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Bargain Hunt



I’m a sucker for BBCAmerica.  I think it comes from living abroad for so many years and BBC was one of the few stations in English.  It cracked me up to watch the dry British wit on the comedies and the fun history on all the games shows.  I still love to watch it now and laugh when Americans think they have this awesome new show like “The Office” or “Shark Tank” or “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” when I’ve been watching them on BBC for a while.  In fact I tend to like the British versions better…so unamerican of me.





Anyway one of my favorite shows on BBC is Bargain Hunt.  I actually can watch marathons of this show.  The premise is two teams of regular folk are given 500 pounds each to shop in an antique market for things they think will make a profit at auction.  Most times they actually lose money which I think actually makes it more fun to watch. 

bargain hunt

And it doesn’t hurt that David Dickinson is the host. 

Big Teeth and 70's Hair Rock!

Big Teeth and 70's Hair Rock!

He’s a cheeky Brit that always makes me smile with his large knowledge base and humour…yep I spelled it with a “U”.  I grew up spelling it that way and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic 🙂

I don’t really like the new host so much.  Something about him bothers me…maybe its the teeth. 

Or maybe its the bow tie and glasses?

Or maybe its the bow tie and glasses?

But I still watch it anyway.  Makes me dream of a day I could live in an old English Manor and go to auctions to buy antiques to fill it.


Now you are probably asking what my penchant for British TV has to do with healthy living.  I will tell you it is not the bag of Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips that I ate half of the last time I watched.  That indeed is not healthy living…tastey living but not so healthy.


In fact my love for this show is because I love a bargain.  It comes from my mom who was always on a hunt for the best deal.  She would actually go to several grocery stores for a weeks worth of groceries just to save a few pennies.  For me my bargain hunting is present in food shopping as well as exercise gear.  I love a good deal and tend to buy some stuff I don’t need just because it’s a good deal…does that still make it a good deal?


This week my bargain hunting was in full effect.  I was in the market for some new running gear and some good deals to use for this weeks’ meals.  After my Weight Watchers meeting this morning I made my weekly stop into our local Price Rite.  Price Rite is basically like an Aldi.  You have to put a quarter in the shopping cart to use it and then you get it back when you hook it back up.  And you have to provide your own bags or pay for them.  I love this place because this is the way I shopped in Germany with my mom when I was a kid.  And the deals are AMAZING.  Price Rite has lots of name brand stuff that is just past the promotional thing that is advertised. 

New fun stuff to try.

New fun stuff to try.

This weeks’ haul included…

  • High Fiber Sun-dried Tomato Wraps
  • Nasoya Wonton Wrappers
  • Tempeh
  • Large container of Ceder’s Roasted Veggie Hummus

They had lots of other stuff I’ll get next time.  And they also had some great deals on fall produce that I indulged in.  Including these….

Pile of Assorted Squash

Pile of Assorted Squash

Yep I found Kabocha finally and not at Whole Foods for my Whole Paycheck.  I’m looking forward to roasting these babies up and enjoying HEAB style.


My stash!

My stash!

Then I headed to the “mall” for my normal Saturday Morning TARGET look-see.  It’s a ritual for me to go to Target on my way home from Weight Watchers so I can get a Starbuck’s Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte.  Yeah we’re classy like that around here and have our only Starbucks in the Target. 


I also always look at the workout clothes.  I’ve told you before that my wardrobe consists mostly of uniforms and workout clothes.  I don’t help this fact that the only clothes I actually consider buying most of the time are workout wear.  But I like a bargain even there.  I spend a good bit on quality running shoes due to my knee and back problems so I can’t really afford to spend $100 on a shirt or shorts.  Heck I can’t even afford to spend half that. 


So I tend to buy my gear at Target and Old Navy and TJ Maxx.  My favorite running tights are these from Old Navy.

I could live in these.

I could live in these.

I actually have 3 pair and I want more. 

While in Old Navy today I saw an awesome sale.  All their clearance stuff was 50% off.  I found these things from their moisture wicking line on sale.

The stuff I didn't want.

The stuff I didn't want.

The stuff I bought :-)

The stuff I bought 🙂

I bought the tights and half-zip pullover but it only cost me $9.67.  Score!  I actually wore them tonight and they were comfy.

My favorite heat gear long sleeve running shirt is this one from Target. 

Heat under layer at a great price.

Heat under layer at a great price.

Keeps me warm but lets me breathe.  I actually wore it on a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and was peachy.


I also saw these at Target that sparked my fancy.

Cute PJ's but wait for it...

Cute PJ's but wait for it...

Yep those are footie bunnies :-)

Yep those are footie bunnies 🙂

Gotta love the face.

Gotta love the face.

Who doesn’t want to re-live their childhood with the most comfy PJ’s ever.  I remember wearing mine for as long as possible.  My mom actually cut off the feet of the last pair I had so that I could keep wearing them when my legs were too long.  Ahhh comfort.  I hinted at Hunni that this would be an awesome Christmas gift.  Now only to determine if I want the bunnies or sock monkies.  

Sock monkey footies

Sock monkey footies

Silly smile...and gotta love the ears :-)

Silly smile...and gotta love the ears 🙂

Which would you choose?



My bargain hunting is done for the week.  For me bargain hunting is key because health can be expensive if you like the good things but it doesn’t have to be.  You can enjoy the good stuff if you know where to look.


What is the best healthy bargain you’ve found? 

12 Comments leave one →
  1. 25/10/2009 10:20 AM

    I’d be all over the sock monkeys but I’m to tall for feetie pajamas.

  2. 25/10/2009 1:50 PM

    I love British TV too. The BBC version of the Office is so much better than the American version!

    David Dickinson always creeps me out. He seems like a lecherous old man. 🙂 I know, I bet he’s the sweetest, non-lecherous guy in real life, lol.

    Have you ever watched Fawlty Towers? If not, you should definitely do so!

  3. 26/10/2009 6:09 AM

    *hangs head in embarrassed shame*


    emerged with those items AND THOSE PJS with the sock monkey feet 🙂


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