂

I don’t even know if that is possible without a nice dose bottle of NyQuil or a sledgehammer to knock me out.

And the worst part is that for the first time Hunni and I have to cancel church since we are both suffering from this nasty bug.  Sure we could have church and infect our entire congregation but who wants that really?  Instead we called them all and told them how sorry we were but we would call them later this week to let them know how we are doing and look forward to taking many of them another Christian Rock concert (this time Third Day) on Saturday.  We didn’t even cancel church for the big blizzards and ice last year so cancelling hurts us.  We have no other choice.  Perhaps I might take that nasty cocktail of NyQuil and try to sleep in.  Lord knows it would serve me better to be able to function.

Sorry for the down post.  Perhaps I’ll be back with more fun later.


Have some fun of your own and enter Chocolate Covered Katie’s contest for a fun kitchen gadget gift card.  🙂

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  1. Mandy permalink
    08/11/2009 2:38 PM

    Third Day is my favorite. Absolute favorite. I am so jealous!

    • 08/11/2009 2:44 PM

      Sorry you aren’t in the area. We have a few tickets we are trying to fill.

  2. 08/11/2009 7:33 PM

    I LOVED Food Inc!!!

  3. Mish permalink
    09/11/2009 5:00 AM

    I hope that you feel better. Food Inc. made me saddest for the farmers. I think that they realise what they’re doing, but don’t have any other choice.

    • 09/11/2009 9:58 AM

      Definitely. I loved the farmer at the end who said if we ask for the food they’ll produce it because that’s what they are there for (or something like that). I told Hunni from now on that’s what we’ll do when we can.


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