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Lots o’ Fun and Quick Updates


Hey y’all…I’m feeling particularly friendly today.  It may be that it really is starting to feel like Christmas now because it is officially November or it may be that I got an extra hour of sleep the other night.  Whatever it is I’ll take it 🙂

I love this guy at Home Goods but not for the price.

Yesterday was a blast because Hunni and I got to go Christmas Shopping for our church members.  We didn’t get it all done but got a nice chunk done.  Look at the loot 🙂

christmas shopping 002

Trying to be eco-friendly we used as few bags as possible and STUFFED them.

We also are having dinner with some good friends of our tonight at a great little local place here.  Normally we go see them in Albany but they decided to drive out our way for a change since we are busy today and they have the day off.  I can’t wait.  Melissa has been my friend since college and she is a hoot.  Can’t wait to just relax with them 😀


Now for the updates:

I told you several months ago that I was going to give up the sweets and Diet Coke.  Well so far so good.  I don’t eat the sugary desserts and treats anymore.  I still like dessert but I do dessert ala HEAB for things like microwave apple crisp and my Kabocha pudding.  They still feed my need for dessert without all the massive amounts of sugar I was ingesting.  In fact for Halloween I didn’t even want the candy we gave to our church kids.  It wasn’t even a temptation which is huge for me considering the chocolate hangover I had last year. 

Diet Coke is not my nemesis anymore either.  Occasionally I’ll get a taste for it but it usually passes quickly.  I have been sucking down tea and the occasional hot apple cider but no diet soda.  And you know what my stomach isn’t pitching a fit anymore.  It’s a kind of funny revelation that I knew but now it is great to be reminded that I can do this and be happy.


As for the hip…I’m still in Physical Therapy.  And my therapist Steve loves to torture me.  Really I think he spends his free time thinking up new exercises to try out on me for my tight hip.  I’m a big conundrum to him because somethings my hip does are normal and some are from outer space.  But he has gotten me to the point that I can run.  I can run for 8-10 minutes at 5.0 mph now.  Not what I was doing before but I’m happy.  Just like with the back surgery I’m just happy to be running.  It’s hilarious when he does these stretches on my hip and I stand up like jello legs.  But I did learn I need to stretch and ice after every run.  It makes a world of difference to how I feel afterward.  So I’m in the camp of needing to take extra care of myself but I’ll do it because I love it.


Honestly I’m still trying to learn balance ala Mish at Eating Journey.  Hunni and I are usually so focused on work we don’t take time for ourselves.  So even though Christmas shopping was technically work it totally isn’t when I got to try on the footie PJ’s I want and go shopping in the toy section.  It’s great to see my 31-year-old Hunni looking at the toys and trying to pick out what he thinks the kids in our church will love.  He loves to look at things that he think will chase Peanut and Leo around the house even though Leo usually isn’t fazed.  This is his new obsession.


He growls and stomps and even has a remote 😀

And eating out with friends is something we don’t normally do because we are so busy.  Even with some of our friends being so close in Albany or Providence we really don’t see them often.  So today is dinner with one set of friends and next week is dinner with another.  I’m super excited to enjoy time away from the office and work to just relax with people and be us.  Balance is difficult but I am trying really hard!

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