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Attack of the Monster


I got brave yesterday.  After being sick all day I hadn’t eaten much.  I had a Luna Bar before an early morning meeting and then grabbed a coffee and french toast bagel at Panera.  I was looking for a pick me up since I was dragging and it was only 9AM.  Sadly it didn’t work.  I finished my errands and came home to get some rest.  Also sadly that rest did not occur.  Far too much work to do but at least I go to do it from the couch.


Nothing sounded good to eat.  Hunni was nice enough to make me an egg burritos even if he was stingy on the ingredients.  But at least I ate something.  And then he went out to get me some Buffalo chicken fingers for dinner since nothing else sounded good.  And finally he bought me some muffins from the bakery because I was starving to go along with my entire pot of tea


But I knew I needed a bit more vegetation besides the peach I ate at lunch.  I decided to try a monster…

leo pillow

Nope that’s my snuggle monster Leo.  He is super snuggly lately because he knows I don’t feel well.  I guess my shoulder feel like pillow 🙂


I decided to get on the Green Monster Train.  I finally purchased a blender after swearing for weeks I would do so just for this purpose.  I don’t have much need for them otherwise.  So today I figured would be a good time.  I didn’t bother to measure but I knew what the basic ingredients were.  I threw all this into a blender…

The pumpkin butter was camera shy.

The pumpkin butter was camera shy.

  • Banana and a half (since Hunni was sharing)
  • Huge handful of spinach
  • Spoonful of Crunchy Raw Almond Butter
  • Big Spoonful Greek yogurt
  • Large glug almond milk
  • Leftover Pumpkin Butter (about 1tbsp)


Plugged my new best friend in and let her whirl. 

Here we go!

Here we go!

That familiar green color from all the blogs appeared and was nice and frothy.

Kind of looked like melted mint ice cream.

Kind of looked like melted mint ice cream.

Not really cold because I didn’t freeze the bananas or add ice this time.  But it was delicious!  Hunni thought so too.  And not a hint of spinach flavor.  Just nice yummy nanner 🙂 

Hunni's portion.

Hunni's portion.

I added some granola to the top because I wanted to do it ala-KERF’s SIAB.


Yummy Bare Naked Vanilla Almond granola on top.

Yummy Bare Naked Vanilla Almond granola on top.

I did make the mistake of adding Chocolate Amazing Grass to the first batch. 

Suggestions from Blogland.

Suggestions from Blogland.

Sorry to all you Bloggies who love that stuff…I did not!  I thought maybe my taste buds were off because of the icky stuff running through my immune system but Hunni concurred that it was chalky and “off.”  I will not be adding that again.  But I still have the other two pictured to try in some other Green Monster combos.  And there will be more.


So even though I’m still out for the count at least I’m still moving forward.  I’m doing my best to eat healthy (although those 3 muffins wouldn’t reflect it) and I got in a great workout at the PT Monday (more about that tomorrow).  WOrking at healthy living instead of just giving up because I’m sick is HUGE.  It really helps me see that it is really life and not just something to do when I have energy.


BTW this week is Fat Talk Free Week… make sure to talk nice about your body.  The world tells us how awful our bodies are if we aren’t perfect models, why should we encourage them.  Mish over at Eating Journey has had some great posts about it lately.  Check them out.  Make the effort to love your body for what it can do for you instead of chastising yourself for what you aren’t.


How are you going to love yourself this week?

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  1. Mish permalink
    21/10/2009 10:50 AM

    welcome to the green’ll never turn back. Today I am beginning to listen to my body. I was STARVING at 9pm and ate way too much..bordering on binging..not good at all. But I told myself to eat..cause I’ve been training. It’s a hard thing to kick when you’re whole life you’ve been telling yourself not to eat.

    • 21/10/2009 10:58 AM

      I’m now eagerly looking for new recipes for my green mosters. I wish the GM sight wasn’t blocked for me.

      I have a hard time listening to my body. I was extremely disordered in my eating for so long. Now I’m learning what my body likes and to feed it appropriately.


  1. Is It Amazing? | It All Changes

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