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Conjuction Junction


I was totally hooked on School House Rock as a child.  I actually had all the words memorized to the VHS tapes and learned a lot from the songs.  Even my High School Indoor Flag squad did our drill to School House rock.  I would sing the songs while we did the drill.  🙂


My favorite song was Conjunction Junction….I loved the video for it and it really taught me about “hooking up words and phrases and clauses.” 


In life for me it’s about connecting with people too.  I dont’ do well isolated.  I need to have connections to succeed.  And it’s the same with my Healthy Lifestyle.  People and my relationships with them keep me motivated. 


My momma is a huge support because every time I go home or every time she comes here she is looking for healthy things.  She offers to make healthy dinners or even healthier versions of my favorites, go for walks with me and because she has seen my progress she has lost weight herself and improved her health.  I love that I’m an inspiration to my momma after all she’s inspired me to do.

Me and Momma on my wedding day :-)

Me and Momma on my wedding day 🙂

Hunni is a big support to me and he had his own post the other day about the way he supports me.  But I wanted to just show him a bit more love because he is so supportive.

He wanted it to look like the dinosaur was eating his head :-)

He wanted it to look like the dinosaur was eating his head 🙂

My best friends from college Melissa and Beth are a great support.  They gave me great compliments when I started to get healthy and are constantly telling me how great I look.  And because they saw the great success I had with Weight Watchers they both did it themselves and look great 🙂

Aren't we gorgeous :-)

Aren't we gorgeous 🙂

My girl Melissa :-)

My girl Melissa 🙂

Because of the wonderful world of the internet I’ve met so many more friends and made connections for support.  My message board friends are so much fun and I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of them.  And even those I haven’t met that I get to talk to on the phone are so supportive of my healthy lifestyle and my life in general.  I love to connect with them through Facebook and the message boards.   Even old friends are fun to keep in contact with through status updates on Facebook and Twitter.  I laugh when I see some in person and they tell me about how all they read on my FB updates is how I’m always going to the gym.  I do talk about other stuff but I do love the gym 🙂


And this new world of blogging is so supportive.  To have “met” some great people through the blogosphere and learn so much about healthy and balanced living.  I love getting a picture into other people who think like me for health and inspire me to try new stuff.


For me connections push me to keep going.  I love that I can turn to others who truly care about me and push me.  And these connections push me to challenge myself.  Roni and Mish pushed me to do the Exposed post (they didn’t force me but inspired me to look at myself), Kath has inspired me to try new foods and combos I would never even think of, Tina has shown me new ways to enjoy restaurants and even restaurants in an area I spend a good amount of time in, and Brandi has shown me that food is fun and making little changes to your favorites make a big difference. 


My weight watcher friends are there for me when I’m up or down (weight wise and in life).  They understand what I’m going through when it comes to changing food habits and they support even the little things like not getting dessert today while out to eat.  They are there everyday and I love just sharing it all with them.


Okay this post has turned into a big sap fest.  I just realized this week that with my flu and weight gain and all that happened that I really appreciate all the support and connections.  It really helped me to keep going when all I wanted was comfort food.  It helped to know that people would support me even if I wasn’t perfect.  I thank you all for the support.  You all Rock!

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  1. Brandi permalink
    26/10/2009 8:54 AM

    I think it’s awesome that you have such a great support group and friends and family that are there for you, no matter what! What a great thing to have.

    I also used to LOVE school house rock!

  2. Mish permalink
    26/10/2009 9:23 PM

    that is so the beauty of the blogging world. I am so thankful that we’ve connected. thanks for sharing this post.

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