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The Top Ten… Reasons Cynthia Doesn’t Go to the Gym


I don’t really like The Late Show with David Letterman.  Heck I’m such an old lady now that I can’t even stay up that late anymore.  But in college when I could I was more of a Jay Leno monologue kind of girl.  But I would turn over to Dave to watch his Top Ten.  He always had the craziest things on there.  And I loved when he could get the people he was making fun of to do the Top Ten.  Freakin Hilarious!

 top ten

So here is the Top Ten reasons I don’t go to the gym even though I know I should. 

10.  It’s cold/wet outside and I don’t want to get cold/wet.  – I’m a cat I guess and I don’t like being wet.  I’d rather stay dry at home.

9.  My favorite TV show is on but it is not on at the gym.  – I don’t have a DVR and so I avoid the gym to watch my trash TV shows.  I tend to plan gym trips around my TV shows.

8.  Strength Training doesn’t burn many calories. – I get nice and buff like Arnold (okay so maybe not) but I don’t burn many calories.  Somehow that doesn’t seem like a big workout.

7.  I have too many appointments. – My schedule is non stop so I don’t stop to hit the gym.  Ugh moving all day counts as exercise right?

6.  Yoga can’t be done at the gym.  – But I don’t usually do yoga at home either.  Kind of counterproductive, eh.

5.  There are no classes at my gym so the machines get boring.  – Yet I have DVD’s at home and I think they aren’t fun enough to do…make up your mind Cynthia.

4.  I don’t know what to wear.  –  I have an entire drawer full of work out clothes but at this time of they year it is frustrating to wear pants so I don’t freeze to and from the gym but my knees sweat during.  Who knew your knees sweat?

3.  I don’t have a challenge now.  – I work best with a challenge.  I like knowing that my trainer is going to kick my butt if I don’t do the weights or working for a race.  Without that I give myself and excuse to slack until the next challenge.

2.  I have a bunch of equipment but don’t know how to use it effectively.  – I have all the machines at the gym and all my stuff at home but I’m a big buffoon with it all.  I need to learn before I drop another weight on my toe.

1.  I just don’t wanna! – This is a combo of all of the above.  Some days I just want to sit and be a bum on my couch.  But then one day turns into two and more and then I have a big problem.


So as you can see I have a million (okay so maybe that was only 10) reasons to not go and I need to turn them into reasons to go.  I am too hard on myself when I don’t go so I need to stop making excuses and give myself something reasonable I can handle. 


So here are the Top Ten Reasons Cynthia will go to the gym.

10.  I only have a short walk to my van and to the gym so I won’t be cold/wet for long.  Besides I’ll be sweat drenched at the gym so who cares if I start off a bit wet or get a bit more wet on my way home.

9.  I’ll go to the gym during the shows I know they show and then I’ll plan other trips for when they don’t and bring my iPod.  I mean that’s what I bought it for right…to keep me entertained while exercising.  And If I can’t get to the gym I’ll do yoga during my favorite show.

8.  Strength training doesn’t burn many calories but doesn’t take long either and the stronger I am the more I burn during cardio.  –  I burn more calories during my runs when I keep up with strength because I can run faster.  So a little time on the front end can burn big calories on the back-end.

7.  I have to make working out like and appointment.  – I’ve used this tip in the past on myself but I’ve gotten away from it.  I need to look at my crazy schedule and schedule in some time for working out.  Seeing it on my Google Calendar makes me more likely to get to the gym.  And I can put them in during my favorite shows (See #9).

6.  Yoga can be done while in home in my living room.  –  I can’t afford a yoga membership right now so I have to learn some yoga flows to do during TV at home.  I especially like to do it while cooking dinner (not while stuff is in the stove…while its in the oven).

5.  Use google to find ways to change-up the machines available.  –  Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats had some great suggestions she found for scorching calories and changing it up.  Also once a week I should get out one of my DVD’s.  Saturday or Sunday afternoons are perfect.

4.  Shorts or capris under pants are marvelous.  – Marvelous darling.  I just have to take an extra 5 seconds to go to the locker room to take them off.  Won’t be so bad once the snow starts since I have to go in there to take off my snow boots anyway.  Then my knees can enjoy the fresh air.

3.  Make my own challenge.  –  I didn’t get to run my 10K this fall but I can look for a race in the spring.  Also I can find some stuff on how to improve my speed once I can do the entire race length.  Heck I can just set a challenge with a friends so that we can support each other and push me forward.

2.  Look it up or ASK!  – I’m a quick learner so I don’t have to stick with the same routine of exercises.  I have heard about a great book on weight lifting from friends that I’m hoping to buy and do well.  And there are plenty of sites like MizFit that are awesome resources.  Use them!

1.  Allow myself a few days of I don’t want to.  –  I don’t have to hit the gym every day so it’s okay to skip a day or two if I’m tired, sick, just don’t feel like it.  I want to enjoy exercise and if I feel like I have to it’s not fun anymore.


Okay so maybe I’m not as funny as Dave and his Top Ten but I realize I need to acknowledge all the excuses I give myself for not going.  Once I know why I don’t go I can work on going.  FOr me I know that fitness is just as important to weight loss as it is to my entire health. 


So think of your Top 10 excuses and figure out how to combat them.  Knowing the enemy makes it easier to fight…even if the enemy is your own excuses.

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  1. 27/10/2009 9:50 AM

    I love this! Such a great way to come up with answers to excuses 🙂

    • 27/10/2009 10:57 AM

      I know. I never have an answer to my excuses so I thought I needed to be able to combat my own mind. Try it!

  2. Mish permalink
    27/10/2009 9:22 PM

    Find something that you want to do. There’s a ‘Pile on the Miles’ challenge going on right now…get involved in that. It’s not totally about working out and dieting all the time. Just find balance in your life and it will come.

    • 29/10/2009 12:49 PM

      I wish I could do the pile on the miles. I’m not allowed to run right now. But I will try to do the walking so that I can enjoy the outdoors before the snow hits.

      My balance swings to extremes a lot. I get so wrapped up in work I don’t workout a lot so I need to find the balance and my mind is constantly making lists and schedules to help balance it out more.

  3. 28/10/2009 9:28 AM

    I just put a To Do on my list for my Top Ten things. Thanks for the inspiration.


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