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Fun tips and tricks :-)


After the day I had yesterday I’m just happy that I’m not bald.  I wanted to be funny and take a pic of me pulling on my hair in my office to show you how crazy it was but alas it was just that crazy.  Instead you get this picture…

Why do I always look like this in pictures?

Why do I always make this face?

 Yep I went to the gym.  After going non-stop in the office all day (I ate my salad for lunch at 2PM at my desk and dropped a few lettuce leafs on the keys while reaching to answer the phone) and then running a million errands after work I needed a release.  So I hit the gym and sweated up a storm.  Kind of reminds me of this pic…

CO 020

Sweaty mess but so happy!

Not as sweaty but sure felt it and felt as great afterward.


So for today I wanted to share some fun tips and tricks I’ve been reading in the blog world and in my magazines of the last few months.  I apologize in advance to any bloggers if I can’t remember if it was your blog that I saw the idea and don’t give you credit.  Leave me a message in the comments and I’ll correct it after another crazy day tomorrow.

  • From SHAPE today: Smile at yourself in the mirror before you get on the scale and remind yourself you are beautiful no matter what the number says. 

This reminded me of an Operation Beautiful note to yourself.  In fact I decided to write an Operation Beautiful note to myself.  Some days I really let that number on the scale affect my day even for just a bit.  I need to work on that. 

tips 002

See I'm smiling 😀

tips 003

It really doesn' really doesn' really doesn't....

  •  Use smaller bowls/cups/plates so that it looks like you have more food when you eat the same portion sizes as if you had a big plate.

I always use my salad plates for dinner.  I always have because my mom used my grandmothers’ plates growing up and the “dinner” plates look HUGE.  And I even have those cute little bowls from china town that I like to put my yogurt messes and other stuff in.  Makes me happy.

  • From Kristin: Change up the machines at the gym to create a calorie scorcher workout.

Since I can’t run I’ve missed it and kind of had gotten into a slacker mode about the gym.  If I didn’t go it wasn’t my fault because I couldn’t get in the full run anyway.  Now I do my warm up and run on the Treadmill for the 10 minutes I’m allowed and then bust out the other 45 on a combo of walking on the treadmill, bike, and elliptical.  And I am pushing myself to do intervals on the bike and elliptical so that it mimics the “interval” of running I do between the walking warmup and after my run.  It’s fabulous and I’m burning a good bit of calories and enjoying myself and the change-up.

  • Give yourself variety with your food choices so you don’t get bored of the same old dinners.

I could not stand to eat the same boring chicken and rice with veggies everyday.  It would drive me to drink and I don’t drink.  In fact I love the menu planning I do so having many different options is awesome.  I like to plan a combo of new recipes and the new “old” favorites.  Keeps life interesting and keeps me eating healthy.  Otherwise all that cookie dough from last night would have been in my tummy.

  • From Angela: GREEN MONSTERS!!!! 

I have no clue what took me so long to try these.  It might be the fact that I had to invest in a blender since mine was from the 70’s and smelled funny.  Or it could be the fact that I’m not a big fan of veggie juice and I was scared.  But now that I’ve had one I’m never going back.  I made one this morning with frozen raspberries and it kept me full all day.  I normally would have been gnawing my arm off by then but I was satisfied and actually sipped the last half of it during the brief moments I had at my desk.  YUMMO  YUMMY!!!  (I did not just use a Rachel Ray phrase… I can’t believe it…they annoy me so much.)

  • From Brandi: Play with your food to make it more fun to eat and enjoy.

Why not make food fun.  That was part of the joy of eating as a kid.  So of course I love to make food fun now.  I’m not making puppets out of sausages but I like to make it look pretty and I think it makes it tastier.  Heck whatever make me happy right?  🙂

  • From Mish: Balance, Balance, Balance.

I am working hard on this.  I’m not really good at it but I am striving for it.  I’ve noticed that on the days I’m more balanced I feel better.  No convincing myself that balance needs to be a regular thing and not a special occasion is the trick.  Balance helps me to relax in the evenings and get up in the morning.

  • From Heather: Do what you know is best for your body even if it goes against what “the rules say.”

The rules say everything in moderation.  But I know for me some things in moderation turn into some things into lot-eration.  It just doesn’t work for me to have a little bit of chocolate everyday or I’d eat the whole bar.  So for me eating one cookie yesterday was huge but I know it won’t happen again for a while.  Of course I’ll be enjoying a bit of dessert with Hunni for Christmas…but only for the day.  And when friends of ours get married this spring and summer I’ll have a smidge of cake but it won’t be the 2 or 3 slices of cake I had at the last wedding.  I need to know my own boundaries even if others can have it.

  • Do workouts you enjoy so you’ll stick with them.

I love the gym and I love to run.  Hunni on the other hand hates the gym.  He goes with me but doesn’t go on his own…for him it’s like a date…silly Hunni (who is snoring on the couch right now 🙂 )  But for him he could walk the dogs or ride bikes all day.  It’s all about what you enjoy because you should enjoy it.  In the SHAPE I was reading last night one woman did ballroom dancing because she couldn’t stand the gym.  Whatever works because you don’t want getting fit to feel like that dreaded four letter word…W-O-R-K.  Enjoy it!


Little tips and tricks help make it fun to be healthy instead of a chore.  If you had told me 4 years ago I’d be enjoying all these things I’d have doubled over laughing in your face.  But I love this and I love all the fun and challenge it brings.


What tips and tricks do you have for health and fitness?

Just so you all know Hunni is doing well.  Lots of gingerale, rest, and toast.  But he seems to be getting better.  He is happy because he’s annoyed with resting already.  But he needed it.  I’m just happy he’s okay.  Sneezing dogs are okay too…just as lazy as ever 🙂

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  1. Mish permalink
    06/11/2009 10:06 AM

    Keep going. It’s the only thing that I can say. However, something hit me today ‘don’t live in the past’. I know it sounds so simple..but that’s what it is for me…I used to live and punish myself for gaining the weight back…but I need to live in the present and change my life now. 🙂


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