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I Don’t Wanna!


Notice the “it smells like skunk” look on Hunni’s face.I don’t want to do errands and things like that but I gotta.  I hate having to run around like crazy on my day off to do stuff.  But today I figured since I don’t wanna, but I gotta, I might as well make it fun.  I didn’t want to end the day annoyed so I tried to make the day as fun as possible.

I woke up on my own with no alarm.  Such a wonderful feeling especially when these two are what you see when you first wake up…

Hello Momma!Momma I'm still sleeping.

Hunni is always up at the crack of dawn and watches Fox News on TV till I wake up.  Thank God because I don’t really like that channel.  I prefer my news with a little less bias.

I needed to stretch after getting my butt kicked at Physical Therapy yesterday.  One of the other trainers acutally referred to my session as “Bootcamp with Steve” to give you an idea of how hard it was.  So I realized that some stretching was in order and yoga is my favorite way to stretch.  So I convinced Hunni to do some yoga with me…  Actually I more like bribed him.  I took him to see Saw IV last weekend with the understanding that he had to do some yoga with me.  I didn’t watch the movie because I’m not big into horror but he thought it was a good trade.  For me the fun is that he makes yoga so much more fun.  We popped in Rodney Yee and got to work. 

fun day 001

Don't mind my clutter...I was zen.

Hunni always thinks that Yoga is too easy so he pushes way to far and does no modifications.  The last time he was doing a extended side angle and fell over sending little Leo running for cover.  Needless to say Leo was not happy but I was cracking up on the floor.  *I made sure they were both okay before collapsing into hysterics.*   Today was full of him mimicking Rodney’s smooth actions and trying to jump into poses which almost landed him into the ER with a broken toe.  He’s always wiped out after 20 minutes while I keep going.  For me it is just a nice laugh and I enjoy coercing him to do it with me 🙂

fun day 002

Hunni watching me finish the video in his awesome yoga attire.

Then I had a phone appointment that I had to keep.  So I decided to do it in the most productive place possible…

All neat and clean...Hunni makes the bed ;-)

All neat and clean. Hunni makes the bed 😉

I didn’t need anything (the appointment was just an update) so I didn’t need to be in the office.  I enjoyed relaxing in bed while talking.    Why shouldn’t I be comfy if I have to keep to keep the appointment on my day off at home.

I grabbed a quick-lunch, then Hunni and I were off to the dealership to get some work done on our van.  We have had a hard time fitting it in so it only worked for today.  We intended on stopping to buy shoes for Hunni (he put a hole in his old ones…at least he got a year out of them) but we wouldn’t have had time.  So we dropped the van off early. 

fun day 003

Our van tell us stuff like "Get your butt to the dealer." 😀

That awesome trail  from the other day is right across the street from our dealership so we went for a walk.  We needed to get in some exercise today but the gym closes at 9PM so we tried to kill two birds with one stone.  Beautiful fall day for a walk was much better than the waiting room with old Time Magazines and Nickelodeon on the TV. 

All the beautifull fall leaves are on the day 008fun day 006fun day 009

We walked for 5 miles before coming back.  Lots of fun and laughs talking about funny memories of gangs of geese and other oddities on this trail.  Just more fun with Hunni.

fun day 007

Cool graphics of the actual trail.

Notice the "it smells like skunk" look on Hunni's face.

Notice the "it smells like skunk" look on Hunni's face. He hates pictures.

 Confession:  We did relax in the waiting room with a glass of water for a few minutes before our van was finished. 

Once we realized our brakes were still under warranty we happily skipped drove to the mall for the aforementioned shoe shopping.  I had promised Hunni a hot chocolate after our walk so we hit up Starbucks first.  I thoroughly enjoyed my skinny cinnamon dolce but completely forgot to ask for it decaf which explains why I’m up at 12.41am writing this post for tomorrow.  


We successfully purchased a pair of casual shoes for Hunni that he can wear to the office. 

fun day 011

Notice the size of the shoe compared to Hunni's sock foot.

Nope not those ones.  They were the size 18 basketball shoes that the cashier informed us everyone tries on including the employees.  We promptly bought black Sketchers.  They are almost identical to the last ones so I hope they last as long. 

Quick stop to Old Navy to look at winter coats to replace my ancient too big one.  And then Hunni made me stop at Best Buy.  It’s my way to keep him from buying too many games if he gets to play them occasionally at the store.  To his joy there weren’t a lot of teenagers “hogging” them like last time we went.   We got to try out the new Punch Out for Wii.  Memories of my childhood trying to beat that game before my brother flooded my mind.

fun day 013

My little golden glove champ.

Glass Joe was so real and it was crazy.  They showed his whole frenchie story.

fun day 012

Who knew Glass Joe was Parisian?!

Even the trainer dude that made you run by the river was awesome.  We just may have to purchase this… Just to show off my cool Wii boxing skills.  If I have to play video games with Hunni I want to enjoy myself.

And he's down.

And he's down...maybe I have a chance of beating him.

Besides coffee the only other thing I wanted to do was look at the organization section in Target.  It’s my biggest vice probably…forget chocolate and Diet Coke…I have a hard time passing up the Post-it Section.  They just know what I need want.

How awesome is it that Post-It understands me.

How awesome is it that Post-It understands me.

My new Operation Beautiful Post It Notes. I'm leaving one tomorrow.

My new Operation Beautiful Post It Notes. I'm leaving one tomorrow.

Hunni’s tummy growled and I quickly realized it was past 5PM.  Not good since we are a family that normally eats around 5.30 and it would take us at least 45 minutes to get home.  I handed over my emergency Clif Zbar and pondered if we could wait until we got home for dinner.  Quick thinking prevailed and we hit the local supermarket for the salad bar for me and hot bar for Hunni.  Look what Price Chopper has in their store…

fun day 019

I don't shop here so this surprised me. Might have to check it out sometime.

Gotta love a large variety of food at a salad bar. 

fun day 020

Notice 1/4 the plate is the cherry cobbler dessert.

Nope that’s not mine.  I like a bit more veg.  This is mine…

fun day 021

I had pineapple for my dessert. Plus the yummy salad.

We had a little guest join us for dinner too.

fun day 022

Painted Pumpkins are totally cheating.

Crazy long day and I can’t believe all we got accomplished.  A little bit of fun, a lot of work and a good day all around. 

For me it’s about learning balance lately.  I could have just done all the TO-DO’s today and been miserable.  But I added in a bit o’ fun and enjoyed the day much more.  Gotta have a little fun mixed into the day or I’ll go nuts.

How do you balance things when you have a lot to do?


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